• PMVs: Cupcakes Trailer // I'm Awesome // Starry Eyed Pinkie Pie

    Bookish Twilight is so freakin' cute. Oh, right, PMVs.

    1. Cupcakes Trailer
    2. I'm Awesome
    3. Starry Eyed Pinkie Pie

    After the break, of course.

  • New York City Brony Meetup

    If you look over on the June/July Meetup post, you will see a New York City meetup in the number one position.  That is actually the second one, and this is a writeup of the one they did last month.  I'm not sure if they are planning to make this an annual monthly thing, but it's still definitely awesome that it was such a huge success.  I think most of us are afraid a meetup would be an akward experience, but apparently it wasn't. 

    Jimbo did a huge writeup about it.  So if you are interested in attending the next one, or any meetup at all for that matter, you might want to check this out!

    New York City Brony Meetup
  • Google Docs Update

    Judging from the google docs help forum, it looks like it isn't just pony fanfiction getting hit.

    It also looks like it's over.

    Feel free to keep sending me DA/FF.net links though, and I will continue to add them to your posts.

    Or alternatively, if you want, I can just host them here, but I think DA/FF.net are better alternatives.  A lot of you already have accounts there, with communities built around them.  That's way cooler than me posting it and just sitting on blogger comments.  

    I have a ton of updates to do, so those messaging me will probably get silence as I enter ultimate grind mode and modify the world.  Just a heads up!

    Technically this is the 4th time Google has broken something.  I can't really blame them though, this is some complex stuff! I just wish they had better support channels.  (Hint hint all you Google employees! Also go get me an interview, I'll cover the pony division.)
  • Drawfriend Stuff #97

    Everypony edition! Yay~ 

    Source 1
  • Music: Lyra and Octavia's duet / Brony [Cover] / Art of the Dress Rock

    If you haven't noticed already, I uhh forgot about the music queue yesterday.  Woops!

    Anyway, today is music day! Hooray!

    Some random ones in this set.

    1.) Symphonia in Duos Competitores [Lyra and Octavia's duet]
    2.) Brony [Cover]
    3.) Art of the Dress Hard Rock Cover

  • 3D Pony Trophies: Pegasus and Alicorn

    They are...beautiful.

    You can find the Pegasus Here, and the Alicorn Here! Confound these ponies, they have such appealing..shapes.
  • July / June Brony Meetups!

    I know I used it already! But I love this Lyra!

    I'm going to turn these posts into a monthly occurrence, and update them as I get more emails. If you are at all interested in meeting other bronies, check back on this!  It will be in the event section of the sidebar.  I won't be bumping it, so its up to you to scan it every once in a while!

    There are two massive meet-ups planned (Listed first), both found at the top, one on each coast of the USA.  

    Do you want your event posted here?  Include the following:
    • Date
    • Contact Information/Website/Meetup.com
    • Location
    • Day
    • Information on it that I can copy paste in, make sure it looks professional! 
    • Use the ones below as templates/Examples.
    • MEETUP as the subject line of the email so I can put it in queue to update later. 
    All meetups after the break!
  • Fanfiction News Time!

    Fanfiction news time!

    There are a few things that may be going on here with Google Docs:

    1.  Someone is pulling a youtube and reporting pony stories
    2.  It's a bug (I have seen 2 stories immediately shut down for no apparent reason)
    3.  Having any clopfiction at all in your personal documents lists results in the others being terminated as well. (A few clopfics/borderline clopfics have been specifically terminated, out of 700+ normal stories in the archive.)

    For now at least, you can appeal your document, or simply send me a FF.net/Deviant Art/Whatever link to use instead.  If you are really feeling adventurous,   I can just copy paste your entire story into the post and create multiple blog pages for it.  But honestly, FF.net is pretty robust, and the main reason people complain about it is due to the huge amount of junk that gets posted.  That doesn't really matter for you docs users who are posting it here anyway!

    Only a few google docs have been banned, so most are still safe it seems.  You might want to send an alternate just in case though.

    It is still suggested that you send me FF.net/DA links instead.

    New Tags

    • -Added human tag for stories that involve humans/humanized ponies. 
    • -Added tags for sub characters that were simply listed as "Other" before (Scratch, Cheerilee, ect)
    • -Compiling Dr. Whoof stories and removing crossover/Adding a section for him in the archive. He really is just part of FiM at this point.  This process will take place over a few days (I don't get much spare time anymore for big projects)
    •  -Possibly removing "Random" and converting all "Random" into "Comedy", it's pretty much the same thing anyway.
    • -Taking requests for a new tag to replace "Random"'s purple.  I have a color to use now! yay~
    • -Still taking author tags on request
    • -Still updating Adventure/Comedy/Sci-fi on request

    As always, please email all tag change requests [email protected]. Include TAG CHANGE in the subject header.   A lot of these will take a while to update on my own, so please send me your requests with a link to your story! 

    I'm also considering just removing 2 star stories, as well as "incomplete" stories that seem un-updated for months (As in from January/February). General archive cleanup is always good.
    Axed that idea!

    Word counts might be added as well, though I realize a lot of people don't know how to do that, which is why it wasn't added already.

    As always, I am open to suggestions.  You can email them to the address above.
  • Music: My Little Vocaloid

    That first one is more of a demo of all the songs available in the album in the description. There are some really good ones in there!

    1.) My Little Vocaloid / MLP:FIM Mashup Album Pack
    2.) Grand Galloping Gala x Rolling Girl

  • Story: Secrets of Harmony

    [Adventure] That is the longest description I have ever seen. He's also promising a minimum of fifteen chapters! Sounds like an epic tail. Tale. See what I did there?

