• Nightly Roundup #348


  • Comic: Desperate Times / Discord and Sun / Refined Taste

    Two Celestia comics for you all today which is a rather rare thing nowadays. I rather like Celestia, and for a character that hasn't gotten as much characterization as others on the show I'm pleased to see how many different interpretations there are of her out there.

    Click for full!

  • Story: Ordem e Progresso


    Author: Chocolate Milk
    Description: After Summer Sirocco's expulsion from the Royal Guard Academy, a captain of the Night Guard offers her an extreme alternative. The choice: sacrifice her relationships and abandon her identity, or walk away from a singular opportunity to escape the pony she never wanted to be. It dredges up difficult questions about how she sees herself and who she really is—and her answers won't be easy either.
    Ordem e Progresso

    Additional Tags: Courage or cowardice? You decide
  • Opening Wars: Italian VS English Extended

    We have two completely different openings, one from Italy, and the other we all hear every time we start up an episode.  It's time to choose the best!

    Do you prefer the anime style Italian opening, or the classical cartoon feel of the English one?  Both can be found after the break for reference, and the poll on the side bar! Charge!

  • MLP Licensing Expo 2012 Images from the Booth

    Remember way back a year ago when that brony thing was just a passing trend, and Hasbro didn't really see us as an important aspect of anything?   Times have definitely changed, that's for sure!  The Angry Otaku sent over these images Hasbro's two story licensing show booth, and they don't appear to be going for the typical little girl's TV that you would expect from a My little Pony show! In fact, Vinyl Scratch is front and center (Going by her non-stage name, I don't think they have done that before!), along with various "brony" labeled merchandise. 

    Hopefully this is a sign of things to come! I wouldn't mind more merch!

    (Also don't tell them I posted this, I'm supposed to be paying attention to the podcast livestream!)

    (More images after the break.)

  • EqD on the Bronycon Livestream... Right Now!

    Pic unrelated, but awesome

    So... there's totally going to be a livestream in just a little bit, and us blogponies are going to be on it, answering questions. If you have any, you should come and ask them. Hey look at that Trixie! Do I sound like Seth yet? I'm up for another impersonation award. Have a writeup!

    We have yet another last minute LiveStream Announcement for you tonight! BronyCon will be hosting a livestream with Equestria Daily’s blogponies: Sethisto, Phoe, and Cereal Velocity tonight at 9:30 PM EST! We’ll sit back, talk, and figure out what makes some of the biggest news names in the fandom tick.

    And of course afterwards, we’ll be holding a Q&A Session with our staffers. If you have any questions, this is the time to ask, as this is most likely the last livestream we’ll be hosting before the convention at the end of the month!
    So come on in, listen, and stay a while. BronyCon meets Equestria Daily, at http://www.livestream.com/feulnerplays.

    BronyCon Summer 2012
    Meadowlands Convention Center
    Secaucus, New Jersey
    June 30th – July 1st
  • Tumblr Spotlight: Madmax Silly Comic Shop

    Madmax has been a staple in this community since the early days and she's still going strong even today. While she is still known for her comics, she also started a couple tumblrs some time back filled with the same kind of zaniness we have come to expect from her work.

    One of those tumblrs is Madmax's Silly Comic Shop. The idea behind the tumblr is that you pitch a small idea to the tumblr and Madmax might respond with a comic to go along with that idea (sometimes in an unexpected fashion).

    The tumblr can be a bit mature at times so just fair warning in case there are those of you out there that would rather avoid that sort of thing. You can start at the first page here or visit the front page here.

    Finally, if any of you have any ideas for future Tumblr Spotlights, send me some suggestions at [email protected]. We don't know all the tumblrs that are out there so I'm sure we are unaware of some real gems.
  • Random Merch: Umbrellas, Hair Clips, and a Matching Backpack

    It's summer!   Time for GIANT STORMS.   We have Hurricanes and Tropical stuff happening on the East cost,  Tornadoes in the midwest, and an upcoming monsoon season that does absolutely nothing here in Phoenix other than taunt us with giant clouds that never quite make it.   Hasbro knows you need a pony umbrella to battle the elements!

