• Nightly Roundup #797

    I promised some Octavia so here she is in all her glory! I wonder what a concert would be like with her in it? It must be simply fantastic is all I can say!

    News time as usual guys, check it after the break.

  • Music of the Day #199


    Because we have music! Get 12 below the break.

  • Season 4 - Two Names Possibly Revealed Via Resume

    Canadian voice actor Micheal Dobson (known for his roll in a whole bunch of anime) has updated his online resume with a section for pony.  Included are two completely new names, "Dr. Cabelleron" and "Bulk Biceps".  I'd be willing to bet these guys are found somewhere in the upcoming season.  Time for some good ol' theorizing! Maybe Bulk Biceps is an official name for Snowflake?  Only time will tell!  Hit those comments up with your thoughts.

    Thanks to Micheal  (A different one) and Skullivan for the crazy detective work! I think we are all a bit hungry for any season 4 tidbits we can get. 
  • Artisan Pony Crafts Compilation #26

    Big Mac is best princess isn't he? Let a thousand years of apples envelope the world in cidery goodness!

    Check out more of our awesome creations after the break!

    [1] Source
    MLP:FIM Princess Big Macintosh

  • Drawfriend Stuff #956

    It's funny when you technically don't take OC pony submissions, yet this post somehow has a ton of them.  I love rules that don't work!

    Get some art below the break. 

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    Me and my cello

  • 29/66 Days of Pony - Lesson Zero

    Our first major haitus was finally over! With Discord's episodes releasing early, and it being revealed that they were technically part of the season one production all along, excitement for the future of pony was at an all time high. The question on everyone's mind - How would the show evolve as we moved on to a new season?  I don't think anyone at all expected what was about to air. 

    Lesson Zero took everything we knew about pony and injected it with 50cc's of pure adrenaline. What started off as typical Twilight Sparkle being adorkable episode,  quickly evolved into all out madness.  If Meghan wasn't solidified as "the writer that makes ponies lose their minds" after Party of One, this was the official seal of lunacy.  It didn't just stop there though.  Sonic Rainboom getting a bit old? How about we just go ahead and go nuclear with that?

    This is the episode I show people when they ask about this "pony thing", and so far I've seen some pretty amazing reactions, and even got a few people to start watching it.  Just remember to always skip that intro!  The MLP jingle is a killer!

    Get some Lesson Zero below the break. 

  • Spotlight Vocal Music: Welcome Ponyvillians / Taratarus

    Poor Trixie. I found this song tucked away in the PMV folder for whatever reason. Get some Jazzy great and powerfullness to start us off, and some rap with Feather, Taps, and Ibeabronyrapper in the second slot! Both songs below the break.

    1.) Welcome Ponyvillians - Zatslol (Original)
    2.) Taratarus- Taps Feat Ibeabronyrapper (ibeConCept), feather, & f3nning

  • Ponies Around the World Deadline Reminder and October Events!

    I honestly didn't mean to fill October up with so many events at once.  It just happened that way!

    First off, as a reminder for all of you would be photographers out there, the deadline for Ponies Around the World is tomorrow night! If you have an image to submit, or have no clue what this is, head on over here to read up on getting it over to us. Right now we have around 249 entries on that one, so it's looking like we might be splitting it up like the old days for the sake of all your computers not exploding.

    And in the world of pumpkin carving, the deadline for that one is roughly a week and a half out.  If you plan to ponify your Halloween, hit this post up for submission information on that!

    And finally, the Halloween Fanfiction contest closed the other day.  Expect a compilation of that in a few days here. 

    Now go be creative!
  • Discussion: What Would You Do if This Was the New Generation of Pony?

    My Little Pony has a copycat brand called Filly looking to break into the world of TV pony success, and the image above has been floating around the EQD inbox for a few days now with people freaking out that it's the next generation of the show we love.  

    It's not, so you can put those pitchforks away.  And don't try to hide them under your shirt this time. 

     BUT, for the sake of conversation, lets pretend it totally is! Hit the trailer up below the break and imagine a future where Filly was the new Friendship is Magic!  Or just join the lolwut bandwagon with everyone else. 

  • More Information on Pony Fashion Line

    A few weeks ago, Hasbro held their 2013 Investor Day, where a small blurb mentioned a signature clothing line on the way for the My Little Pony brand.  A few things have come and gone that may or may not have been what they are talking about, but the seeds of interest were planted regardless.

    A new article released by License.mag has detailed an upcoming collection of higher quality Transformers and pony apparel.  Half the focus seems to be on the younger demographic, with kids and newborns taking center stage.  Expect footwear and accessories for them at the beginning of 2014.

    And on the other side of the spectrum, they have apparently signed on designer Alice Vandy for a range of "retro" stuff, though no images are available.  I wouldn't be too surprised if retro meant older gen, but you never know. A direct quote from the article points at a few other things for the more adult fanbase:

    "Additionally, the toy company has signed a series of cross-brand deals that include a kidswear line from Smith & Brooks featuring My Little Pony, Transformers, Furby and Mr. Potato Head; and an adult t-shirt and nightwear collection from Somerbond that will showcase My Little Pony, Transformers, Hasbro Games and Action Man.

    Check out the full article over here! Thanks to James for the heads up!
  • Doctor Whoof, Vinyl, and Derpy Exclusive Funjo Pop Figures

    Amazon has grabbed a new exlusive Funko Pop set, starring Derpy, the Doctor, and Vinyl Scratch.  It seems like a lot of retailers are hopping on these as solo pieces for their own shops.  Head on over here to check them out.  The official release date is set as the 2nd of December. 

    Thanks to Malion for the heads up!
  • More Shirts at We Love Fine

     As is the norm, we have another set of shirts and posters available from We Love Fine. Everything from environmental to silhouette has popped up this time.  Hit them up over here!
  • Gameloft Game Princess Update Now on Android, More Images!

    As many of you have reported in, the Gameloft game has now been posted up for android users to download.  If you aren't interested but still want to see what all is included, head on down below the break for a whole bunch of images courtesy of Jamie.

  • Morning Roundup #796

    Wow, this roundup is super late.  Or is it super early? Maybe I skipped a night and decided to do this one 15 hours before we usually do.  You will never know!

    Get some stuff below the break.