• Remix War #5 - Synchtube Party Day 1 + Rainbow Dash Pesents on Celestia Radio!

    Want to give your ears an enjoyable workout? In the mood for a whole bunch of pony music?   Remix War #5 has closed it's doors, with a whopping 234 submissions total.  This in turn gives 4 days worth of music at 4-6 hours each.  That's nuts!

    Today at 1:00 PM they will be debuting round 1! Head on down below for a bit more information on it straight from the organizers:
    The My Little Remix community is proud to be hosting a large, multi-day sync party to listen to all the entries entered in for the 5th Remix War.   Due to there being over 200 participants in this contest, we'll be holding separate sync parties splitting the entries over four days.  We'll be starting the first sync listen on Saturday, September 1st at 1pm  PDT and the rest on each day at the same time over the next two weekends.
    Sync Listen 1: September 1st at 1pm PDT
    Sync Listen 2: September 2nd at 1pm PDT
    Sync Listen 3: September 8th at 1pm PDT
    Sync Listen 4: September 9th at 1pm PDT

    Each sync listen will go on for 4-6 hours each day depending on the number of entries we finally receive.  For more details about the sync listen, you can visit the My Little Remix topic here: http://www.mylittleremix.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4943.  The locations of the sync listens will be posted here shortly before the sync listen starts so stay tuned!

    And if you are like me, you might want to dig into a podcast or something while listening to your music (Unless they add music to the podcast, those foals).  Celestia Radio is interviewing the guys behind Rainbow Dash Presents at around at 1:00 PM! Check that out here!