• Nightly Roundup #267

    Roundup time! Also a quick update on the comment system.

    It looks like the primary thing we were trying to fix, also happens with this new system. Recently posts randomly seem to disable comments on their own, and fix themselves in an hour. I thought it was Bloggers comments originally, but the new one does the same thing.

    Honestly I'm stumped. It's probably due to the heavy migration over to the new blogger interface that is currently going on. Fortunately it is never permanent, just come back to the comment section in an hour or so and it should be fine.

    Onward to news!

    Nebraska PonyCon

    Attention Bronies and Pegasisters! Nebraaka's first My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic convention -PON3 Con 2012: The Running of the Leaves- is on it's way!

    When: September 22nd (the first day of Autumn) 10am-Midnight

    Where: The HQLLC building 12642 S 9th St. Bellevue, NE

    Admission: $5 at the door for an all-day badge (Children 2 and under free*)

    Even though this is our inaugural year, we've got a lot of big things planned for Bronies of all ages! Here are just a few things you can expect at this year's con:

    -Brony-out with your fellow MLP enthusiasts at our all-ages and 18+ panels. It's programming by Bronies for Bronies!

    -Hang-out with and attend panels by our super-special guests of honor: Hot Diggedy Demon and Balddumborat!

    -Draw (vector/Photoshop/finger-paint/whatever) your favorite ponies or non-pony things at our art jam featuring comic artist and illustrator Fredd Gorham!

    -Pick-up some amazing, one-of-a-kind pony merch and art from our pony art vendors and guest art auction featuring artwork by Hot Diggedy Demon, Balddumborat, Aokineko, Smashinator, and more!

    -Party like Pinkie at our rave, featuring guest DJ and Brony: Revolution Boi!

    -Display your physical prowess in the Iron Brony competition -a contest of speed, agility, and guts that will put each Brony to the test!

    -Don't forget style, that should be considered! Channel your inner Rarity and show-off your style in our pony costume contest and masquerade.

    -Race, fight, and frag your friends in our all-day video game room by 70MGame! Feeling old-school? Don't fret, we have a great selection of analog games too -"you stung my bumblebee!"

    -Relax and catch a few episodes of everypony's favorite friendship-based show in the all-day MLP: FIM theatre.

    For more information on PON3 Con events, guests, and volunteer opportunities check out our website, Facebook page, or shoot us an e-mail!

    *Attendees 17 and under require a parent or legal guardian signature to attend. Children 15 and under are required to have a parent/legal guardian present to provide supervision.

    Pinkie Pie Cake!

    I'm surprised how rare Pinkie Pie is in the cake business. Have a video.

    Ponies Invade the Daily Show

    Or at least older gen ponies. That crazy Kony guy is probably going to the moon soon.

    In the Groove Pony Mod

    Clearly ponies were meant for DDR.

    Ponies invade this dude's back.

    That is a pretty hardcore shirt right there. Can you handle all the pony?

    Ponies invade Belgium Newspaper

    Yep, we can't keep out of the news lately can we?

    Check it out here, and the translation below:
    This saturday (12 March) the Groenplaats (Antwerp, Belgium) was taken over by about sixty young males who openly express themselves as being fans of ‘My Little Pony’.

    The male fans of the cartoon series ‘My Little Pony’ are known as ‘Bronies’. Worldwide, their Facebook group counts no less than 31.329 members. Joy Van Torre from West Flanders (a province in Flanders, the Northern part of Belgium) had called out through Facebook to gather as many Bronies as possible from Flanders and The Netherlands to come together in Antwerp to watch season 2 of the popular series. This had to happen through a livestream, because the episodes are currently only airing in America. The Bronies saw things big from the start and even rented a conference room in Antwerp Expo that evening. “This is our second gathering already,” Matthias van den Elsacker from Mortsel says. “Our previous meet only had 37 people. So we really are expanding.”

    Most of the fans don’t know each other yet. “Or only through Facebook,” Matthias says. “But the fact that we’re all fans of the same series really creates a bond.”

    The Bronies often have to deal with the prejudice that ‘My Little Pony’ is childish. “But the people who say that have the old series from the eighties in mind,”, van den Elsacker says. “The current series has great animation and beautiful, solid storylines.”

    Most of the fans who showed up were men between 16 and 31. But there were a few female fans as well. According to Matthias the group is open to anyone. “Hopefully, there will be even more people attending our next meet!”

    VG Cats Pony Comic Again!

    I usually don't do web comics anymore, but so many people sent this, I figured I'd toss it in. VG Cats did another pony web comic. You can find it here!

