• Story: Rainbow Crash


    Author: Achesst
    Description: needed
    Rainbow Crash

  • New Pony Toys Spotted

    Too bad they still look like aliens!

    Hopefully some day hasbro releases toys that look more like their show counterparts.. But I think this current mold is the permanent one sadly. 

    At least the molded ones are pretty close. 
  • Video: Opposite of Horses AMV

    Raps and Ponies?!  I don't know if that goes well together!
  • Art: Drawfriend Stuff #13

    Yay more compilation stuff! Enjoy! Whats with all the biting stuff lately btw?  Do ponies really do this?

  • A Guide to Uploading Fics!

    Twilight did it right in Winter Wrap Up with her ORGANIZATION!

    Some of you have expressed confusion about how exactly all this content is added.  A lot of it I find in comments.

    Here are the best ways to throw fics up to keep everything nice and organized and really get your story noticed.

    1.)  Google Docs/Deviant Art instead of Screencaps.  This isn't just a space saver.  It is much more convenient to scroll through a google doc than opening 10 images with cropped words.  If you upload it correctly, you can also EDIT it at any time, unlike an image.  Mobile readers (smart phones primarily) have issues with large image files, but the mobile versions of google docs/deviant art resize everything down perfectly.  It is just cleaner. I will upload images if its absolutely required (a lot of the older stuff is in this format), but I would prefer linking to a doc style page.

    2.) Leave a summary.  These ponies have spawned over 100 fics so far.  Newbies have no clue where to start.  I might create a vote thing later that allows people to choose the top 5 fics (when I figure out how to code something like that).  Not everyone has the same tastes.  The tags are helpful, but it would still be way better if summaries were on every story here.  An example can be seen in THIS post.

    3.) You can link a story and write a summary on ANY post on the website.  I will get to it eventually.  Just throw it down in the comment section.  Usually people link their stuff HERE.

    4.) Suggest Tags! There are a ton of stories here I haven't had a chance to read through.  If you think something needs a tag/I forget your Author tag, let me know in the comments section!

    Hopefully as I learn more about HTML I can build an actual fic website and just have you guys upload it, but for now I'm cool with doing it all manually. These ponies are fun enough to keep me going. I do have some OCD going though so I like to keep it all organized and clean. 

    As always be sure to check out the Stories Archive for older stuff.
  • Friendship is magic 4pack on Amazon!

    21 bucks?! Harsh!  I wonder if we will see the 2 dollar singles of each?  If anyone sees these at any stores let me know.. Amazon does tend to start off a bit more expensive.

    *edit* Oh hey, only one in stock! 

    Here is a link to the Amazon Page
  • Video: MLP battlefield!

    Not my favorite music ever, but it makes Friendship Is Magic look pretty badass! I think this has been up for a while, but this is a high quality version so... better I guess!
  • Story: Correspondence

    [Shipping] Some crazy Twilight/Celestia stuff! enjoy it!
    Description: Need Description
  • Story: The First Winter Wrap Up

    [Normal] An oldy, but a goody.  The story of why Ponyville forbids magic during Winter Wrap Up.

    Author: Choppers Top Hat
    Description: Why can't unicorns use magic during Winter Wrap-Up? Applejack knows the answer, and with it comes the surprising truth about the origin of Ponyville, and the worst year in Equestria's history.
    The First Winter Wrap Up