• 300 Word Event Submission Post! (100 Stories!)

    >mfw SO MUCH PONI

    For those wondering what this is, check out THIS POST! 

    Submissions are CLOSED

    Also, if your author tag is some random gibberish, it's because I took your email name and built it without using your real name, cause I'm OCD like that, but still respect your privacy.

    All stories are after the PAGE BREAK!
  • Operation: Indiscriminate Friendship Results

    A while back, Thanqol (who I keep spelling incorrectly, sorry bro!) planned an event to make 50 random people sing "Evil Enchantress" for a free muffin.  And unlike our various fail 4chan RL events, he actually went through with it! Order of the Stick forums FTW!

    You can find the rest of the entries below at his Youtube channel!

    Operation: Indiscriminate Friendship Youtube Channel
  • Poll Results: Updated How Old Are You?

    Only 319 in my section? I feel old.
  • Story: The Wrong Fillydephia

    [Normal] Magic! Pony Bums!  Rarity! What more can you ask for?! Author is Purple Tinker.
    Description: Twilight, Spike and Rarity travel to Fillydelphia to attend a magic convention, but when they get there, everything's different...
    The Wrong Fillydelphia
  • Story: Moon Shy

    [Normal] Some non-ship Fluttershy/Luna stuff! How clean!
    Description: A pair of ponies take a midnight stroll and find they have something in common.
    Moon Shy
  • 300 word Story event!

    I've been trying to think of a good event for both people that don't like fanfiction, and those that do.  Unfortunately, I can't think of anything!

    So Cereal Velocity thought of a 300 word story event (like the 3 sentence one from before, but more in depth).  Sure it's still Fanfiction, but at least it's easier for those of us that don't like to write.  The 3 sentence one was really successful, and that was back when the blog was only getting 20k views a day, so maybe this one will have enough support at this point? I'm not expecting 100 entries like the other one, but 20 or so would be neat.

    Here is an example of what 300 words looks like at 12pt font and junk, google docs defaults in other words.
    The Birds and the Bees
    Description: Scootaloo asks Rainbow Dash what a "Wingboner" is.  
    Normal, Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo
    (Cereal Velocity's entry)

    The rules are the same as always, no p0rn, fetish, ect. I'm going to be pretty lax (Now is your chance Taco Whiz!) on this too so those of you that just want to test the waters of writing don't need to worry about being rejected.  These stories won't receive their own story posts, but they will all be posted here in the same format as the one above.  Meaning I still need descriptions/tag/docs or deviant art format.

    Email everything to [email protected] as always.  Be sure to label it as EVENT.  

    Also check out the Freshly Updated Pony Writing Guide for tips!
  • Drawfriend #43

    Celestia hasn't had an edition yet...So Celestia Edition. Or something.

    Added numbers since you guys seem to like numbers.

  • Help Japan, Receive Poni

    Lauren Faust is doing an auction thing for original concept sketches of FiM characters. All proceeds are going to help Japan out.

    Unfortunately for us online crowd types, the ones available here are already sold 0_o

    But an auction is taking place in LA if any bronies live around there, so that might be cool just to attend if anything.

    You can find the link below!

    ^Update^ Lauren Faust said she will be releasing 2 more for the online crowd to bid on! Details are in her post below.

    Help Japan, Receive Poni
  • Comic's Alliance "Great Comics that Never Happened"

    Yeep, ponies.  But not just anypony, G4 pony.

    You can find the full size image/article below!

    Comic's Alliance Ponies
  • Story: On the Origin of Ponies

    [Normal] More pony origin theories!  I wonder if we will ever hear the "true" history of equestria? Author is Nopony Important
    Description: Yet another take on where the ponies came from, and why their creators aren't around anymore.
    On the Origin of Ponies
  • Comic: 1,000,000 comic!

    Sorry Trixie... apparently companion cube is now waifu status.

    Also it helps to read THIS COMIC FIRST for some background

    Thanks again Madmax! You rock!

    And also another, I don't know if I posted this one before, I just found it this morning while digging threads.  I think I have...
    Anyway thanks again!
  • 1,000,000 Hits Zomg!

