• Equestria Daily Commenting Rules - Last Updated 6/3/2018

    Friendship is Magic.
    Be friendly and respectful. Derogatory and racist terms are prohibited in all forms. This also includes Nazi imagery.

    No spoilers outside spoiler related posts.

    For 24 hours after an episode has aired in the US, discussions outside those posts should be hidden with the spoiler tags. Disqus has a button for it that appears when you write a comment. Once 24 hours have passed, free discussion may take place.

    Do not share explicit content.

    This includes all NSFW content, comments and images, censored or not. Suggestive/Saucy images are only allowed with warnings, provided it’s not NSFW or overly questionable.

    Stay on topic and don't spam.

    Keep comments relevant and related to the topic of the blog post you're commenting on. For off-topic chatting, or just banter, visit the Morning and Nightly Discussions. We also have a Discord server which can be found under https://discord.gg/eqd

    Threats of suicide are not allowed.

    While the site likes to foster a helpful atmosphere, and people are always willing to help, it is not really an appropriate venue to post your outcries in. Please find yourself a hotline if you need help.

    No impersonation.

    Do not pretend to be someone else from this server, or other prominent members of communities.

    Regarding reporting.

    If you see something you believe to be against our site rules, be sure to flag it. When someone insults, or harasses you, flag the comments and we will take care of the situation as soon as possible. Reporting comments that violate the rules help us tremendously and we greatly appreciate it!

    Formal warnings and bans.

    When a site guest continuously breaks the rules, they will be issued a warning. If said guest continues to break rules and ignore the warnings they received, a ban will be issued. Length of bans vary, depending on severity of their case and will be at the discretion of the moderators. Please do not try and evade a ban, as that will likely end with a permanent ban from this site.

     Rules are subject to change to close loopholes.

    Don’t try to circumvent them. They are flexible based on mod judgement, who have the final say on things.

    If you have any complaints, issues, or would like to appeal a ban, please contact myself at:

    I will try to answer any and all questions to the best of my ability.

    Thank you,