• BronyCon Announces M.A. Larson

    Twilight with wings?! How could you? Have a press release:
    BronyCon Announces Writer M.A. Larson

    BronyCon is pleased to announce that writer M.A. Larson will be joining its event in the Baltimore Convention Center from Aug. 2-4 this year. This is Larson’s first time coming to BronyCon.

    Larson is responsible for writing many fan-loved episodes such as “Swarm of the Century,” “The Return of Harmony Parts 1 & 2,” “Luna Eclipsed” and “Ponyville Confidential.”

    In addition to his work on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Larson has also written for series such as Gravity Falls, Littlest Pet Shop and My Gym Partner’s a Monkey.

    For more information on BronyCon’s guests, visit their guest page and keep up to date with the latest announcements on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.
  • PMV: Radioactive / Lazy Applejack - Kinetic Typography / Pop Culture

    Darin Do, Rainbow Dash, and Changelings. That first one is a ton of fun. If you like those dubstepey PMV's with a ton of effects, check it out!

    We also have a bit of typography dedicated to the Lazy Applejack song, followed by a flashy Madeon PMV.  Check them all out below the break!

    1.) Radioactive [PMV]
    2.) Lazy Applejack - Kinetic Typography by Isegrimism [OFFICIAL PMV]
    3.) [PMV] "Pop Culture"

  • Happy Birthday Amy Keating Rogers!

    Our finally birthday for the month is that of Amy Keating Rogers, long time writer for MLP:FiM! Have a wonderful birthday Amy and thank you all for sending in some gifts for her today. You all rock!

    Go wish her a happy birthday here.

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    Happy Birthday Mama!

  • Everything Wrong With The Ticket Master in 4 Minutes or Less

    Ticket Master was one of the first episodes of pony, and digging into it is something the fandom has done since the beginning... but not this way.  Have a CinemaSins style analysis of The Ticket Master below the break!

  • 4DE Pinkie Pie Plushie Released for Pre-Order

    4DE announced their upcoming Pinkie Pie plushie a while back, and pre-orders have finally opened up on her.  Just to refresh everyone's memory, this one is 10 inches tall and just 25 bucks.  I don't think any other company is releasing a lineup with as much show accuracy as these, so as I've said before, buy them so we can get more!

    Head on over to their store page to grab one! 

    They also have a bit of information posted up on their news feed about existing Twilight order shipments, and options for those that plan on buying both ponies.  Have some snippets from that, or go read it.
    • First wave of Twilight plushies shipping soon, be sure to keep your delivery addresses up to date.
    • You can now combine Pinkie and Twilight into one package to save on shipping, though you will need to wait for Pinkie's release if you go this route.  (Details at the news post) 
    • People that ordered multiple Twilight's will now retroactively save on shipping via combined orders.  Extra shipping charges from before will be refunded. 

  • New EqG Doll Information and Rainbow Dash

    Thanks to Fashion Doll World some new information has popped up about the Equestria Girls dolls slated to come out sometime this year. First off they have new pictures of the Rainbow Dash doll that is going to be released while secondly they have clarified on the pricing information, revealing why some of the dolls are different priced, and some doll details.

    Apparently different doll types will be released besides the basic set, such as a ball gown doll and a hair play doll which both command a premium price. There also seem to be plans for a future set that includes not only the doll but a pony as well. Finally the dolls are to be between 20-25cm tall or about the size of a Barbie doll.

    Still, take this information with a grain of salt. This is the only site so far that has reported on the dolls in such detail! We'll keep you updated as we find out more. Check after the break for the Google Translation that contains pricing information as well as another picture of the Rainbow Dash doll.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #837

    This reminds me of Grizzly Hills. If you know what Grizzly Hills is, you have probably wasted just as much time on video games as I have.

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source
    Perfect for reading

  • Eight Page Preview of Upcoming Pinkie Pie Micro

    Pinkie Pie episodes have always been completely nuts, and this comic doesn't look like it's going to disappoint in that department.  Comicsalliance has an eight page preview up of the upcoming 5th micro.  Head on over here to check it out!

    Thanks to Masem for the heads up! 
  • Japan Time - Call of the Cutie

    Japan is moving on to the CMC.  I remember this episode from way back in the early /co/ days.  People weren't too keen on the idea of moving away from the mane cast ponies! The CMC have since become more accepted, though I still prefer normal episodes personally.  These guys should have a side series!

    Anyway, have a bunch of Japanese Applebloom at 7:30 Japan Time, and 3:30 Pacific.

    Update: Looks like the Japanese Stream site is derpin a bit.  Looking for an alternative. 

  • Daniel Ingram's Take on the L.A. Equestria Girls Event

    Daniel Ingram jumped on Facebook to toss his 2 cents out about the event and give a little bit of insight into how much work went into the six songs he was a part of in the movie.   Music has always been a huge selling point of the show, so it's nice to see so much passion went into making Equestria Girls shine on that end.

    He grouped up with Rebecca Shoichet for a mini sing-a-long thing during the event too, which you can find after the break!

    Thanks to Andrew for pointing it out.

  • Animation: Equestria Girls : Consequences

    I remember Pinkie Pie mentioning eating hotdogs at one point. Maybe omnivores aren't completely out of the question in pony society. Twilight doesn't seem to happy about it though! Check this one out after the break.

  • Super Twilight 64

    It's a Mario song ponified with a slideshow of funny images. I'm going to go dig up my Nintendo 64 now.  Go watch this below the break while I slack off and play Mario for the rest of the day. 

  • Story: Canon


    Author: Pascoite
    Description: Partway through her morning practice routine—and routine it is—Octavia seems to have gained an audience. Well, if that mare wants to listen, she'll get a good show.

    Cover art by drawponies

    Additional Tags: Octavia finds an unexpected friend

  • Equestria Girls Reviews from Around the Internet - Positive So Far

    We spent a good amount of yesterday getting bombarded with reviews of Equestria Girls from pretty much everywhere.  The big one right now is probably the Rotten Tomatoes audience vote, with a highly positive score and a load of people rating it.  There are quite a few troll voters mixed in with people that just tossed a vote in for fun, but if you hit that specific section up, you can probably glean a few neat little tidbits of information from people that decided to give it a shot. 

    Note: Almost all of these contain massive spoilers

    Non fandom specific review:
    Unleash the Fanboy payed the movie a visit and tossed it a 4/5.  Find that one over here.

    And if you want a more pony centric voice, have some links to those too, ranging everywhere from personal Deviant Art journals to a Google doc. 

    Update: And another one from Topless Robot .

    Fandom Reviews:
    D-Pad Review
    Closer to the Sun Review
    Dsagent Review
    Leemaster Review
    Brony Clubhouse Review

    We honestly haven't been bombarded with any negative ones yet, though there are some specific scenes that rustled some jimmies.   It's entirely up to you to explore that though!

    As for future review submissions, I think we have about covered fandom side.  If you see any from non-fandom movie critics or news sources feel free to send them over.  We will keep those flowing in compilations.
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