• University Pony Presentation

    What's with all the Rarity hate among youtube people?

    Do they not realize that she is right below Twilight in the best pony ever scale?

    Anyway this is pretty funny, and educational at the same time! How would your college class react to your ponies?
  • Instrumental: Twilight Vanquishes the Ursa Minor

    This is pretty cool, I'm glad someone decided to expand on the little jingle that plays. Keep up the good work Mr. Larsen!
  • Story: All Hallows Night

    [Grimbright] I don't really know what grimbright is, but yellow totally doesn't work on a white background. 

    Author: Raz_Fox.
    Description: Rainbow Dash is finally chosen for the most important run in Equestria, and Twilight Sparkle throws a party in her honor. But will she be able to cheer up an inconsolable Applejack, and make her enjoy the party?
    All Hallows Night

    Additional Tags: Party, Faerie-Tale, One-Shot.
  • Rainbow Dash Pins Have Arrived!

    Those Rainbow Dash pins everyone pre-ordered from a while back have finally arrived!  Here is an image sent from Kanamai.

    They are Pretty awesome on the quality! Sadly all she has for picture taking is a webcam. 

    Kanamai will be shipping a large batch of them by the 21st, so have your contacts open for a shipping notice.

    Wave 2 of the pins is currently taking orders if you missed them yesterday. You can find the post for those here!
  • Ponycraft Server Progress

    Looks like Ponycraft.net is making leaps and bounds on their Equestria building server. The 7 minute video above will explain it way better than I ever could though.

    I really need to get around to buying Minecraft some time.. 
  • Story: Beneath Equestria

    [Normal] Adventure!

    Author: Planguy
    Description: Twilight Sparkle, Adventurer Librarian, and her friends embark on an expedition underground to find answers about a lost settlement of ponies that fled Nightmare Moon's supposedly eternal night. However danger lurks... Beneath Equestria!
    Beneath Equestria
    Beneath Equestria Part 2

    Additional Tags: Adventure, Lost world, Utopia, Dystopia

  • Comic: Pony Time

    VG Cats comic! Woah! The brony...it spreads.

    Honestly the CMC are growing on me... I actually feel bad.  I even second guessed posting this.

    What is this show doing to me!?
  • Nightmare Moon Battle // Twilight's Welcoming Party Remix

    More BGM for those of you out there who enjoy this stuff! They really did a great job with it. Nightmare moon's final battle is above, with a HQ MP3 here, with a comment from the creator
    Hey all, ripper here. I didn't like the end result when I extracted this initially, so I went through it again and re-ripped it; the sound effects / dialog bleed should be less noticeable now (though not completely eliminated, as is the downside of doing these 5.1 surround audio rips). I really had to cut and paste / mix and match amongst all of the channels to make this better, though it was impossible to fix some spots. Anywho, re-rip / mp3 download should be up on YouTube now; I owe special thanks to InfinityDash for putting the video together for me. Enjoy!
    and a remix of the music that pops up when Spike invades Twilight's room during her welcoming party is below
  • Pony MMO Concept Sketches!

    Simbaro from the pony MMO team sent me these since everyone seemed to love the official ones in the other post.

    These guys are making some awesome progress, I'm really surprised.  Anyway you can find more after the page break! Also a link to their forums.

    They are also looking for more people for their team, primarily those experienced in CSS and possible sprite artists. You can find that at their job forum Here!

    Or if you want more information on what positions are available, toss a question to [email protected]

  • Pony Game Tech Demo

    This is half-game, half-tool for the community to build their own games with. Definitely an awesome prospect considering how creative everypony here is. The animation and backgrounds are just unbelievable for a fan creation.

    They are also looking for more help! Toss an email to [email protected] if you are interested!
  • Story: Apple Trees

    [Shipping][Random] This is actually a parody of a video found on youtube, but stands up on it's own! Pretty heaving shipping, but all worksafe.  

    Author: Roy G.Biv
    Description: What starts as two friends resting after a day applebucking gets very wrong very fast!
    Apple Trees

    Additional Tags:  parody, spamfic, shipping
  • Story: Sparkle Kitten (Updated: Complete!)

    [Shipping] Some TwilightxRarity!  Poor Twilight is going to turn into Dash at this rate!

    Author: Twinkletail
    Description: When one of Twilight's spells goes a bit awry, she finds that an affected Rarity might be a little more than she bargained for.
    Sparkle Kitten
    Sparkle Kitten Part 2 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Magical malady...with sexy results!
  • College Bronies!

