• PMV: Animated Doctor Whooves Intro / Duke Nukem / Ace Combat 5 Trailer

    The Doctor Whooves intro to end all doctor whooves intros!

    Also some random Duke Nukem MLP stuff and another ace combat trailer!

    1.) Doctor Whooves Intro
    2.) Duke Nukem Voiceover does MLP
    3.) Ace Combat 5: The Unsung Elements

  • Doctor Whooves Papercraft

    Papercraft timelords?

    Does this mean The Great and Powerful Trixiecraft wasn't good enough for you guys?  Is she not already the centerpiece of everyponys collections?

    I SUPPOSE you could create a Doctor Whoof and use it as a mindless follower, but only if you want to. 

    You can find the pattern here
  • Interview: Jayson Thiessen (Friendship is Magic Director)

    "Phoe, why is there a picture of a man who is not a pony on the blog?"

    Well, I'll tell you. That is Jayson Thiessen, the Director of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Captain of the good ship lollipony from here on out, and all around awesome guy. And we're posting his picture here because we just got back his responses to our interview questions, which you can see below. We asked 20 questions built around your suggestions, and he soldiered on and responded to every last one of them. I had so much fun composing this interview, and I'm giddy getting to share the results with you now.

    I'd like to take this second to thank Mr. Thiessen one more time for agreeing to this and letting us learn that much more about how our favorite equine cartoon lives and breathes every day. I hear he's in a competition to gain Twitter followers. You should thank him to by becoming a follower of @goldenrusset. And thanks as well to Hasbro Studios, producers and developers of series such as Transformers, My Little Pony, and GI Joe Renegades, for oking all of this and generally filling my television with neat cartoons based around your toy lines. You're the best.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #126

     Background characters need love too edition!

    Also a whole boatload of crossovers.  I don't know where they all came from.

    Source 1
  • Pony Comedy Event!

    Another event you say?!

    Yes! I like events!  I've also lost my mind a bit today.  I'm sure any of the 20 people that keep talking to me on gtalk can attest to that! 

    This one is simple.  Take a comedy skit of at least 50 seconds, and make a PMV out of it.

    Yes, that's it.

    Send an email to [email protected] in this exact format:

    Email Subject Line- COMEDY PMV

    Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F19lOszAqW8&feature=feedu

    Video Title: Pony Card Table Dating

    Highlight that, copy it, paste it, and replace the link/video title with your link/video title.

    Deadline will be Thursday at 11:59 PM!

    Also now that I have everyone's attention.  The queues for pretty much everything are huge right now!  So be patient! Now back to burying myself in the greatest most powerful playlist ever. 

    Example video from after the break!
  • The Fiends From Dream Valley Voiceover Demo Video

    This one always amazes me... which is why it doesn't get filed into the nightly update!  Not only is their engine shaping up to be amazing, but they decided to throw full voiceovers into the mix...and actually pulled it off!

    This video is a demo of some of the final female roles that will be showing up in the game.  The people chosen for male voiceover work will be announced on July 18.

    Anyway, you can find it all after the break!  And check out their Youtube channel here if you haven't already seen the last few announcements for it. 

  • Twilight Sparkle Dress

    Seth tells me he has a 'Sent to Cereal' folder in his inbox, right above the 'I don't know what to do with this yet' folder. So I guess that tells you how much he thinks of me! Regardless, he asked for some comedy with this post, so you're all going to get some whether you like it or not. This comes to us from Atlur.

    I'm not against costumes, really. Far from it- when I was a little colt I used to have this Darth Vader outfit that was really just a thin piece of fabric with an injection-molded helmet and a little chest-piece box with some buttons and lights on it to simulate his respirator. I even had his lightsaber. Did I mention I've been a total nerd all my life? Well, now you know.

    My point is that I have nothing against this costume at all. I think it's quite adorable, even if it is just your standard princess outfit with Twilight's cutie mark on it. The only problem is the packaging. Click that and try to find the weird part. I'll wait.

    Yes, that does indeed say Twilight Sparkle Role Play. I'm sorry, but does that seem a tiny bit weird to anypony but me? Is it a mistake? Someone making a joke? I have no idea. All I can really think about at this point is Twilight wearing this Twilight dress. Would it cause some kind of explosion, or would she just act twice as nerdy? Actually, I don't think I would mind the second outcome. Nerdy, bookish Twilight would be the best pony to hang out with- just chilling at the library and reading stuff and playing board games and making lame nerdy jokes and having tea and cookies while the fire crackles and the rain outside spatters against the window. That's an afternoon I wouldn't mind wasting, and if you disagree, you're wrong.

    Anyway, the costume. 6/5 stars, would review again.
  • Brony Slide Puzzles

    Those crazy Russian bronies have set up a bunch of crazy difficult slide puzzles for you all to fumble through! 

    These things have always driven me nuts.  Is there a specific tactic associated with dealing with them?  Counter clockwise or clockwise? 

    There were similar circle ones in Assassins Creed.  I literally took 10 minutes on one of the last ones. 

    Anyway you can find them here!
  • The Brony Show Live Tonight!

    The weekly live podcast "The Brony Show" happens at 6:00 PM Pacific (9 EST) for those of you who are interested in tuning in!