    Woah, that's like... 10, 100,000's or something!  I honestly would have quit this months ago if the feedback wasn't so great here.  Thanks for kicking ass bronies! I had another image from Cereal Velocity for the main thing...but I didn't want to blind those of you who are offended by it, so you can find it after the page break if you are really curious!

    I don't think this is a blog anymore.  In fact I think it stopped just being a "blog" within about a week.  This is more of a fanfiction/video/comic/drawfriend archive with a blog on the side.  I'm not even sure what it officially classifies as, but I like it.

    Community Content
    My original plan was to just post stuff I liked, and I thought for sure it would bomb in a day or two.  You guys changed that outlook quick!  The topic may be addicting as hell, but not even ponies could spur me to do something for this long with so many hours thrown in without an awesome community backing it. 

    One thing I realized within a week of this site was that I didn't want to become a supreme dictator asshole who controls everything, and I've had some rough patches here (mainly yesterday with the m/m fiasco).

    If I do/say something completely ridiculous, or my sarcasm comes off as harsh, please don't take it personally.  I have always had issues with mindlessly blurting stuff out without thinking of the consequences. 

    With that being said, feel free to send feedback/fixes/stuff through email.   Remember, everything I submit is stuff that you guys have done (minus news).  These are "your posts", I'm just here keeping it organized. If something is out of whack, email me and I'll fix it! 

    I really need a ring tone of that from Winter Wrap Up... This part is primarily going to be about fanfics, since that's the main item that is organized daily.

    The Star Tags were rocky, but honestly I think they are starting to shape up.  I don't find myself dropping ten 5 star stories into the archive every time now, and stuff that is generally unfavorable tends to receive lower ratings.  A lot of the content is just genuinely...good.  This community has some awesome writers, even if Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy HAVE been shipped 10 times in the last 2 weeks.

    There are, of course, two places to find stories.  My archive, and Fairy Slayer's Sortable Archive.  So if you absolutely hate my massive web 1.0 color coded list, check his 2.0 version out! Hopefully between the 2, everything stays easy to browse.

    It's fun!

    They are cute!

    I hit that 5 paragraphs ago!

    Anyway thanks for being awesome and putting up with my nonsense!  Hopefully I haven't scared too many people off with my shenanigans.   This website would be absolutely nothing without you guys constantly sending me content, so thanks for that! I may complain about it on /co/ every once in a while, but having an email box with 50 things to sort through is usually a good thing!

  • Story: The Sweet and Sorrowful

    [Sad] A WAYY late drawfriend entry, but I'll let it slide since it looks really promising! Author is MoronSonofBoron
    Description: After her latest defeat, Trixie returns to her hometown to catch up with her father.  Together, they must come to terms with their past. 
    The Sweet and Sorrowful
  • Super Ponybeat: Cupcakes

  • Hasbro Toy Shop Free Shipping Day!

    In honor of 1,000,000 hits, hasbro has decided to ship ponies for free!

    Ok... not really, I'm pretty sure this site scares the crap out of them.

    But if you want some ponies, and don't want to go to the store for them, now is the time! Free shipping! Unfortunately, they don't have any of those "Rare" toys a lot of us are searching for.  Mainly keychains and the 2'' 4 set.

    It also has a lot of NIGHTMARE FUEL mixed in with the G4 stuff.  So be careful, I have woken up screaming bloody murder with images of baby pinkie pie burned into the back of my eyeballs a few times now.

    You can find a link to the pony toys below!

    Also put in "disc10"promotion code for 10% off!

    Hasbro Toy Shop Ponies
  • Story: Derpy's Lover

    [Shipping?][Random] Derpy hooves, you so crazy.  Warning: kinda dirty...ok really dirty...kind of.

    Author: RoyG.Biv
    Description: Derpy meets her true love at a cafe for a public rendezvous...
    Derpy's Lover

    Derpy's Lover Live Reading 
    Derpy's Lover Live Reading #2

    Additional Tags: Needed

  • Video: 300 Ponies

    To make up for that 300 video a while back, I present to you.... 300 Pony Ft.(Way Better) edition.