• Equestria Daily Commenting Rules - Last Updated 5/7/17

    Greetings loyal followers of Equestria Daily, Octavia here! I'm pleased to announce the implementation of our new set of rules and guidelines regarding commenting and etiquette on this site. Please click below the break for all relevant information so you may stay well-informed and up to date.

    Below you will find the current list of rules regarding commenting on this site. These rules may evolve and update every so often. If and when they do, we will make an announcement regarding any new changes.

    1.) Please leave the drama at the door. This includes but is not limited to sensitive subjects with the sole purpose to rile or upset other guests.

    2.) Do not post or link any Clop/Not Safe For Work images or videos in your comments. This is a family-friendly site. This means no breasts, genitalia, etc. If it would be covered by a swimsuit on a public beach, it doesn't belong on here.

    3.) "Saucy" or suggestive images and videos are deemed acceptable to post. However when doing so, please note in the comment field that it is of a suggestive nature to warn those who may not wish to view it. Example: "Warning, suggestive". Young characters (including fillies, colts, and Equestria Girls characters not aged up) deemed saucy or suggestive are not acceptable to post. If the character appears to be suggestive and underaged, it will be deleted.

    3a) Please link directly to images, not to image searches. This counts for any and all images, both safe and suggestive.

    4.) What you say should reflect rules two and three. If you want to say a character is very cute and you'd love to go out with them, that's completely fine. However sexual terms and remarks are not acceptable here. This includes sexual remarks regarding fetishes. Please take those discussions and comments elsewhere. We implement a word filter to aid us in filtering out some words and terms in order to keep things fairly clean. When in doubt, if you think a word might be a little too mature or dirty to use, please don't.

    5.) We do not filter out swear words. However, we ask folks to use foul language in moderation. A comment containing a single swear word is acceptable. Comments containing a bunch of swears or nothing but a string of swear words will be deleted.

    6.) No images or videos containing or relating to gore. This includes things such as excessive blood, entrails, or beings being tortured or maimed. This counts for both real images (photographs), drawn images (artwork), and any related videos. A little blood in an image is fine, as long as it's accompanied with a warning. Example: "Warning, some blood".

    7.) Please no attacking other site guests. Polite and well-mannered debates are acceptable, but absolutely no name-calling, insulting, threatening, or mud-slinging. Even if it's only intended as a joke. Remember that other folks may not see or understand it as one. If you start attacking or insulting others, you will receive a temporary ban.

    8.) Impersonation of other site guests or site Staff is strictly forbidden. This means changing your username and/or profile  image to that of someone else in an attempt to deceive.

    9.) No spamming. This means posting the same comment, video, etc. multiple times, in rapid succession, or in places they don't belong. Also included in this are text art, a vertical line of text, excessive use of emoji's, excessive HTML code use, special HTML code such as colored text, strings of separate comments containing a single word each, deliberately posting blank comments, and making multiple new comments in quick succession. Including those regarding one topic when it can be condensed into one large comment. Don't do this please. Each sentence doesn't need it's own comment. If it can fit in one single comment, condense it down into one. Basically, please make quality comments.

    10.) The spoiler code is to be used in moderation and only for comments relating to actual spoilers. If you make a comment containing a spoiler to an upcoming episode or it's title, or a episode that has aired within the past 24 hours or it's title, please use the spoiler code to conceal it so those who do not wish to see spoilers won't. Comments containing spoiler code that are not related to actual spoilers will be deleted. The only exception to the spoiler code for comments relating to new MLP episodes is in new episode stream/discussion posts, where they are not required. 

    11.) Keep all off-topic discussions and random comments to the Morning and Nightly Discussions. That is what they exist for after all. Any comments not related to the topic of the blog post in which they are posted in will be deleted.

    12.) No "First!", "Second!", etc. comments are allowed anywhere except for the Morning and Nightly Discussions. Any such comments will be deleted. The spamming of such comments in multiple blog posts by the same user will result in a temporary ban.

    13.) Racial slurs and related images and videos are strictly prohibited. Any type of hate speech, derogatory terms, or related media are unacceptable to post here. This includes words and media meant to be demeaning, insulting or slandering to a group or race of people or other site guests.

    14.) Jokes, including those in image and video form, relating to tragic events are also strictly prohibited here. Examples of this includes the Holocaust and 9/11.

    15.) Do not post info about sites facilitating downloads of pirated or illegal content. This includes links, torrents, and descriptions of where to download such content. Note: Links to YouTube are acceptable. Links to downloads are not.

    16.) Don't antagonize or troll the moderators or other site staff. If you have a complaint, please file it appropriately by sending an email regarding your concern. If you continue to antagonize site staff after being politely asked not to, you will receive a ban. Examples of antagonizing site staff include mocking, calling them names, threatening them, deliberately breaking a rule after being asked not to, and interfering when they are speaking with another site guest regarding a rule/rules. When a moderator is asking another guest to move on or refrain from doing something, this isn't your cue to join in on the conversation and add your own two cents. Please leave the moderator to do their job, it is between them and the other guest only. If a member of site staff asks you to drop something and move on, please listen and kindly do so.

    17.) Please do not act as a moderator unless you are one. If you see something that you believe to be against the site rules, take three seconds to simply flag and report it and move on. Let the moderation team take care of it, that's their duty.

    On the topic of reporting. If you see something you believe to be against our site rules, please take a brief moment to flag it. We simply cannot be everywhere all the time. Reporting comments that are against the rules helps us tremendously and we greatly appreciate it.

    On a separate note, we know some folks hold some very strong opinions on various subjects. This can cause tempers to flare and arguments to break out. If you find that someone is greatly annoying you, Disqus has a block feature just for this very reason. Blocking a user rends that user unable to reply to you. This is what we suggest instead of getting upset with others.

    Formal warnings and bans:

    If a user is in breach of any of these rules, the first course of action is a formal warning via a comment reply by site staff. If said user continues to break these rules, the next course of action will be a temporary ban. All above rules if ignored are a bannable offense. Temporary bans can vary in length depending on the severity of the case. The typical temporary ban will last anywhere from two to seven days. Decision on the length of the ban will be up to the moderators.

    Do not attempt to evade or skirt around a temporary ban. Users who do this will be permanently banned.

    This list is not all-inclusive. Decisions on acceptability of content and behavior are up to site staff.

    As noted above, these rules are subject to change periodically. This includes existing rules being retooled or new rules added in. If and when this list of rules do change, we will make an announcement regarding such changes, so everyone is kept up to date and informed.

    For ease of access and reference, this list will also be more permanently posted up on the site.

    Feel free to leave feedback or questions down below in the comments. Or email me directly at [email protected] I will answer any and all questions to the best of my ability.

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here