• Comics: Lyra Fingers Bon Bon/Transfarmers

    Look, I don't make up these titles, ok? I'm just the newspony, reportin' what I sees. Well, maybe I'm less of a newspony and more of a distributor of treats, but either way I'm not the one who picks the lettering on the wrapper. And speaking of treats, here are some lovely ones. Up above you can find a frankly heartwrenching comic about Lyra's impossible dreams of becoming human. Bon Bon is one of very few tethers that make the days in Ponyville bearable for the poor unicorn. She needs help. Or at least little fingered gloves to fit overtop her hooves. Can somepony get on this?

    And on a totally different topic, we've got a wonderful treatise on the Magic of Friendship and the importance of appreciating your friends for who they are. And also I guess there's a Transformers reference in there somewhere. That's what I was told anyway, but I couldn't find it. Maybe you can!

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