• Q&Neigh: Cereal Velocity


    It's time to ask me questions! I'm probably the pony that no one wants to ask stuff to, so, I'm in the middle! Phoe will be on tomorrow night to field all of the real questions.

    So let's see how this goes! I'll let you know when I stop accepting questions. Let's shoot for half an hour or so. Same post format as Seth's, so refresh to see what I've answered.



  • More Hub Commercials Appear

    Now, I know what you're going to say:

    Cereal, these are just sections of the show's songs with the Hub logo tossed in at the end!

    Well, yeah. It is. I know we're all spoiled by the fabulous iPony commercial that was released yesterday- myself included, of course. I must have watched that thing a million times just giggling my flank off because I have nothing better to do but procrastinate with ponies, but what you have to realize is that not every commercial can be an Equestria Girls or an iPony. Sometimes you need normal commercials, too. Small, easy to make ones that don't take a million years and billions of dollars to construct like the last two must have, spectacular as they may be to behold.

    I know you're not convinced. It's okay. It's a fun montage to listen to, at any rate. And, really, isn't that all that matters?

    You can find it here, on Vimeo.
  • Pony Icon Set From the "There's a Pony For That" Commercial

    Someone named LaDestitute  has ripped all of the icons from yesterday's amazing commercial, and formatted them into icon files for Macs, Pc's, and favicons. 

    You can find the full package below!

    Pony Icon Set
  • Pony Buses in Mexico

    TheSunAndTheRainfall on ponychan has sent me these two images straight from Mexico City.

    It looks like the local transportation system has been ponified! I really hope this is a sign of things to come for us in the states.  I wouldn't mind seeing a Twilight Sparkle 747.  Cutie marks are perfect for that right? 

    Have some translations too!

    Back: Discover a world of adventures, fun and great friends!

    Side: Only the magic of friendship will make the sun shine again.

    Now about those vectors...
  • Season 2 Episode 19: Putting Your Hoof Down

    This is from over on the IMDB page for Friendship is Magic.  Apparently someone let slip the title for Season 2, Episode 19! 

    Speculation time!  What could it possibly mean!? 

    Has Luna finally had it with her sister, and started a full on uprising?!

    Has the Great and Powerful Trixie returned to challenge Twilight Sparkle to a rematch?!

    Is Ditzy Doo fed up with the calls of "Derpy Hooves" and going on a mailmare strike? 

    Who knows!

    Thanks to casey for the heads up!
  • Stepmania Pony Simfile Pack Project / Worms Sound Mod

    Get owned Winter Wrap Up!
    A brony over on the r21freak forums is working on convering pony songs to simfile versions.  He has done a bunch of the eurobeat remixes, but he needs some assistance to keep the project afloat.

    If you are interesting in giving a helping hoof, check out the thread here!

    Or you can just be a leech like me and download the simfiles!

    And for those of you who play Worms, someone named Dr. Eggman has released a bunch of sound mods for the game! You can find it here!

    Also a video of the worms mod here!
  • Movie Night Mare-athon

    Every once in a while, I look at these pony puns and just wonder what I have done with my life.


    Mojo channel is running its weekly movie night marathon. 

    It's starting with Hunchback of Notre Dame, and rolling a few pony episodes in after.  You can find the channel here!

    And the backup channel here!

    Showing starts at 9:00 EST (6:00 PST), so..go now!
  • Music: Applejack Fights Off Raving Parasprites / Turn The Moon Around / Running of the Leaves

    Music time!

    1.) Interrobang Pie - Applejack Fights Off Raving Parasprites
    2.) MLP Tribute To Luna - Turn The Moon Around (Kazino - Around My Dreams Cover)
    3.) Running of the Leaves (I Accidentally the Cymbals) DEMO [Original]

  • Story: Five's Company

    [Normal][Comedy][Shipping] Love HEXAGON, that's right. We don't deal in triangles here at Equestria Daily folks.  And is this an excuse to use the image from last night again?! I think so!

    Also have some pre-reader quotes for lulz.
    "holy shit post it seth PLEASE"-Pre-reader #2
    "Seth, Post this, or I will be forced to come and get you..."-Pre-reader #15
    "Post it. For the love of all that is pony. Post it!" -Pre-reader #12

    Author: Yanmato
    Description: Each of Rainbow Dash's best friends have finally decided to express their true feelings for her. Unfortunately, they've all decided on the same day. Even worse- they discover too late that Rainbow Dash is the only mamber of the Mane 6 who's actually straight!
    Five's Company

    Additional Tags: One-way love hexagon: hilarity ensues.
  • Pony Lunchbag

    More pony merch has popped up! This time straight from Zellers, a store found only in Canada.

