• New EqG Doll Information and Rainbow Dash

    Thanks to Fashion Doll World some new information has popped up about the Equestria Girls dolls slated to come out sometime this year. First off they have new pictures of the Rainbow Dash doll that is going to be released while secondly they have clarified on the pricing information, revealing why some of the dolls are different priced, and some doll details.

    Apparently different doll types will be released besides the basic set, such as a ball gown doll and a hair play doll which both command a premium price. There also seem to be plans for a future set that includes not only the doll but a pony as well. Finally the dolls are to be between 20-25cm tall or about the size of a Barbie doll.

    Still, take this information with a grain of salt. This is the only site so far that has reported on the dolls in such detail! We'll keep you updated as we find out more. Check after the break for the Google Translation that contains pricing information as well as another picture of the Rainbow Dash doll.

    Google Translation from German

    We now have another image of the doll for you, there is a Rainbow Dash doll's hair.

    We also have more information for you. We are now finally announced the official RRP prices. The Basic dolls will cost € 19.99 each, the ball gown doll with two modes of € 24.99 each, the hair play doll (s?) € 24.99 each and then there will be two packs in each of which the human and the pony version of the girls is included for each € 29.99. We have the prices really shocked to find out we have the Equestria Girls doll comes in a package which is about as large or as high as a Barbie packaging and the size of the doll is about 20-25cm, so the size of a Barbie Stacie doll.