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    What is the purpose of this website? 

    Equestria Daily is a community site and blog dedicated to covering everything surrounding the 2010 onward cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This is partly based on news, (which always gets priority), but a large portion of EQD is My Little Pony fandom based.

    This includes, but is not limited to:

    Pony Music Videos
    Fan-Made Games
    and more!

    Using the navigation bar at the top will break down the above categories and include others not listed via the dropdown menus. Be sure to explore everything!


    Please see our submit section for any and all information regarding submissions! Some things are treated differently in the fan content front, so be sure to pick your specific section.

    Primary Admins
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    Sethisto - Site Founder and Owner
    (Contact: Sethisto@gmail.com or Twitter @Sethisto_EQD)

    Born and raised on the internet, I started following ponies along with an army of anonymous individuals back when it first aired in October 2010. From there, this website was founded as a ways to collect all of the information that the fandom was creating in one place, along with post pony based news for people to easily access that don't follow it 24/7. 
    Outside of ponies, I spend most of my time playing whatever video game interests me, hike all around my home state of Arizona, and am currently learning to draw.

    Calpain - Second in Command

    Serving second in command on the website, Calpain first stumbled into the offices of EqD seeking employment in the Equestrian Innovations division. While waiting to pass Equestrian Innovations extensive battery of background checks and tests he was given a job as blog author in order to keep him from constantly mailing stuff in to the site. Currently mans a number of features on the site, particularly Roundups, Nightly Discussions, Spotlights, Comics, and anything that needs posting.

    Joined the fandom in February 2011 and actively began participating in pony communities starting in April that year. Currently looking into teaching as a career after spending two years on a Masters Degree studying Alzheimer's Disease and two years of a PhD studying Parkinson's Disease. Is also an editor Ask Gaming Princess Luna and Hunters of Salamanstra by John Joseco. He also runs the excellent Steven Universe fansite The Beach City Bugle.

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