    Now you may be wondering.."But Seth, why would I need a pony lunchbag?"

    That's easy. 

    Say you are a college student, with long drives to and from your classes each day.  You are already spending a fortune on gas.  It's time to start saving money!   Let ponies guard your custom made peanut butter sandwich.  Don't blow it at Samurai Sams, or on those ridiculously overpriced bagels at Starbucks.  You need that money for the inevitable brony centric toy line that Hasbro hopefully releases in the near future!

    Or perhaps you are a global business executive on a trip to the far east?  Maybe Japanese cuisine just isn't your thing?  Sure, they have Mcdonalds down there, but they aren't carrying ponies right now, so why bother?  Trust our favorite little pastel equines with your left over New York style pizza from last night!  I garuntee these girls will keep it mold free for at least the entire plane ride.  (Though you might want to take a few bites on the way over, around the edges)

    At a mere $9.99, this expertly constructed food storage device (powered by Equestrian Innovations FreezeClop® technology)  is guaranteed to keep your food in tip top condition, and save you a huge amount of cash at the same time.

    Lunch bags are the future, and Friendship is Magic is here to be your guiding hoof. 
  • Rainbow Dash Attack!

    Yes, I know there was already a Rainbow Dash attack game, but the last one was a bit clunky.  This one seems to have converted the best young flier over perfectly though, complete with a flashy rainbow mane and a much smoother framerate.

    There are also a few versions!

    Megaswf (Recommended)
    Erasure Version
    MLP Theme Song Version

    Deviant Art
    Erasure Version
    MLP Theme Song Version

    Now go break stuff! Also a trailer below!
  • After the Gala Comics

    I've posted these before, but I fogured I'd compile all of them.  They are just short, sappy comics about the Grand Galloping Gala.  You can find them below, hopefully working and in order.

    All comics are done by AleximusPrime.

  • iD Tech Camp Professor Converts Entire Class To Pony

    This is just one of those things you get in your email box and it makes you go, "awwwwwww". Alternately, if you're not a sap like me, it makes you go, "heck yeah, ponies!"

    A professor at the iD Tech Camp at Washington University, which focuses on game development, recently had his entire class of boys between twelve and fifteen, plus the other instructors, implement a Pony Week. Oftentimes what this class does is have themed weeks for the students, and the ponies were added as kind of a joke. As you can see above, though, half the class and most of the professors admitted to being fans of the show before it was even mentioned. At the end of the week, nearly all of the class was converted to ponies. The posters above still hang in their rooms- you can see a Dr. Whoof, a Gordan Freemane, and a Master Chief up there. And a pink pony with a jetpack. That's awesome.

    What happened at the end of the week... well, I'll copy the email:

    To wrap up the week, another instructor, "Rainbow Dash," and I purchased a MLP toy to give away during a raffle as a mystery prize -- AppleJack's TreeHouse. The prize was won by a little girl, somewhat surprising considering the camp is mostly men, and the "Mystery Prize" is always a popular option. I had really hoped it would have been won by someone more... brony, she clearly wasn't even a fan. Which resulted in this exchange later:

    Little Boy: Fluttershy, was there a boy prize too?
    Me: That WAS the prize for boys!
    Little Boy ಠ_ಠ

    I have destroyed his concept of gender roles forever.

    And we salute you for it, brave professor. We salute you.
  • Story: Horn Envy

    [Comedy][Normal] OC ponies! Have a random image until someone draws them! 

    Author: Flashgen
    Description: Some dreams don't come easy. Sometimes you have to lie, cheat, and swindle your way to them, and hope you pass a few suckers on the way. Then again, being an earth pony magician is harder than it sounds to begin with.
    Horn Envy

    Additional Tags: Con Colt, Magician, Suave, Dreams
  • Nightly Roundup #31


    Seriously, I'm completely stumped.

    On with the news, where I break every journalistic rule on the planet.  

  • Story: The Incredible Flutterhulk

    [Crossover][Adventure] Yep.. I'm confused on this one too. Apparently it's good though!

    Author: beigelantern2814
    Description: What If, on the night of the Grand Galloping Gala, things had turned out a little differently? After coming across some strange glowing weeds, now whenever Fluttershy gets angry she finds herself transforming into a horrible green monster! After accidentally changing at the Gala, she has found herself chased away from her friends, forced into exile, and constantly under the threat of being captured by the Equestrian military. Now she looks to find a cure with the help of an old friend, but the nefarious general, Prince Blueblood, is hot on her tail!
    Deviant Art
    The Incredible Flutterhulk Part 1
    The Incredible Flutterhulk Part 2

    The Incredible Flutterhulk

    Additional Tags: Marvel, The Incredible Hulk, Superhero, Battle, Military