• Nightly Roundup #751

    Hello everyone, I'm back! After dealing with a pet passing, some computer troubles, and government paperwork I'm finally here once again for the Roundups. Hope you all had a good weekend and that your summer is winding down nicely (or winter ending for our southern hemisphere friends). Not too much tonight, but sometimes that's a good thing, especially if you need sleep like those ponies up there.

    Check it out after the break!

  • Brony Thank You Fund September Giveaway and 2014 Charity Poll

    A couple of updates coming out of the Brony Thank You Fund tonight.  First off is a new poll that they are running to decide on which charitable causes to chase after in the coming 2014 year.  You can find that one over here

    And second off, they are running an event in September filled with prizes and signed swag all over the place. The full press release for that, as well as the poll, can be found below the break!

  • Another Strange Dress Up Equestria Girls Game Set

    I think these things are crossing into an uncanny valley of sorts lately.  I'm a little weirded out.

    Another set of dress up games has appeared for the main 6.  Hit them up below if you are curious!


    Thanks to Kirstie for the heads up.
  • Comic: Those You Hold Dear / The Muffin Man / The Upgrade

    It's always great to have friends backing you up at every turn, thinking about you and how you are doing. Even if your friends aren't there at the moment you can count on them supporting you always.

    Comic time guys! Click for full.

  • Story Updates - August 26th

    Story updates! We have three today, all below.

  • Spotlight Music: Lunar Pirate / Spirit of Wind

    Orchestral with vocals for once! We don't get that often.  It's also based on Luna as a pirate, which is probably the greatest combo I've ever heard of.  Get that in the first slot.

    And in the second slot, we have an instrumental folk track from Seeds of Kindness. This style of music seems pretty rare for the fandom with all of its electronic wubs, so its a breath of fresh air to say the least.

    Hit both up below the break!

    1.) Carbon Maestro - Lunar Pirate (ft. MEMJ and Eilemonty)
    2.) Josh Mono - Spirit of the Wind

  • Flash Fanfiction Event #5 results (with bonus NaPoWriMo announcement!)

    She really needs a cuddle, wouldn't you say?

         Sorry Chryssie, Bronycon kinda took it out of me... So folks, now that ol' Noble Cause has had some time to recover from the con and get back into the swing of things, here's some news-age along with the results of the Changeling event, which surprised me with how many I got! Thirty five entries?! That's FANTASTIC! So much happy that I think the Queen and her Hive will be quite well supplied for some time yet!

    Break it down!

  • ThinkGeek Glow in the Dark Dr. Whooves Exclusive

    ThinkGeek has tossed up an exclusive glow in the dark Dr. Whooves toy.   From the looks of it, this thing was made the same way as the Funko figure, though they aren't noting that on the sales page.   It wouldn't be too surprising considering Funko seems to be handing out exclusives left and right lately.

    We're always running out of time to spend with our friends in Equestria. Our visits are so short — don't you just wish you could bring them home with you? Thanks to this special pony — "Time Turner", aka "Dr. Hooves" — and his hourglass, we have all the time in the world.  
    Head on over here to grab one.  Thanks to Zach for sending it. 
  • Japan Time - A Bird in the Hoof

    I always thought Philomena clashed with the cute personally. Just look at how ugly she is without feathers.  Yeeech.  And on a lighter not, this was technically where the idea of Celestia being a troll was born.  Remember when she took over the blog? Good times. 

    Hit up the player below at 7:30 AM JAPAN TIME or 3:30 Pacific to check out this weeks episode.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #906

    That works surprisingly well.  I really need to rewatch this movie some day.  I've been saying that for 8 years now.

