• PMV: Anthem / La La La ♥ / Superhero

    PMV Time! Fluttershy is so assertive~

    1.) PMV - Anthem
    2.) [PMV] La La La ♥ - LMFAO !
    3.) Superhero [PMV]

  • Let's get Twilightilicious Trending!

    As some of you may know, Tara Strong over on Twitter has been having a riot with her character Twilight, spawning many remixes and drawings of our purple pony over the past week or so. Tara's antics continue even into this week with some new vocal clips from her based around Twilightilicious and her new goal of getting Twilightilicious trending on Twitter as well!

    Check out a the message from Tara and some vocal clips from her after the break!

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Spotlights: Carrot Top and Colgate

    It's that time of the month once again! The Governator has arrived from the future once again to analyze our favorite ponies with his 3000 series Skynet scanners.  We had a colt filled session last time around, but he has moved back on to the Fillies.  He also promises 50% less innuendo, so maybe a few of you who were turned off by the plot and implied clop before.  (Though Colgate has a bit near the end!)

    Check them out after the break.

  • Instrumental Music: Twilight's Curiosity / Dream Cycles / No Words / Pony Piano and Jazz / On the Rock Farm

    So much good instrumental music today!   I've been listening to a few of these on repeat for the past few hours.

    Genres are next to their respective songs.  And if you guys send these, please try to tag your youtube videos with a genre! It's pretty difficult to tell the difference between the 300 different types of electronic music. 

    1.) Twilight's Curiosity - Original MLP Music by MandoPony (Orchestral/Classical)
    2.) Dream Cycles (Electronic)
    3.) Replacer - No Words (Funk? You guys should tag your Youtube stuff with genres!)
    4.) Pony Piano and Jazz - Prelude to the Groove - Octavia n' Scratch (Jazz/Funk - Plays out like a music battle, so listen in later on for it!)
    5.) On the Rock Farm (Acoustic)

  • Comic: Trixie's Daydreams / The Greatest Gift

    Source: Joey_Darkmeat AKA Needs a DA page so I can follow him
    I usually don't like the sad Trixie stuff, preferring my badass showmare narcissist, but Trixie with a Twilight Plushie is slowly becoming my new favorite. 

    And just to keep this post primarily blue and purple, have a multi-part Twixie Shipping comic below! Start here, and follow the "next"s in the description.  It currently clocks in at thirteen pages.

  • Random Merch Update: Belts, Books, Singing Pinkie Pie, and Easter Sydney Pony Package

    We have a bunch of small merch items popping up once again.  They are definitely taking advantage of the popularity this time around.

    First off,  a full pony package popping up at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.   It looks like some older gen stuff is mixed in, but I haven't seen that Celestia vector yet.  The site does mention that the set is not guaranteed to carry specifically what you see above, so hopefully any of you that buy this thing don't end up with a pile of 3.5 ponies!  Thanks to E C for pointing that one out.

    And in second place, a few new belts have popped up at FYE.  One is a bit similar to the Hot Topic one, but the Pinkie Pie is definitely new.  Each one costs 20 bucks a pop, and are only available in one size, so you may need to cut them down a bit if they are too big for you.  Thanks to Dreaming Dusk for the image!

    And to go with your talking Twilight Sparkle plushies, we have a Pinkie Pie. Apparently it's pretty old, but I never reported on it.  If you are curious about her voice over work, you can find it here. It's definitely not the show voice.  This specific Pinkie Pie was found at Smyths in England, but it sounds like they are available in several locations throughout the world now. Thanks to Jack for that image.

    And finally, more books, because Twilight Sparkle says you people need to read more. These were found at Micheals.  Thanks to Nathan for those!

    Have a surprise after the break.

  • Ponyhoof Your Facebook

    A new browser extension has popped up, simply called Ponyhoof.  It's primary function is to modify your Facebook theme with pony colors, as well as swap pony puns into various words.  It's still in development right now, so I'm sure there are a few bugs, but if you run either Chrome or Firefox with Greasemonkey installed, it might be a fun one to try out!

    Someone on Youtube who does various computer ponification tutorials created a video that includes it with a few other browser theme additions.   Check that out at 2:21 in the video after the break if you need help!

    Note: Some of these mods can cause issues with conflicting programs and older versions. If you run into them, bring them up at the actual Ponyhoof Facebook page.  EQD is not responsible for any accidental breaking you manage to do to your browsers!
  • Music Remix: Super Ponybeat — Smile, Smile, Smile! / Mane Theme / Pinkie Pie's FUNK FLOOR

    Remix time! We have a new ponybeat song, followed by a mane theme remix (It has been a while!), and we finish with a song that totally isn't a remix at all.  Whats with that? Have some Pinkie Pie being funky. 

    1.) Super Ponybeat — Smile, Smile, Smile! (Euro Cheer Mix)
    2.) MLP: FIM Mane Theme Remixed
    3.) Pinkie Pie's FUNK FLOOR

  • Custom Compilation #53

    Discord was certainly one heck of a fun villain this season! Even though genuine villains in the show are few and far between I look forward to the next baddie our ponies face next!

    Custom pony time my friends! Check them out after the break.

    Source 1

  • Drawfriend Stuff #361

    I guess Derpy won?

    Have some art! 

    Source 1
  • Story Updates March 13th (Evening)

    Story update time! We have six this time around.  Find them all after the break!
  • Story: Substitute Harmony (Update Story 2!) !)

    [Random] [Comedy] [Dark] He asked me to completely axe it since he redid the entire story.  Also chapter 5 is added.

