• Discussion: What do you want to see EQD improve/add?

    Season 3 is right around the corner, which means EQD survived two summers without all of you getting sick of us and leaving for something else! Honestly outside of the Training Grounds, operations on the blog have become a bit robotic as of late. 

    So what would you like to see changed/improved/modified/added/run?   Are there any events you want us to run?  Any posts you would like to see more of?   We are all ears! If it's within our power/time table and enough are for it, we will do it!

    And as an added - Anything you want us to do for season 3?   We already do episode followups afterward that you all seem to enjoy, but anything else you want us to celebrate with?

    Hit up the comments with your suggestions!

  • Vocal/Remix Music: Worship the Dark Sister / Flutter-Stutter (At The Gala Remix) / A Derpy Love Song

    I don't think carrots work like that, but pony logic rarely works.

    We have a vocal track from M Pallante, some crazy At the Gala Fluttershy stuff, and finish with a love ballad for Derpy.  Check them out below!

    1.) M Pallante Worship the Dark Sister
    2.) Flutter-Stutter (At The Gala Remix) [PMV]
    3.) A Derpy Love Song

  • Random Merch: Quads, Boomboxes, and More!

    That Twilight Sparkle vector is the vector to end all Twilight Sparkle vectors.  How can you resist that face?  The above boombox was found right next to the Zecora toys that are now hitting shelves everywhere (And sold out in a day here in AZ.  Thanks a lot bronies of Phoenix!), so just in case you were in the mood to sing while waiting for your glowy zebra to charge up, you have the option!  Thanks to Midnight_Somnet for the image!

    And as is the norm for New Zealand, we have yet another piece of completely crazy merchandise showing up in Auckland.  Why you guys get the bizaare ones is beyond me, but you can now buy yourself a pony quad.  Thanks to Frank Sinatrot for the image! 

    Head on down past the break for a bunch of new RANDOM MERCH!

  • Story: The Fluttershy Effect


    Author: Masem
    Description: After the ineffective advice from Iron Will, Pinkie takes the timid Fluttershy under her hooves to teach her to face her fears, at the same time that Twilight and her friends notice things have gone very much amiss around Ponyville.

    The Fluttershy Effect

    Additional Tags: Adventure, episode-style, humorous, slightly dark
  • Animation: Disco Lights Party / Mesmerising / Twiceralicious

    Twilight Sparkle? Twilight Sparkle.  I always did say she was the best pony after all.  Who could beat the number one nerd in ponyville? Why back in my day, we didn't have girls like that running around! You young whippersnappers got it lucky!  Or something.

    Anyway have some flash. 

  • Bronies for Good Project Announcements: Brony Bazaar and Anthology Sale

    I'm sort of kind of late with this, so here's an adorable Twilight by way of an apology. Bronies for Good has been busy busy busy, helping to raise money to build an oxygen machine for someone with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, along with several other charities.

    The Brony Bazaar is a combination online/offline auction selling all sorts of stuff to raise money for the aforementioned oxygen machine. The person its being purchased for is having enormous difficulty breathing without it, and the auction ends tonight, so let's not waste time on my writeups. Here's a page break: below it is everything you need to know.

  • Uuh Nyaa!


  • Vocal Music: Melody On My Heartstrings / National Anthem of The Equestrian Democratic Republic / The Kiss

    Vocal time! We have some punk rock style Lyra music, followed by a bit of Nathional Equestrian anthem, and finish with some sad spike stuff.  Check them all out below!

    1.) Melody On My Heartstrings
    2.) National Anthem of The Equestrian Democratic Republic - One Verse Version
    3.) The Kiss (Heart of a Dragon)

  • Pound Puppies Season 2 Episode 10 Apparently Pony Filled!

    They may not have the rabid fanbase Friendship is Magic has, but that doesn't mean they can't pony it up every once in a while!  Multiple people have reported that the recent episode had a pretty big shoutout to us - namely the entire episode.  This doesn't mean Pinkie Pie popped and threw a party with Lucky up there, but I think the summary provided by Micheal Russell from Vicki Fox gives a good idea of it! Head on down past the break to check it out, or go watch it yourself next time its on The Hub!

  • More Transluscent Ponies on Taobao + a Bit more Crystal Empire

    The potentially upcoming blindbag set has expanded once again! We have a few new translucent ponies that appear to be  what we could come to expect from it.  Pinkie Pie and two others are completely new, and we have a few shots of the others that appeared a while back.

    No word on when/if this set will be hitting the retail stores.  We will keep an eye out as always though!

    We also have some Crystal Empire Fluttershy, with another new drop of Crystal Empire info on the box.  Head on past the break for that blurb if you want to avoid spoilers. 