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source
    Pride Rock

  • Gameloft MLP Game Updates - Aloe, Lotus, More Shops, Harder Ball Game

    For those of you still truckin away at the Gameloft MLP game, a bunch of new updates were released today.  Have a list courtesy of Leon:

    Aloe (50 gems)
    Lotus Blossom (70 gems)
    Masseuse Pony (8000 bits)
    Clock Tower (20000 bits)
    Bubble House (50 gems)
    Rainbow Falls (25000 bits)
    Waterfall Tower (50 gems)
     And if you don't play the game, but are still curious about it, head on down below the break for a bunch of screenshots! Thanks to Jaime for those. 
  • European Brony Community Animation Promo

    Do you live in Europe? Do you plan on hitting Europe up in the future?  A bunch of people representing the community over there have collaborated up on a fully animated two and a half minute long promo for everyone to check out.  Even if you aren't involved, it's still a fun one to watch.  Hit it up below the break!

  • Story: Terror is the Bestest Pony

    [Comedy][Crossover] "Hilarious, even for those of us who know nothing about League of Legends." -Pre-Reader Noir Voice

    Author: GentlemanJ
    Description: A classic tale. Twilight tries magic. Magic doesn't work. Magic ends up reaching across the dimensional boundaries of time and space to bring forth the League of Legends's most dreaded incarnation of fear on four hooves to peaceful little Ponyville. Simple stuff, really.

    A delightful little story in which the Shadow of War learns that friendship is the most powerful magic of all.

    ... Or was it suffering? Maybe it was suffering.
    Terror is the Bestest Pony

    Additional Tags: Rampaging Terror is Bestest Pony
  • Japanese Pony Merchandise Site Opens

    Japan has expanded their pony line once again, with a new official merch shop.  It doesn't look like anything too new is available, but it does include a good amount of their stuff.  I kind of like the sort by pony feature on the side bar.  Head on over here to check it out!

    Thanks to Bojo Pigeon for the heads up. 
  • Equestria Girls: A Balanced Perspective

    If you've half an hour to spare and want to watch what happens when opposing opinions on Equestria Girls converge on one video, check out this mammoth review by The Voice of Reason (hates EQG), ToonKritic (thinks EQG is passable), and Past Analysis (thinks EQG is great, and also is correct). They pick the movie apart bit by bit and take their sides on what's good and what sucks. Video after the break!

  • Official Spanish Equestria Girls Commercial Song

    Apparently Latin America has a pretty amazing remix of Twilight Wins the Crown in all of their commercials.  Head on down below the break to check it out!   The submitter says not even Daniel Ingram was made aware of it. 

  • Nightly Roundup #750

    Skater ponies.  I got nothin.  We have another reasonably sized roundup for you all tonight.  Head on down below for it!

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 11

    Yes. Yes it is. Sometimes the way to a pony's heart is through unique interpretations and unapologetically  terrible puns. But sometimes you just take the stairs. It's six of one, 321 of the other. I asked you all to be creative and you did not disappoint. Pony legends, human legends, legendary pokemon and more combine to form... well, not Voltron, but a total of 4718 images. That's what I like to see!

    Were you late for today? Have you not tried the Training Grounds yet? Did you sleep through a due date a few days back? Worry not, for the first makeup gallery is still up right here! If you're sitting on a theme you drew but missed the submitter on, or want another crack at one, or just haven't had a chance to try a particular day, this is your opportunity. You still have until 11:59 PM on Tuesday, August 27 to get yourselves counted!

    Everypony has a story to tell, even if it's just that one time they were walking down the street and totally saw Twilight Sparkle buying lemons. Or maybe that was swamp gas. Either way! From the mightiest of mighty to the smallest of the small, there is something worth noting, worth exploring about each and every creature in Equestria. It's like you and your drawings, if you think about it. Each with their place, each with their purpose, and all of them part of a legend.

    So, we're learning here at the NATG, and sometimes that takes us to different places for inspiration. Some people sit under their favorite trees, others go straight to their desks. Today, we're going on a field trip! Yay! Today, Draw a pony at a museum/Draw a pony's masterpiece. Is this a day for recursive art? It might be! Submit all entries here.