    9 Hours, 9 Ponies, 9 Doors Project

    Copy Paste:

    What happens when 9 ponies only have 9 hours to escape from death...

    Premise: This visual novel/escape fan game is a crossover of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the premise of Zero Escape: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors by Aksys following Twilight Sparkle, 6 OC ponies, and two more surprise canon ponies.

    Summary: After a fun night at one of Pinkie Pie's parties, Twilight drudges her exhausted body home.
    Upon making a reasonable distance towards the library in which she lives, she notices that the door
    is wide open. Curious, she yells in for Spike but is left with no response. She looks around a bit,
    but she finds no pony there. She heads up to her room and starts to tidy her bed when she sees a strange pony
    in the reflection of her window. She turns around and starts to feel woozy. She drowns to silence
    within the white haze that had engulfed her. After much time has passed, she finds herself within a
    unfamiliar room. Noticing the door was locked, she attempted to use her magic to escape, but
    not even a spark resonated from her horn. Whatever, no, whoever had imprisoned also made her magic
    unusable, as if it were a game to them. After finding her way out, she is greeted by 8 other ponies,
    and then they hear a voice resonating around them from one calling himself the Missing Variable, X.

    Team: Currently, we have only three members on the team working on story [Trybien (Me), Wooper, and Nyhmthetum] and I think for now that's enough, but will gladly accept anypony who submits typed work to us. Our main concern right now is artist/s, spriter/s and composer/s. If anypony is eager to help us, just send a sample (or samples) of your work to the following email.

    Contact us at: ashisproduction@gmail.com


    Voice of Equestria Podcast


    So You Think You're a Brony

    Copy Paste:
    "Hello everypony! Dakota here from, "So you think you're a brony?" I'm here to tell you all that we are not dead. In fact, we've planned our next show for the Wednesday after spring break! However, before that, I've posted and update video on my channel that I highly suggest you watch so you know what's going on. You can find it here. However, I will summarize it here.

    The first order of business is our schedule. We will now only be doing one video a week, every Wednesday. If you want to be on the show, send me a YouTube PM with the name I should address you by, a good reason why you should be accepted on the show and your Skype name and username. PLEASE don't forget your Skype username. If it's not there, you won't be even considered. Finally on a side note, we have some new artwork from ZeZe for the ranks of brony we dub you (Average, Super, Mega). That's all I can think of for now, see you guys later!


    Successful Meetups

    Stockholm Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    Groupshot including the ~65 people who decided to stay and sleep over in a
    hired cinema (with a big screen)! We had a great time watching episodes,
    YT Videos, having a lottery, an auction, and raiding toy stores! The
    meetup lasted two days, with a sleepover at the cinema you're seeing.
    Frankly it felt more like a con than a meetup!


    Seattle-Tacoma Meetup

    Seems like every meetup involves McDonalds these days!

    San Francisco GDC Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    The Game Developers Conference was last week here in San Francisco and the Bronies of Northern California closed it off with a meetup! We had over 20 gamer-bronies through the course of the night, some of which were attending GDC from near and far (as far as Australia)!
    Here, have some writeup:

    Hoosier Hooves Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    We had a great time again. Many well-dressed bronies showed up at a Carmel McDonalds to buy pony toys, then go to someones house a watch the latest episode!

    Yeesh, that image is totally 14kb!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Lorax Brony Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    I wanted to plan a meet up to go see "The Lorax" at legends!
    You'll be seeing it in 3D but if that's a problem for any pony let me know and I can change that faster then you can say "Discord is the best pony"

    -Show up at Mcdonalds (10555 Parallel Parkway
    Kansas City, KS 66111)
    -Get ponies and food~
    -Go to Legends at around 6:00
    -get Tickets and seated
    -Movie starts at 6:30! ♥

    If we want to continue to hang out, it is a shopping mall so we can hit up Hot topic for ponies and hang about!

    Legends address: 1843 Village West Parkway, Suite C127 | Kansas City, KS 66111
    Mcdonalds: 10555 Parallel Parkway
    Kansas City, KS 66111


    Alberta Canada Meetup 18+

    (For drinking, not r34!)


    Royal Equestrian Army


    Bristol Meetup

    Saturday 21st April
    Noon - 4apx
    More infomation on UK of Equestria

    Saskatchewan Meetup



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Crochet Twilight Sparkle
    Cupcakes Playset...
    Pony Customs
    Scratch Plushie
    Pony Paintings
    Knitted Beanies