• Nightmare Moon Battle // Twilight's Welcoming Party Remix

    More BGM for those of you out there who enjoy this stuff! They really did a great job with it. Nightmare moon's final battle is above, with a HQ MP3 here, with a comment from the creator
    Hey all, ripper here. I didn't like the end result when I extracted this initially, so I went through it again and re-ripped it; the sound effects / dialog bleed should be less noticeable now (though not completely eliminated, as is the downside of doing these 5.1 surround audio rips). I really had to cut and paste / mix and match amongst all of the channels to make this better, though it was impossible to fix some spots. Anywho, re-rip / mp3 download should be up on YouTube now; I owe special thanks to InfinityDash for putting the video together for me. Enjoy!
    and a remix of the music that pops up when Spike invades Twilight's room during her welcoming party is below