• MAST3RLINKX Videos Removed from Youtube by Hasbro

    This... Could be bad.

    All the HD episodes (and many of the links in my side bar at that) Have been removed for copyright infringement from  MAST3RLINKX Youtube channel.

    You can find the dreaded warning here..

    I still see pensivepony's stuff up, so maybe it was something else? Hopefully it was something else?

    I'm pretty sure half this fandom relies on streams to watch pony... They better have something planned for their massive following.  Season 2 will be bleak indeed without youtube.

    Sadly I need to leave for work, so I won't be able to dig into this any deeper.  See you all in 6 hours! 
  • Poll Results: Favorite Cutie Mark Crusader?

    Sorry about the weird quality this time.  The Frame Idea didn't really work how I planned it would...
  • Story: Insecurities

    [Normal] Equestrian flight school sounds way cooler than normal flight school. Author is FIMW
    Description: After Rainbow Dash is kicked out of flight school, her friends attempt to comfort her.
  • Comic: Dashing Off!

    Whoever noticed that is a genius.
  • April Foals Writing/Drawing Competition!

    Entries can be found HERE!

    Now I know there has been some hatred for the very idea of a competition in any form in the past, but when actual rewards are available, there isn't really a choice!

    So what is this competition going to entail?

    --Rewards Updated March 5, 4:03 PM


    Writers: Write a story (At LEAST 800 words), about Equestria and April fools.  The category you choose (Grimdark/shipping/random/whatever) Doesn't matter, but the story must have something to do with April Fools.
    Please include Character tags, story type, description, and google docs/deviant art/fanfiction.net link in your email! 

    Artists: Draw something April Fools related with ponies. 

    After everything is submitted on MARCH 31ST BEFORE MIDNIGHT PST, I will hold a Day long voting poll (One for Drawings, the other for Stories).

    Unlike past events where everyone is a winner, this one will have actual prizes! 


    Art Winner:  UPDATED! A key for the YOUR CHOICE of Humble Indie Bundle, or Half Life 2 Episode 1+2. Second place gets the remaining.  (Thanks for RoyGbiv, and Incredible Halt for the donations!)

    Story Winner: A drawing of your choice from Madmax

    Remember, the deadline is MIDNIGHT ON MARCH 31ST.  Anything later than that will be disqualified!

    Email your Entries to [email protected].

    The actual event posting will start on APRIL 1ST, so don't freak out if you send it early and it's not up!

    Please note: This is NOT the friend-off, which will happen later in April, probably around the middle.
  • Ponies vs. Pokemon vs. Wrestling

    A fascinating tale that puts Goku vs. Sephiroth on GameFAQ's to shame. 

    The image is the best part at least!

    Pokemon vs. Ponies vs. Wrestling
  • Pony Cakes and Stuff!

    Because you haven't sacrificed your masculinity enough by picking up this pony obsession, Hasbro has decided to take it to the next level! 

    Introducing Pony Cakes, Courtesy of THIS THREAD on MLP Arena. Also thanks to Don_Ko for linking me to it!  I've been slacking on my MLP Arena digging!

    You are now free to bust out one of these at your next 20something birthday party for all your friends to "WTF?" at!

    Confound these ponies, they ruin me!

    More images after the break

  • Over A Barrel: Discussion


  • Episode 24: Owls Well that Ends Well

    Please tell me this is the Luna episode!  Owls! Come on!

    Episode 24: Owls Well that Ends Well
    Synopsis: Episode Synopsis: Spike grows jealous of Twilight's new friendship with an owl.
    Air Date: April 22, 2011

    TV Guide
  • Story: Colgate Interview

    [Shipping] Colgate sure is popular lately!  You guys must be bored!
    This was spawned from an interview on /co/ involving Colgate and OPPP (Over protective parent pony for those that don't know). You can find that HERE
    Description: Story about how Berry Punch's (Over Protective Parent Pony) family becomes whole. Inspired by /co/ thread.
    Colgate Interview