• Pony Playing Cards Set

    I don't know if any of you have custom card printing machines, but Pims1978 over on Deviant Art has released a full set for any of you that want to ponify your next poker night. 

    Overall it hits 80 separate cards.  It's a shame we can't get these officially mass produced by Hasbro or something!  Though now that I think about it, the last time I used playing cards outside of Magic the Gathering was when I was in middle school.  Confound this modern entertainment draining all my time!

    Find them here!
  • Nightly Roundup #309

    GO FAST edition. Check out all the news that's fit to print under the break.

  • Convention Updates May - 4th

    This week's super awesome convention roundup has a whole mess of neat updates.  Find them all below!

    We recently booked our flight tickets here at EQD for bronycon too! Can't wait!

    And the list:
    • Galacon The A-May-zing Press Note #3
    • Austin Brony Fan Fair Announces Dates and Location
    • Trotcon Overall Updates
    • Equestria Con Update: Guests

  • Story: Scootaloo's Parents


    Author: Carmine
    Description: Every week, in secrecy, Scootaloo goes to her parent's house. She's afraid of other ponies finding out because her parents are rather... strange. But maybe things aren't as they seem, as her parents are about to tell her something that can turn her entire world upside down...
    Scootaloo's Parents

    Additional Tags: Scootaloo is not a chicken!
  • Pre-Readers Q&Neigh

    Hi there, avid readers of Equestria Daily! Tis Midnight here once more with an offer you can't refuse! The pre-readers have been batting the idea around, behind the scenes, of doing a Q&Neigh of our very own. Well, the time has come to git'r'done.

    So, what do we need from you? It's quite simple! We'd like to have your questions, comments or suggestions about Equestria Daily, the fandom, the show itself, and also pre-reading or the process that goes into it.

    Put them in the comments or send them to [email protected] and we may feature them in the show.

    We'd like to make it a semi-regular thing if there's an audience for it!

    We'll be recording on Skype, but a number of us have livestreams, so there's the possibility of it being turned into a live show at some point in the future.

    /Midnight out.
  • YTPMV: Pony Gear Solid / On The Verge of Equestria / Dance and Jump

    We have two YTPMV's and a bonus, just because its ridiculous. I wasn't sure what else to do with it, but it needed to be posted.  Find them below!

    1.) Pony Gear Solid
    2.) On The Verge of Equestria
    3.) Dance & Jump [Somewhat YTPMV] ft.Twizzle

  • PMV: Still Shy / An Inevitable End to a Never Ending Friendship

    PMV time! We have just two this time around, but they are both pretty neat! find them below.

    1.) Still Shy
    2.) An Inevitable End to a Never Ending Friendship

  • Welovefine Contest Winners Announced!

    That's a ton of ratings.  We really are an armada! The Welovefine My Little Pony Tee-shirt contest has officially ended, and the winners announced.  Overall, I'd say we got a pretty solid haul this time around!

    If you would like to take a gander at the winners, head on over to their victory page for synopsis and links to each.  I'm also tossing images and the press release of them all after the break for the lazy people out there.
  • Music Albums: The Royal Blacklist / Psycosis Befriends Nopony

    We have two albums this time around for you all to dig through! First off is a bunch of electronic/orchestral stuff from Bagpipe Brony.  At 11 original tracks, its definitely not slackin in any way! 

    And below we have an album dedicated to mashing up radio songs with pony songs.  Some are great, others will confuse the hell out of you, but that's what mashups are all about right?

    Click the images for the actual albums, and check their previews out after the break! 

  • Comic: Fluttershy vs Dex-Starr / Applebloom's Cutie Mark / Excuse Me

    I've got to admit, I don't know too much about the Green Lantern universe. I guess I should get around to that someday, eh?

    Time for some more comics folks. Click for full as always!

  • Story Updates May 4th (Evening)

    Oh hey, that story with ponies LOSING THEIR MINDS has updated! I couldn't be happier.

    Have some updates.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #416

    I guess this ties pretty well into the discussion post earlier.  I didn't see any Celestia though.  Could you resist that?

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • (Important) Fanfiction Submission Changes!

    Greetings, everyone! Pre-readers here, announcing a few changes that are being implemented to improve the pre-reading and story submission systems.

    First off, we have made it easier to submit your fanfics to us. Instead of sending fic submissions to the submit address, you can now fill out this handy-dandy submission form! Just fill in the correct boxes and hit the submit button and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll get a confirmation e-mail containing the same information that was sent to us.

    NOTE: Updates to existing EQD stories should still be sent to [email protected], with a link to the story on EQD, a chapter number, and a link to the actual chapter.  Title the email with STORY UPDATE

    Secondly, we’ve updated our submission guidelines. None of this is anything new, but we’ve put it together in a way that should be easier to read and understand. You can find the new guidelines on the submission page here.

    Thirdly, it’s summer! You know what that means? More fanfiction! A lot more fanfiction, actually. So much fanfiction that our “To Be Posted” queue is getting a little backed up. It may take a bit longer for accepted stories to be posted at this rate. Similarly, pre-reading may also take a bit longer.

    So, tl,dr:
    Submit fics using the submission form.
    Continue sending story updates to [email protected]
    Fanfic submission guidelines have been updated.
    Longer wait time for pre-reading/accepted stories.
    Updated localization files.
    That’s all for now! We’ll do our best to answer any questions in the comments of this post, or the Ask An Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything Thread on /fic/.

    Looking forward to reading your work,

    The EqD Pre-Readers

    NOTE 2: If you have submitted a fanfic in the past day and haven't received a "To the Pre-readers!", use the submit form and resubmit it.
  • Discussion: A Day With Your Favorite Character

    Your favorite pony/draconequus/Changling has been teleported from Equestria to hang out with you for a day.  They aren't too familiar with your crazy human technology, so you will need to show them around! What do you do for the 24 hours you have with them?  

    Optional Challenge mode: You have to keep them hidden, or SCIENCE will abduct them for ponification reasearch!
  • Music: The Pegasus Who Couldn't Fly / Fluttershy's Cottage /Order Went to Bed

    We have a mix of music this time around. First off is some completely crazy electronic stuff, followed by some vocal Discord rock and a Fluttershy instrumental track to finish it off. Check them out below!

    1.) Pixeltripper - The Pegasus Who Couldn't Fly
    2.) RM - Order Went to Bed
    3.) Fluttershy's Cottage

  • Story: Daring Do and the Ivory Idol (Update Sequel 2!)


    Author: Fedora
    Description: Daring Do narrowly escapes from an old foe, only to find herself going from the frying pan to the fire. An ancient evil, a population corrupted against their will, and an intimidating unicorn threaten not only a small island, but possibly the entire world! Will Daring Do and her filly companion make it off the island alive? Just what is this "Ivory Idol"? If adventure has a mane, it must be Daring Do!
    Daring Do and the Ivory Idol
    Daring Do and the Curse of the Lost Tomb
    Daring Do and the Crown of Ages (New Sequel) 

    Additional Tags: Pitfalls, Action, Suspense, Danger, Adventure
  • Story Updates May 4th (Morning)

    Story update time!  We have 7 tonight.  Find them below!