• College Bronies!

    Considering most of us are in our 20s, It's no surprise that colleges everywhere have small brony following's popping up.  I know from one of my friends up in Idaho that the anime club there is pretty much the pony club at this point.

    Over in Sonoma State University, a recent article was published detailing the pony craze.  It's an interesting read if you want to see a college brony's perspective on it.  You can find that below

    Sonoma State Star Pony Article

    And in an earlier post I mentioned Stony Brook University and it's pony flyer, and asked for a picture of it. A brony named Prof. Button actually sent the image below with a bit more information!  Apparently 30 people ended up attending and geeking out over ponies. That is awesome!

    Unfortunately I go to a community college and don't experience the normal university life, so I don't really have anything to relate to here... but for those of you that do, have ponies started popping up at your educational institutions?  Feel free to post away in the comments below!