    Author: Blayze Kohime
    Editor: Florentine
    Description: When strange ponies from another world suddenly pony-nap all her friends, Pinkie Pie must find a way to defeat their master all on her own. Blamed for the crime herself, she has no help from Celestia and just about every pony in Ponyville is convinced that she's finally cracked. Who can she possibly find to fill in for the other elements to defeat the ancient evil behind it all?
    Substitute Harmony

    Additional Tags: G1 vs G4. Harmoniously insane.

    [Random] [Comedy]
    Description: Pinkie Pie wakes up with a hangover after having too much cider on to
    find that her cutie mark has been stolen! What's more, it seems that a
    mystery pony is holding it for ransom for forty cakes. Forty cakes!
    That's four tens and that's terrible. Desperate for revenge, Pinke has
    a plan to turn the ransom around on the thief.

    This occurs in the same universe as my story Substitute Harmony;
    reading that is not necessary, but these characters have been through
    those events; I've taken steps to avoid outright spoiling of that one

    This is also a very loose parody of the 1996 Mel Gibson movie "Ransom"
    (and thus of the movie that was based on). And that's terrible.
    CUTIE MARK (New!)

    Additional Tags: Dude where's my cutie mark?
  • Story: How to Woo Your Lady in Nine Easy Steps (Update Complete!)

    [Shipping] [Comedy]

    Author: paleowriter
    Description: Spike orders a How-To guide book to win Rarity's heart. Will Spike be able to follow all the steps like a true gentlecolt? Will any of the steps actually work? And just what is Rarity looking for in her friendship with Spike, anyway?

    How to Woo Your Lady in Nine Easy Steps (New Chapter 10!)

    Additional Tags: Friendship, Romance, Super Confused Rarity
  • Short Film: For $2, it was Totally Worth it

    Animations have always been one of my favorite pieces of fan material this fandom has come up with and the above is certainly no exception. I can only imagine how much time it took to put it all together! Anyhow, stop listening to me, go check out this short film by Fruitbloodmilkashake!
  • Big Apple Farm (Sweet Apple Acres?) Used to be in Fillysire

    The My Little Pony Facebook page is sometimes a bit off, unless they are talking about the older gen stuff.  Apparently Sweet Apple Acres (Or Big Apple Farm?) was once Big Apple Orchard, and didn't reside in Ponyville at all.  But that is the boring news, see, here on EQD, we theorize in the ridiculous degree!

    We now have a city called Fillysire, which sounds like something from Lord of the Rings!  We do know some things from Equestria were borrowed from the Tolkien universe (Canterlot for example borrows from Minas Tirith), so I am kind of intrigued!  Were there hobbits in Fillysire?  Did they have those neat hill houses?  Was Scootaloo originally intended to have fuzzy feet and a drinking problem?! The world may never know!

    The original tweet, as well as the comments, can be found at the MLP Facebook page.
  • Amy Keating Rogers Needs Your Help!

    As many of you probably know by now from her huge Derpy Hooves rumor dispelling spree, Amy Keating Rogers is a one of our beloved writers over at the Friendship is Magic Team.  She has created some of our favorite episodes, including The Last Roundup.

    On her off time she created a documentary about an absolutely crazy occurrence from her life in an attempt to raise funds for her handicapped son, Soren, who suffers from a rare disease called Infantile Spasms.  You may remember Soren actually! A while back, we had a donation drive going to help raise money for the poor kid.  Unfortunately it was shut down prematurely due to some issues with Paypal.  

    So time to move on to the next best thing! The ever-present evil copyright monsters are holding back her documentary due to a few of the scenes borrowing from actual shows and animation.  Have a quote from Amy herself after the break that explains it in a bit more detail, as well as a clip from the documentary!
  • Disney PMV's: Hercules

    I like me some Disney movies,  but I also like ponies.  Clearly a mashup of both of them is a great idea.  This intrepid young Youtuber has created a set of PMV's dedicated to all the songs in Hercules.  They aren't the most complex ever, but I'm sure some of you will get a kick out of them! There are five, so I'm going to link rather than embed.  Have a list:

    The Gospel Truth
    Go The Distance
    One Last Hope
    Zero To Hero
    I Won't Say I'm in Love
  • Instrumental Music: Timelapse / Elements of Harmony / Flying With the Rainbow

    Lots of electronic instrumentals coming in lately. Have three of them below!

    2.) Xaguar - Timelapse (Progressive/Electronic)
    3.) Elements of Harmony - ByCelestiasBeard (Electronic)
    4.) TeiThePony - Flying With The Rainbow (Trance)

  • Comic: Cloud Watching / Pink Medium / Muffin Hat / New Fluttermedic's Catchphrases 2

    Comic time! We have a whole bunch of ridiculous stuff here, along with two muffins. I for one am more than happy to include Fluttershy in TF2 as my personal medic.    Click them for full!

  • Adventure of the Lunarbolts New Update/Demo Videos

    The team behind the upcoming Friendship is Magic RPG, Adventure of the Lunarbolts, has 19 minutes worth of new footage to showcase what they have completed so far.  It looks like pretty much every pony has had a sprite made, as well as quite a few unknown ones. 

    I'll stop blabbering and let you all get to it though! Check the videos out after the break!

  • Music: Canterlot Ruins

    Are you having trouble falling asleep? Or maybe you just need to reeelaaaax... Have some music for that. Twelve minutes of it to be exact.

    You should probably grab some headphones too.

  • Nightly Roundup #267

    Roundup time! Also a quick update on the comment system.

    It looks like the primary thing we were trying to fix, also happens with this new system. Recently posts randomly seem to disable comments on their own, and fix themselves in an hour. I thought it was Bloggers comments originally, but the new one does the same thing.

    Honestly I'm stumped. It's probably due to the heavy migration over to the new blogger interface that is currently going on. Fortunately it is never permanent, just come back to the comment section in an hour or so and it should be fine.

    Onward to news!