    You can find the channel for it here!
  • Higher Quality Icon Set

    A Few days ago I posted the icon set from that "There's a Pony For That" Commercial.  The actual icons were a bit low on quality though, fitting more for an 8bit style desktop.

    These are much higher resolution versions.  You can find them at the Deviant Art page here!
  • Comic: The Derp Will Last Forever! / Pinkie Pie and the mysterious ei

    Comic time! You can find Derpy Hooves above from Cyberwaste!

    And some Pinkie Pie being ridiculous below from Kturtle

  • July/August Brony Meetups

    It looks like there is still a lot of demand for these posts based on all the emails.  I have been pointing people toward Bronies.com for meetup stuff, but some of you still want me to broadcast it here. 

    Everyone that has sent me event information, please re-send it, using this handy copy pastable template.  It's a bit difficult to keep up with everything, so the more copypaste the better!  I am really buried in emails right now, so deviations from this template will be sent back for fixes. 

    You can find the template, and all updates, after the break!  This will be stabled into the "EVENTS" section of the bottom archive, and updated as things come in.

    Emails should simply be titled MEETUP! Nothing else!

    Template and meetups after the break!

  • The Search for Ponies!

    These crazy bronies traveled 17 kilometers over lakes, across muddy fields, and straight through the night, all for Mcdonalds pony toys.  This video is a slideshow of their adventure!

    Also some footage from the Nor Cal brony meetup, where they also search various locations for ponies.  It's a bit less epic than the one above, but still pretty funny to see 20 people in the pink isle at Toys R' Us

    1.) The Search for Ponies!
    2.) Footage from the Nor-Cal Brony Meet-up

  • Story: Feedback (Update Story 2!)

    [Shipping] Ziggy and Scratch time!  I guess that was inevitable too!

    Author: Kegisak
    Description: Ziggy Stardust was never good at talking. A bouncer didn’t have to be. He wasn’t expecting that to change when he moved to ponyville. He wasn’t expecting the DJ either. Sometimes it just takes somepony else to get you started – all you need is a little feedback.
    Feedback Part 1

    Additional Tags: Ziggy Stardust, Scratch

    [Shipping] Story 2!

    Author: Kegisak
    Description: The night can be an amazing thing. It can reveal mysteries and house the most beautiful music, and the night that Scratch and Ziggy shared on the hill was no exception. A single night can do amazing things for two ponies, even if they don't realize it.
    Sing the Night's Song

    Additional Tags: Club, Music, Poetry, OC Ponies, Sequel to Feedback
  • Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Fluttershy Plushies!

    Source: Evilsugar

    These guys are animals!  Plushies left and right lately over there on Deviant Art!  I'm sure these things are time consuming as hell to make, it's nice to see so much effort being put into this ridiculous fandom that we have all come to love.
    Source: Hoppip 

    Source: Brainbread
    To the left you will find Fluttershy. Sadly the person who commissioned it backed out at the last second, but she is for sale up on ebay now if any of you want it!   You can find the auction here!

    And applejack to the right, with a hat...finally.
  • Artist Training Ground Alumni Week 2

    The Training Ground Alumni group has dropped it's second set of images off.  The topic this time around was to draw a pony representing a country.  You can find all of the entries at their blog here!

    This week is all about Poison Joke.  If you want to join in on the festivities, check out the DA group here!
  • Game: MLP Kart

    The video accompanying this post doesn't include Rainbow Dash, but it does include Rarity. And, really, that's all that matters, because Rarity is better.

    A new kart-racing game has popped up; an amalgamation of two separate projects merged into one, teams and all. The team is currently making good progress on the game, but they're still looking for team members, including 3D modellers and concept artists. You can find the Ponychan collab thread here, or you can also email the project lead directly here.

    Click after the break to see a proof of concept video. The email clarifies that the final version most likely will have the ponies in karts and not feature Mariokart tracks.

  • 3D Printer Pinkamena Diane Pie!

    I want this thing, and  I don't even like Pinkamena.

    Apparently it was all done with a 3D printer!  Why is this technology not being mass produced?!

    You can find a video after the break!

  • Story: Pink Ladies and Sour Apples

    [Shipping][Normal][Sad] MacXocponyguy for those of you who want that stuff!

    Author: Harp's'ong
    Description: Big Macintosh has been married to the farm his whole life, so it stands to reasoning that he never had time to spare for a mare. But when Applebuck Season arrives and Applejack's friends can't help, the Apple family is faced with a dilemma of deeper concerns. However, when Applejack recruits a few hired hands the answer to both problems appears.
    Google Documents
    Pink Ladies and Sour Apples Part 1
    Pink Ladies and Sour Apples Part 2

    Deviant Art
    Pink Ladies and Sour Apples Part 1
    Pink Ladies and Sour Apples Part 2

    Additional Tags: Sweet Humorous Self-discovery Denial Acceptance
  • Nightly Roundup #33

    I don't know what is going on in this image and I don't know why Trixie's leg is coming out of her torso but this is Trixie edition!


    On to the news!

  • Hub Commercials Round 2

    Neil C. (The editor that did the commercials from yesterday) has uploaded a few more from his set.  Again, they are pretty simple, but it's still neat to see them up! 

    You can find them here!