• Blog News: Added Submit/RSS Buttons

    I know this is really late, and will be buried in a few hours when my morning updates roll out, but for those that do see it,  I added an RSS button to the side, and axed all that text crap.  Submit is now located on the navigation bar at the top using Derpy's bubble butt symbol. 

    I want to add a goggles button up there too, though goggles likes to fight with my coding for some reason so It's a problem I will have to solve tomorrow when I'm not running on fumes. Goggles has always been fun though, so I need a link to it somewhere!

    Also the art archive got a slight revamp, though it wasn't nearly as bad as the media one was.

    As always, feel free to suggest things for me to spend hours attempting to code. It's good practice.  Next on the list is collapsible menus for everything, though my 5 or so attempts and various tutorials have brought nothing but terrible looking nonsense.  Blogger's massive code page doesn't make that easy, and my knowledge of CSS (80% of this blog) is pretty much nonexistent.