• Drawfriend Stuff #124


    Also I'm late!

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  • Story: Magic Effect (Update Part 5!)

    [Crossover][Grimdark][Sci-fi] More Mass Effect Ponies! Unlike the other story, it's human in Equestria style.

    Author: iheartfornax
    Description: Through the workings of an ancient scroll, the world of ponies is transported to another universe. Will this cold, heartless, and uncaring void be the end of ponies everywhere? For to carve out a place of their own in this new galaxy, what ancient secrets, forbidden practices, and forgotten artifacts must see the light of day and night?
    Magic Effect Part 1
    Magic Effect Part 2
    Magic Effect Part 3
    Magic Effect Part 4
    Magic Effect Part 5 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Long, Sci-fi, OC Ponies, Humans
  • Pinkamena Diane Pieathon

    The Filly Synchtube channel is hosting a marathon of all things Pinkie Pie!

    You can find it here!
  • Anime Expo Cosplay Meetup

    What's that? People like dressing up as ponies?  I never would have guessed!

    Apparently Anime Expo was overrun by these overly colorful...humans.   Compared to the other meetups I have posted, this is a pretty extreme amount of cosplaying.  Someone also went ahead and filmed everything.  Sadly the video is blurry, but you can still get a relatively good idea about what went on there.  You can find it here!

    Or jump on the 49 picture photo album here!

    Again, if this isn't your thing, just avoid the comments.  Some people enjoy stuff like this!

    A few more random ones after the break outside of Anime Expo. 
  • Q&Neigh: Sethisto

    Based on the comments from last night's roundup, it sounds like you guys want to try this out!  I'm stealing the idea from Wow Insider (kind of). 

    (Questions are over!) 

    I cleared this half hour mark to give it a shot.  I do need to work on the drawfriend post, so some responses might be a bit delayed.

    I think this will be a thing we do every few days if it turns out alright, with cereal/phoe/tek rotating in for the next few. 

    Lets do it! Ask a question in comments, and I will try to answer.  People with accounts will be given priority over anons unless said anon asks an awesome question. 

    Also someone give me a better name for this.
  • Story: Party of Two

    [Shipping][Comedy] Dashiepie Time! Butterscotch sent the EQdaily Safe version this time, so it's relatively tame. The more mature version can be found in the description on the DA page!

    Author: Butterscotch Sundae
    Description: Alternate Ending to the Episode "Party of One". Dash arrives at Sugarcube Corner to find Pinkie Pie holding a crazy party for herself with make-believe guests, but when the Pegasus tries to get her to come to Sweet Apple Acres where her other friends are waiting to spring a surprise party of their own, she discovers she has her work more than cut out for her.
    Deviant Art
    Party of Two

    Google Documents
    Party of Two

    Additional Tags: Shipping Pinkie Pie Pinkamina Rainbow Dash comedy
  • Gotcha Button

    Remember when Trollestia became canon?

    Best princess ever. Sorry Luna. 

    Clicking should open it!

    From Ganton3!
  • Welovefine.com Tee-Shirt Contest Is Back Up

    A few days ago in the Nightly Roundup, I dropped a message about the Tee-Shirt contest at Welovefine.com being revamped due to the current system's inability to handle the load.  It looks like everything is back up and running!  They even left me with some easy to use copypaste. 

    We’re ready to go, folks: CLICK HERE in order to submit your t-shirt designs to our My Little Pony contest, in which the grand prize winner will receive $1000 in cash! (URL for submission page: https://www.welovefine.com/contest.php?id_contest=2)
    Things to remember before submitting (or re-submitting, if you emailed designs in previously):

    • Artwork should be 1000px wide max with a file size of no more than 1MB. Please format as JPEG.  Files that do not meet these requirements will be disqualified from the contest. (These are strictly for voting purposes; if your art is selected, we will be in touch regarding original files at a later date.)
    • We will only accept FIVE submission per user; attempts to submit more will be rejected, so if you’re prolific, only submit your strongest art!
    • Once you have submitted your art, you will not be allowed to delete it and replace it with a new design.
    • You have until July 18 at 11:59 p.m. PST to submit!

