• iD Tech Camp Professor Converts Entire Class To Pony

    This is just one of those things you get in your email box and it makes you go, "awwwwwww". Alternately, if you're not a sap like me, it makes you go, "heck yeah, ponies!"

    A professor at the iD Tech Camp at Washington University, which focuses on game development, recently had his entire class of boys between twelve and fifteen, plus the other instructors, implement a Pony Week. Oftentimes what this class does is have themed weeks for the students, and the ponies were added as kind of a joke. As you can see above, though, half the class and most of the professors admitted to being fans of the show before it was even mentioned. At the end of the week, nearly all of the class was converted to ponies. The posters above still hang in their rooms- you can see a Dr. Whoof, a Gordan Freemane, and a Master Chief up there. And a pink pony with a jetpack. That's awesome.

    What happened at the end of the week... well, I'll copy the email:

    To wrap up the week, another instructor, "Rainbow Dash," and I purchased a MLP toy to give away during a raffle as a mystery prize -- AppleJack's TreeHouse. The prize was won by a little girl, somewhat surprising considering the camp is mostly men, and the "Mystery Prize" is always a popular option. I had really hoped it would have been won by someone more... brony, she clearly wasn't even a fan. Which resulted in this exchange later:

    Little Boy: Fluttershy, was there a boy prize too?
    Me: That WAS the prize for boys!
    Little Boy ಠ_ಠ

    I have destroyed his concept of gender roles forever.

    And we salute you for it, brave professor. We salute you.

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