    Considering most of us are in our 20s, It's no surprise that colleges everywhere have small brony following's popping up.  I know from one of my friends up in Idaho that the anime club there is pretty much the pony club at this point.

    Over in Sonoma State University, a recent article was published detailing the pony craze.  It's an interesting read if you want to see a college brony's perspective on it.  You can find that below

    Sonoma State Star Pony Article

    And in an earlier post I mentioned Stony Brook University and it's pony flyer, and asked for a picture of it. A brony named Prof. Button actually sent the image below with a bit more information!  Apparently 30 people ended up attending and geeking out over ponies. That is awesome!

    Unfortunately I go to a community college and don't experience the normal university life, so I don't really have anything to relate to here... but for those of you that do, have ponies started popping up at your educational institutions?  Feel free to post away in the comments below!
  • Pony Pin Pre-Orders going up!

    Looks like Kanamai (aka Pinfilly) is at it again!  This time with a whole bunch of new designs!

    She just opened up pre-orders this morning for everything over on her website (Pony Orders) The best (and cheapest) way to get these pins is in bulk, which is the whole point of this system!

    Pins will be $2 each, and shipping will depend on your location. It will take 3 weeks to a month to get the pins from the company once they have been ordered.

    And a quote from Kanamai about the Rainbow Dash Pins:
    "The Rainbow Dash pins that were ordered a couple weeks ago will be arriving in the mail either on the 18th or 19th. I will be shipping a large batch of pins on the 21st. So if you ordered one of these you should get a shipping notice this week. Pictures of the Rainbow Dash pins will be posted as soon as I get them."
    Anyway, the link to the pre-order page is below!

    Pony Pin Pre-orders

  • FiM Building Concept Sketches

    A while back (like 4 months or so?) a bunch of concept art for Friendship is Magic popped up around /co/.  I thought it was neat, but the blog wasn't around back then!

    Fast forward today, and these amazing building sketches pop up on ponibooru... and here I am with the ability to report it!

    I love the detail on Canterlot up there.  We really need more fics to take place in that city.  (*cough* More like this,Thanks!)

    Anyway, I digress!  Applejacks farm and Twilight's tree can be found after the break. 

    Note: these are not confirmed. If for some reason this is just some really talented artist with too much time on their hands, consider it drawfriend:building edition
  • Blog News: Added Submit/RSS Buttons

    I know this is really late, and will be buried in a few hours when my morning updates roll out, but for those that do see it,  I added an RSS button to the side, and axed all that text crap.  Submit is now located on the navigation bar at the top using Derpy's bubble butt symbol. 

    I want to add a goggles button up there too, though goggles likes to fight with my coding for some reason so It's a problem I will have to solve tomorrow when I'm not running on fumes. Goggles has always been fun though, so I need a link to it somewhere!

    Also the art archive got a slight revamp, though it wasn't nearly as bad as the media one was.

    As always, feel free to suggest things for me to spend hours attempting to code. It's good practice.  Next on the list is collapsible menus for everything, though my 5 or so attempts and various tutorials have brought nothing but terrible looking nonsense.  Blogger's massive code page doesn't make that easy, and my knowledge of CSS (80% of this blog) is pretty much nonexistent.
  • The Truth About "Pokey" Pierce (Update Complete!)

    [Normal] Yes, even characters with 3 seconds of air time get stories in this fandom!

    Author: Chris
    Description: It's the story of Pokey.  The first two chapters (and the next one, as well) are set when he and all the other 'adults' in FiM are still in school, and it works forward from there.
    The Truth About "Pokey" Pierce Part 1
    The Truth About "Pokey" Pierce Part 2
    The Truth About "Pokey" Pierce Part 3
    The Truth About "Pokey" Pierce Part 4
    The Truth About "Pokey" Pierce Part 5
    The Truth About "Pokey" Pierce Part 6
    The Truth About "Pokey" Pierce Part 7
    The Truth About "Pokey" Pierce Part 8
    The Truth About "Pokey" Pierce Part 9 (New!)
    The Truth About "Pokey" Pierce Epilogue (New!)

    All one Link (New!)
  • Drawfriend Stuff #63

    Portal 2 in 26 hours edition!
  • Comic: Pinkiepool Origins

    This is actually sequel to this comic!