• Story: Blue Moon

    [Crossover][Sad] Luna and Fallout?  That's the wildest combo ever!  I'm pretty sure Luna stories are default awesome judging by the 20 five star stories in her part of the archive.... but can she survive a nuclear crossover?

    Author: Bongo
    Description: Nuclear bombs have struck Equestria and the world is plunged into a nuclear winter. Princess Celestia is soon sick with radiation poisoning while trying to protect her smaller sister, Princess Luna. The great emotional intake is starting to take its toll on Princess Luna, as her world starts to grow darker and darker with sadness and grief... Based off the apocalyptic nuclear wasteland of Fallout: New Vegas. Best read when listening to Frank Sinatra's Blue Moon.
    Blue Moon

    Additional Tags: Fallout: New Vegas, flashback, nuclear radiation, Frank Sinatra, Blue Moon
  • Another Pinkie Pie Remix // You Gotta Share (Instrumental) // Rainbow Crash Compilation

    Pinkie Pie Wants to go to Iceland above! Pinkie Trigger style!

    You Gotta Share BGM only, and a mildly entertaining crash montage below.

  • Story: Rainbows and Sunsets

    [Normal] More Scootalove! this is how it should be!

    Author: Sagebrush
    Description: After a bit of prodding from her friends, Scootaloo decides that it's high time she learned to fly.  Will she be able to convince Equestria's premier flier to teach her the ropes?
    Rainbows and Sunsets

    Additional Tags: Mischief, Future, Sunsets, Action, Friendship
  • April Friend-Off!

    April Foals delayed this one a bit, but it's time for some FRIEND OFF!

    For those newfoals showing up from Vgcats/ect.  Every month, we run an event where Artists draw something from their favorite fic, and Writers write something from their favorite pic. It's not a contest! All are welcome to participate!

    Here are the last 3 events.
    Friend off Janruary
    Friend off February (Valentines Day Edition)
    Friend off March

    This one will be a bit different for fanfictions.   I'm not going to be assigning every single fic it's own post like the last one. They will chill here with everything else in the same format as the April Foals stuff did.  We might do some voting to give the top 5 their own posts, but friend-offs are about fun, not competition!

    As always: No Full on Clopfic

    The Deadline will be on May 1st at 11:59 PM Pacific (6:59 GMT I think? Derp), meaning the actual posting of the event will happen on May 2!

    Anyway, send your entries to [email protected] with the words FRIEND OFF somewhere in the title. 

    Preferably in this template...

    1) The Great and Powerful Trixie Strikes Back! 
    Description: The Great and Powerful Trixie!
    [Normal] The Great and Powerful Trixie, Twilight Sparkle, Author: (G&P) Trixie

  • Equestrian Innovations

    I have some exciting, world-shattering news! Today Cereal Velocity presents his new startup company, Equestrian Innovations: working to enhance the life of all ponies everywhere! Their newest commercial has just aired on the Hub. Check it out!
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Animals // Nyan Dash

    Above is a 42 minute soundtrack addition of Pink Floyd to the first 2 pony episodes. Never was a fan of the music myself, but I'm sure there are a few of you out there that might find something to enjoy here. It definitely makes the episode seem more..peaceful. It's not meant to lip sync, only to go along with the scenes.

    Also some spammy Nyan Dash below, I guess it had to be done eventually...

    Still working on the FaQ/Friendoff for this month, so expect a bit slower updates until it's all complete. 
  • Story: Sunny Skies All Day Long

    [Normal] This one reads like it could be turned into an actual episode at any time.  Definitely something to check out!

    Author: PhantomFox
    Description:  Princess Celestia tires of constantly being surrounded by decorum, deference, and formality, and decides to take a day off from being Princess.  But visiting Ponyville incognito is harder than she expects.  Will she be able to fit in and make friends without blowing her cover?
    Sunny Skies All Day Long

    Additional Tags: Celestia's Day Off In Ponyville

    Live Reading Part 1 / Part 2
  • Discussion: What are your views on fanfiction...?

    Now I know a good amount of you have no interest in fanfiction at all, but everyone is free to comment here.

    Lately I have seen yet another influx of fan fiction...  some good, some bad.  It's difficult to not just spam the front page with it.

    I'm thinking of limiting it a bit further.  I have been lenient with a lot of this stuff, mainly because I don't want to alienate anyone from contributing to the community as a whole... but lately it seems like people are just sending in rough drafts with hopes of getting feedback and editing once they are posted. The pre-readers have done an awesome job of filtering all of this stuff, which is clearly shown by how many 5 star fics I have been tossing into the archive lately. 

    (More After the Break)
  • Fluttershy Sculpture

    This is currently a work in progress by Bigponymac Over on Deviant Art.  So far it's shaping up quite nicely!

    He is currently prepping it for firing on Monday after a few more tweaks, followed by paint.  I can't wait to see it finished! I'll update this post with it when it's done with a bump.

    You can find some step-by step as well as the concept sketch after the page break!

  • Story: Swapped (Updated Part 2!)

    [Shipping] Twilight and Trixie! The best shipping pair this side of Dashiepie!

    Author: Prince Shadari
    Description: Trixie returns to Ponyville to learn magic from Twilight Sparkle in an attempt to learn how to best defeat her.  However a magical accident as well as strange feelings towards Twilight make her desire to be the best unicorn in all Equestria a little easier and a little more difficult at the same time.
    Swapped Part 2
    Swapped Part 3 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Accidents, Enlightenment, Everypony, Power, Provoking
  • Rainbow Dash Halloween Costume

    Good news!  Hasbro has heard our plea! We finally get to dress up in pretty rainbow dresses and roleplay Dash this Halloween!  Unfortunately, they only come in child and toddler sizes, so it might be a tight fit...

    Judging by their side bar, it looks like Halloween costumes of several of the ponies existed for past generations, but this is the first (I think) for g4.

    Anyway more information can be found below!

    Rainbow Dash Halloween Costume
  • Drawfriend Stuff #66

    Don't Screw with Fluttershy Edition!

    Also a break from all the fanfiction edition, holy crap you guys write a LOT! Me and the pre-readers still have 10 to dig through!
  • Comic: Scootalove

    To counter all that scootabuse nonsense!  It's Dawwww time!
  • Story: Trouble Sleeping

    [Normal] More Daww Luna stuff!

    Author: Lurks-No-More

    Description: It's Luna's first morning in Canterlot, and she's having trouble sleeping. Maybe Celestia can help her a bit?

    Trouble Sleeping

    Additional Tags: Adorable purple plushie unicorn toy