• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VI: Day 6

    Now when I asked for apparel last night I assumed I would get the occasional fancy dress here and there but when I saw the pic above hit our compiler I knew we had something special! Excellent job ToisaNeMoifs for creating the most unique piece of the night and a big thank you to everyone for participating as well with yesterday's prompt. In total you all drew 271 ponies in various states of apparel and peril which brings our total up to 1593 ponies!

    Now that you guys have gotten a taste of poses, clothing, expressions and actions for your ponies, how about we take things up a notch and send them someplace different and maybe a bit varied in theme from what our ponies are used to? In order to do that I'd like you to draw a pony in space / draw a pony spacing out.

    I wish you all the very best with the prompt today! Hopefully by visiting such a far-flung location as space or the limitless potential of a pony spacing out will help push your limits and experiment further! As usual, you can find the submission page for today here.

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