    Thanks to Whatshisgame for the in-depth analyseees

  • Comic: Time Twilight / Oh Poopie

    I don't know what it is about that first one, but I lol'd heartily at it.  We have just two this time around, click for full! 

  • Remix War #5 - Synchtube Party Day 1 + Rainbow Dash Pesents on Celestia Radio!

    Want to give your ears an enjoyable workout? In the mood for a whole bunch of pony music?   Remix War #5 has closed it's doors, with a whopping 234 submissions total.  This in turn gives 4 days worth of music at 4-6 hours each.  That's nuts!

    Today at 1:00 PM they will be debuting round 1! Head on down below for a bit more information on it straight from the organizers:
    The My Little Remix community is proud to be hosting a large, multi-day sync party to listen to all the entries entered in for the 5th Remix War.   Due to there being over 200 participants in this contest, we'll be holding separate sync parties splitting the entries over four days.  We'll be starting the first sync listen on Saturday, September 1st at 1pm  PDT and the rest on each day at the same time over the next two weekends.
    Sync Listen 1: September 1st at 1pm PDT
    Sync Listen 2: September 2nd at 1pm PDT
    Sync Listen 3: September 8th at 1pm PDT
    Sync Listen 4: September 9th at 1pm PDT

    Each sync listen will go on for 4-6 hours each day depending on the number of entries we finally receive.  For more details about the sync listen, you can visit the My Little Remix topic here: http://www.mylittleremix.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4943.  The locations of the sync listens will be posted here shortly before the sync listen starts so stay tuned!

    And if you are like me, you might want to dig into a podcast or something while listening to your music (Unless they add music to the podcast, those foals).  Celestia Radio is interviewing the guys behind Rainbow Dash Presents at around at 1:00 PM! Check that out here!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #551

    Or 3D art headerfriend.  It was too cool not to use!

    Have some drawfriend stuff!

    Source 1
    Pinkie's Spinning Cupcakes
  • Story Updates September 1st (Morning)

    So many story updates! Hope you have time to read today.  I think this happens pretty often on Friday.  You guys should spread it out some!

  • Instrumental Music: Night Magic / Heart of Flight / Spinning the Record

    We have some rock, and more electronic stuff! At least one used Twilight Sparkle instead of Scratch this time! 

    1.) Thyrai - Night Magic (Electronic - Dance)
    2.) Heart of Flight (Soft Rock)
    3.) GaugeN - Spinning The Record (Electronic - Dance)

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Closing Ceremonies

    Well everybody, this is it. We're done: you've made it. Congratulations! Thirty days of drawing is not an insignificant feat, nor is choosing to draw for practice in such a public forum in the first place. Every single one of you, no matter how many ponies you were able to draw, is incredible. You're simply the best - I don't know what to feel right now other than pride. You've chosen to go out with a bang, too. Our final gallery? 877 ponies. That's... incredible. Simply incredible. Which brings us to the moment you've all been waiting for: our final event total! We end the second Newbie Artist Training Grounds with a grand total of 16786 images!You've done amazing things. Hang that number on your wall, and know that you're a part of it.

    I have no submission guidelines to link you to, but I do have a new mission, should you choose to accept it. Now that you've reached the end of our event, you've earned a chance to rest. But what we've done here is only the beginning. You still have tons to learn, and you'll continue to improve the further you go on. So I implore you, please, keep drawing after this. You won't be alone. Last year's graduates formed a group on DeviantART featuring weekly themes to keep the spirit of this event alive, and they are still at it to this day. You qualify now, so I urge you to consider joining the Artist Training Grounds Alumni and let their ranks swell. Here is your diploma.

    Before I link you to tonight's super massive unbelievable amazariffic gallery, I want to take a second to thank some people. Firstly, I want to thank Knighty for building this submitter and helping me to make it work when the scope of the event turned out to far exceed anything we could have expected. Without him, there would be no event. Secondly, I want to thank Calpain for being my partner and helping me to sort ponies and deliver galleries unto you, my loyal students. He stepped in while I was too weak to computer, and he was instrumental in the planning stages. Without him, none of this would be as good as it was. And lastly? Lastly I need to thank all of you. Every single one. From your art to your heartfelt messages of thanks and farewells, you have made this the most incredible thing I have ever done with my life. I've gotten a ton of e-mails today thanking me (I've tried to reply to most of them) for everything, but really, without you? I'm just sitting here, talking to myself. You made this happen. You are incredible. And I want you to know it.

    No more jokes, no more rambling. Enjoy the gallery. It's the best one yet.