• Crystal Pony Review!

    A few days ago I talked about how amazing the Crystal Ponies looked.  Sadly these things are rare as hell out here in the USA.  With no news of major retailers planning on stocking them, it seems like the only places to find crystal ponies are the tiny outlet malls and obscure toy stores.  Thankfully there's always Ebay, and luckily I have pony friends like Purple Tinker!  Out of nowhere, she ordered them for me the other day... I didn't think any community could be so generous. 

    For those of you who don't know who she is, you might want to check out the brony meetup site.  She's organizing all of that, as well as Bronycon over in New York.

    But on to the toys...After the break of course!

    I don't know why I bother to blank out my address, I'm pretty sure it's fair game at this point, but I'll do it anyway dammit!

     It looks like my great and powerful room mate is still sore about the lack of toys dedicated to her gloriousness, so I had to sneak into her room when she was asleep and check for my package.   Lo and behold, there it was, sitting on the nightstand right next to a jar of hoof cream and a collection of 20 assorted tail/mane brushes.  I don't know how she affords all of this. 

    Inside was your typical "support small businesses" ebay card and a whole bunch of plastic.   I could see the faint glimmer of pony in the hazy mess of packaging material.   With an almost Twilight Sparkle level reaction, I tore into the bubble wrap (avoiding the humongous urge to ignore the merchandise and spend the next 30 minutes popping the little air pockets) and revealed....



    The first thing I noticed about these toys is their weight.  This isn't cheap plastic!   I'm not even sure what the material is.  Sadly the packaging doesn't give any clues either.  They do have a very unique smell though, nothing I have ever experienced at least.  From a durability standpoint, dashes wings almost feel malleable on the tips where it is the thinnest, but overall they could probably jangle from your keys in relative safety.

    Out of all the official pony toys I have seen so far, these are definitely the most show accurate when it comes to shape.  Dash actually looks like a translucent dash!  And even though I love my molded Pinkie Pie from the 4 set, she always did have a bit of an overly large head (Even for these ponies).  This one seems to correct that problem. 

    I probably should have cleaned those crumbs up, by my email is scaring me right now so I'm a bit pressed for time! Oh well!

    Have a size comparison!  In the center is my blind bag Twilight Sparkle (from a  brony on Ponychan.  I only have his real name though, and I'm not sure if he wants me giving it out.) .  I actually really like this size on these.  It brings back the nostalgia of my plastic pokemon figures.  I wonder where those went...

    I actually unscrewed the keychain bits.  As with most toys like this, its easy to remove/insert the clip. 

    Overall, I would definitely recommend these if you can find them.  Hopefully they show up more often in the coming months with blindbags being released across the world.  Thanks again to Purple Tinker for these awesome toys! 

    Obligatory DashiePie together forever. I bet you didn't expect that at all.