    Author: Mizukame
    Description: With the incident of the eternal night left behind, Equestria has returned to normal, its habitats living in peace and joy. However, clouds of unknown origin start to cover the entire land, blocking the radiance of the sun and threatening the routine life of Equestria. The mane cast works together to find the cause and a solution to this. Meanwhile, Windy Rose, a young Pegasus from Cloudsdale, seeks to prove to her mother she is capable of accomplish her dreams on her own, following them even if it means going against her will. As the situation unfolds, they'll discover there's more behind the Elements of Harmony than what they know, all being put to test to reveal its mysteries.
    Secrets of Harmony: Prologue
    Secrets of Harmony: Chapter I
    Secrets of Harmony: Chapter II
    Secrets of Harmony: Chapter III
    Secrets of Harmony: Chapter IV

    Additional Tags: Long, Epic, Elements of Harmony, Battle, Adventure
  • Google Docs Banning For Terms of Service Violations

    As some of you may have already noticed, certain fics hosted on Google Docs have been banned for violating Google's Terms of Service. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the bannings. Perfectly safe fics have been banned alongside some of the more cloppy ones.

    Case in point- In The Depths of Equestria, which from what I understood was completely safe for work, is gone, while Cupcakes is not.

    The only caveat I could find in the Terms of Service that could possibly apply to ponies was the section on sexual content:

    Writing about adult topics is permitted as long as they aren't accompanied by sexually explicit images or videos, or any material that promotes or depicts unlawful or inappropriate sexual acts with children or animals.

    Take that as you will, though.

    We're not entirely sure what to do about this issue right now. If it persists, and is not merely an error on Google's part, we'll update you all accordingly. In the meantime, though, I would recommend submitting your work to FF.net or DeviantART instead for the time being.

    Feel free to send me FF.net/DA versions of your stories, Alternatively I can just paste the entire story into the blogger window and add pages if you want -[email protected]

    If your google doc got banned, you can also appeal it here!
  • Story: Pony Rain (Updated Complete!)

    [Crossover][Grimdark] A Heavy Rain Style story, but with ponies. You really don't need to know anything about the game to read this.

    Author: Deviouspie
    Description: A Heavy Rain crossover. Who is the Ponigami killer? A psychological murder mystery thriller! You don't need to have played the game to read the mystery
    Pony Rain
    Pony Rain Part 2
    Pony Rain Part 3 
    Pony Rain Part 4
    Pony Rain Part 5 
    Pony Rain Part 6 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Psychological, murder, mystery, schizophrenia, thriller
  • Diamond Dog Speedpaint / German ~Yay Fandub / DJ Hero

    Some speedpainting, German Fan dubs, and a PMV!

    1.) Diamond Dog Speedpaint (No Embed)
    2.) German ~Yay Fandub
    3.) My Little DJ Hero - Izzo (HOVA) vs My Name Is | PMV
  • Pinkie Pie is a Britsh Spy

    How else could this be explained?  Pinkie Pie did it.

    She broke the 4th wall, and is fixing our world with cupcakes.

    Small arms factories will soon be converted into giant ovens, filled with all sorts of delicious baked goods.

    Scientists working on tomorrow's technological breakthroughs in weapon technology will be re-assigned to creating the perfect cake batter recipe.  

    It will be glorious.

    Anyway, you can find the real news article here
  • Crocheted Ponies

    A Brony(Filly? Have we decided what female bronies are called yet?) who goes by the name of Socchan, has created this amazing crocheted Fluttershy. 

    You can find a whole bunch of extra images, as well as measurements and a tutorials on how to make your own below!

    Crocheted Fluttershy
    Crochet Tutorials
  • Official Luna Toy

    Yay! Luna is officially a character of the show now!

    But Celestia is still pink!

    Confound this pink Celestia!

    I guess this was found on an E-bay outside the US.   Hasbro is so sneaky with their toys! 

    Here is the thread on MLP Arena.

    Thanks to slinkyjeff and everyone else for the heads up!

    I'm going back to bed.

  • Music: Eyup [Big Mac's theme] / P0NY BLOCK D665 / 1000 Years

    OC Pony Music time!

    1.) Eyup [Big Mac's theme]
    2.) DH: P0NY BLOCK D665
    3.) 1000 Years

  • Pinkiethon on Synchtube!

    Are you badass enough for an all night pinkie marathon?

    Well the filly synchtube channel is hosting it, now!

    You can find that here!

    Filly Pinkiethon

    Second room!
  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 9

    Yeah, that looks about right. I swear I never used to be this tired at 3 AM. Am I getting old? Or maybe it's just because it's been more than a week at this point. Are you getting tired too, everypony? I wouldn't blame you if you were; this is a lot of work to keep up with! But even if you're feeling down, let's keep going forward together, ok? If you're feeling a little drained at this point I understand, but you're all doing so amazingly so far, and I know you have it in you to keep going. I believe in you! Just like I believe these 189 bushy maned ponies are some of the cutest things I've ever laid eyes on. Er... not accounting for filly night just a few days back. Look, you guys make a ton of cute art, ok?

    Here is your daily link to the submission page, along with a brief reminder that if you can't get it to function properly after several tries, please feel free to send it along to [email protected] It will knock your entry down to the bottom, but at least it'll be there, right? A second bit of clarification, as I'm getting more comments about being confused by this. The deadline is Midnight at Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -7).

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw two(!) ponies making music.
    And also one of the ponies should be using a string instrument that's smaller than a double bass and similar to a harp and she should have a mint colored coat and... ok, I'm kidding. Or am I? Yes. But... anyway. Two ponies. Music. Orchestral ponies on parade. Or maybe shipping central. We're being extra ambitious today because it's the weekend. Whee!