• Blog Updates time!

    We are getting close to 200,000 hits, which is pretty massive! I probably should have just saved this update for that, but I'm in the mood to write it now instead.

    I removed all of the popular tags from the Archive, and threw the valentines day stuff in there.  Maybe we can think of something better later, but though a lot of people liked them from a ease-of-use standpoint, the authors weren't really fans of it...and they supply the content so sorry doods!

    The Valentines Day event was a huge hit! It was a lot of fun I think for most of us.  I rarely see pony threads on /co/ go so quickly on an off day.  Hopefully we can do something like that for every holiday, though I'm not looking forward to the armada of fluttershy/angel stories on easter.   

    Please use the star system.  You have to have the post opened to do it (They wont show up on the main blog wall).  And COMMENT! Let the Authors/artists know what you think!  They can't get better if you don't give them some feedback, and most of them actually do frequent the comments sections for their posts.  If you don't want to bother with stars, at least post your 2 cents.

    And on the topic of comments... I usually just used that to find your uploads, but it's a messy system.  You can continue to leave comments with your story information/interesting news/ect, but I'd prefer you send whatever it is you need posted to [email protected].  This will make it easier on all of us I think (And circumvent the crappy spam filter I can't turn off).

    That's all, gonna go dig through the archives now! Or not, whats with the archive =[
  • My Little Time Lord and Trixie/Twilight Updated!

    You can find Chapter 2 of My Little Time Lord, along with it's first chapter, below.

    My Little Time Lord

    And more Twilight/Trixie as well below.

  • Comic: Apples and Apple Accessories

    Poor Applebloom, shes going to be scarred for life thanks to this fandom.
  • Art. Filly Fantasy 6

    Looks like a badass flash WiP by Tristikov on DA.  Go check it out and convince him to continue it!

    Filly Fantasy 6
  • Story: Paradise Updated!

    Slywit has updated his Paradise story with Chapter 2! Go Check it out!

  • Poll Results: Do You Consider Yourself Socially Akward?

    This was actually surprising based on a few of the last polls. I figured it would be even more heavy in the yes section.

    Someone suggested in comments the idea for the next poll, though I'm sure half of you will hate me for it.
  • Video: Realistic ponyville? Or Derp AMV

    I don't know what the hell just happened but enjoy.
  • New Key Chain Things!

    After seeing a picture of 4 of these on /co/, I checked that mlp arena website and found these.  Apparently hasbro isn't completely ignoring us in favor of giant ugly baby pinkie pie. 

    You can find the rest as well as a bunch of other pictures of new stuff below.  Or just keychains.

    MLP Stuff