    Go for it, and good luck everyone! Thanks for submitting your stuff again!
    Team WeLoveFine

    As I have stressed before, these guys are the only officially licensed merch producers that are focusing on us specifically.  Their original designs were met with mixed reviews, which is probably the reason why they are putting a thousand bucks up for grabs to improve.  If Hasbro see's how successful a side business is when focusing on our demographic, it's only a matter of time before they start doing it too!

    Now someone go create me a Trixie shirt!
  • Crystal Pony Review!

    A few days ago I talked about how amazing the Crystal Ponies looked.  Sadly these things are rare as hell out here in the USA.  With no news of major retailers planning on stocking them, it seems like the only places to find crystal ponies are the tiny outlet malls and obscure toy stores.  Thankfully there's always Ebay, and luckily I have pony friends like Purple Tinker!  Out of nowhere, she ordered them for me the other day... I didn't think any community could be so generous. 

    For those of you who don't know who she is, you might want to check out the brony meetup site.  She's organizing all of that, as well as Bronycon over in New York.

    But on to the toys...After the break of course!

  • Public Mumble Server

    Astridax from MLP Online has set up a mumble server for everyone to blabber away on.  This one is pretty massive, holding 100+ bronies at a time. 

    You can find the server below:
    Port: 64738
    If you need mumble, you can find the download for the program at sourceforge.  
    For those of you who do join the server, feel free to email Astridax if you would like to request any channel additions, or have any questions.  

  • Comics: Lyra Fingers Bon Bon/Transfarmers

    Look, I don't make up these titles, ok? I'm just the newspony, reportin' what I sees. Well, maybe I'm less of a newspony and more of a distributor of treats, but either way I'm not the one who picks the lettering on the wrapper. And speaking of treats, here are some lovely ones. Up above you can find a frankly heartwrenching comic about Lyra's impossible dreams of becoming human. Bon Bon is one of very few tethers that make the days in Ponyville bearable for the poor unicorn. She needs help. Or at least little fingered gloves to fit overtop her hooves. Can somepony get on this?

    And on a totally different topic, we've got a wonderful treatise on the Magic of Friendship and the importance of appreciating your friends for who they are. And also I guess there's a Transformers reference in there somewhere. That's what I was told anyway, but I couldn't find it. Maybe you can!

  • High Quality "There's a Pony For That" Video!

    Check out those applications

    They are all amazing.

    Seriously, I want all of them.

    Anyway the guys over at The Hub sent me the higher quality version of the commercial!  Check out the embed below.

    Or download it here! (Higher quality than youtube I think!)

    I highly suggest downloading it and going frame by frame.  Some of the stuff buried in here is priceless.  

  • Brony Movie Night #9

     Brony Night #9 is under way! Have some copypaste.  Now go watch stuff!

    Weekly movie night update, here's our schedule:

    -Pony Episode: Winter Wrap Up

    -B Movie: Death Stalker 2 (Content Warning: Strong and graphic violence and nudity)

    -Mane Movie: Up

    -Pony Episode: Stare Master

    The pre-show is underway, movies will be starting at 7 PM Eastern as usual.  We also have our normal stream at 2 PM Eastern on Saturday


  • TF2 Ponyville Map

    Woah, this came out of nowhere!

    Someone named therockman112 has created a full fledged ponville map for TF2, complete with all of the known buildings and vector cutouts of various characters.  Hell it even has a jukebox!

    (New!) Updated Download

    New video!
  • CGI Compilation!

    I could live in this!  For some reason that kitchen just looks appealing.

    Edgar Allan Pony
    A whole bunch of bronies have been firing off these crazy 3D projects lately.  It's pretty impressive when you look at how much work something like this takes.

     Of course, we can't have the CMC without weapons and armor.   I actually had a dream the other night about a decked out scootaloo battling a dragon.  It was...weird to say the least.

    After the break you can find a blender portal pony project someone is currently working on.

    Still waiting on those rag doll source ponies! Get to it!

  • There's A Pony For That

    The Hub has released another parody style video for pony!  This one is a play on the iphone app commercials, and actually does a really awesome job of it.

    Thanks to Angela Watercutter from Wired for the heads up!

    You can find it here!

    Apparently at :19 there is an "Equestria Daily" app (The Pink silhouette with a white background).

    I love The Hub.
  • Nightly Roundup #30


    It's news time!