    This one in particular can be found on Play.com for £8.99.  (inb4 my first paragraph was completely worthless)

    They also have a matching backpack found below for those that desperately need to wear pink.   Thanks to Shukie for the links!

    And we also have more hair clips from H&M.  Looks like Europe is getting everything these days.  Thanks to Nika for those. 

  • Vocal Music: Prince Whatever - Between Fairytales and Happy Endings

    Derpy Hooves you say?  Well then, have some Derpy Hooves for your Derpy filled day.   Prince Whatever is back and teaming up with Liquid Cobalt + ISMBOFepicly on a brand new heartfelt acoustic song dedicated to Ponyville's number one mailmare. 

    It also has a really neat video, so I guess you typography people are out of luck this time!

    Check it out after the break.
  • Andrew W.K., Lee Tockar, and Friendship is Witchcraft Head to Canterlot Gardens

    It seems like just the other day, Andrew W.K. announced his similarities to Pinkie Pie, now here he is heading to a convention.  The pony bug sure is quick working these days. 

    We also have Lee Tockar joining him on the Canterlot Gardens roster.  I wonder if Snips and Snails will be joining Trixie for a comeback episode in season 3? (She better make a comeback!).

    And finally, Sherclop from Friendship is Withccraft will be holding a Q&A at the con for all you Friendship is Witchcraft fans.  Hopefully with more Sweetie Bot!

    Check out the full press release after the break!

  • Drawfriend Stuff # 475

    Constellation animal edition! I wonder if we will ever see anymore? Ursa Major is pretty badass.

    Also Trixie.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • Game: Pinkie Jump!

    It's about time this style of game has been ponified! Pinkie Pie needs to keep on bouncing off clouds all the way to space! How does an earth pony bounce off clouds? That earth pony happens to be Pinkie Pie!  It doesn't need to make sense.

    Head on over to this page to play it!
  • Instrumental Music: Breaking The Barrier // The Doubts of the Doctor // Earnest Desire for His Lost Redemption //

    Good lord, Rarity, your tail has exploded. That can't be healthy.

    More (!vocals)[1] for you this hour. We have some Rainbow Dash, some Doctor Whooves, and an original orchestral composition.

    [1] read: not-vocals.

    1) Breaking The Barrier - UndergroundPony
    2) The Doubts of the Doctor
    3) "Earnest Desire for His Lost Redemption" ~A My Little Pony Inspired Battle Theme

  • Story: Discordant (Update Part 16-21+Epilogue!)


    Author: Ezra09
    Description: Hearth's Warming Eve has come once again, which means fun in the snow, warm food, and spending time with family. At least, that's what it means for most ponies. For Scootaloo it means a day off from crusading, loneliness, and the coldest night of the year. When Discord begins to whisper to her from his stone prison, she questions the beliefs held by many. What was so great about Harmony? What could be so bad about a world where chocolate milk fell from the sky?
    Discordant (New 16-21+Epilogue!)

    Additional Tags: Orphan Scootaloo, Elements of Disharmony
  • The Ultimate Yes Compilation Volume 1

    After watching the video found hiding after the break, you will be unable to say the word "no", in fact, your ability to refuse anything will suddenly be impossible. This is 20 minutes of ponies saying yes, yeah, and various other forms of agreement.

  • PMV: Gummy Bear / Hold On / Cinema

    I didn't really get a good look at this picture yesterday.  Spike should totally have a horn.

    Onward to PMV's!  We have probably the first one dedicated completely to Gummy this time too!

    1.) Gummy Bear [PMV]
    2.) Hold On [PMV]
    3.) PMV - Cinema (Skrillex Remix)

  • Story Updates June 12th (Morning)

    Fluttershy is the best pokemon trainer.

    Have some story updates, the only places you will find such topics!