• John De Lancie on Ponies

    I didn't want to spam the poor guy's Twitter page, but my email is getting slammed instead, so... yah!

    John De Lancie (The voice of Discord and Q from Star Trek) is apparently pretty surprised at the sudden surge of rabid pony fans.  He has been answering questions over there for a day or two now.  I'm not saying go attack his account, but for those that are fans of Discord, there are some pretty interesting responses buried in the logs. 

    Check out the page for it here!
  • YTP Stuff #no clue!

    1.) YTP - My Magical Friendship: Ponies Are Little
    2.) CLOPCORE
    3.) PMV Mini-Madness S2 E01

  • Confirmed Gap Between Discord arc and Episode 3

    Looks like Sibsy was right- there is going to be a gap between this two-parter with Discord and the rest of season two. How big of a gap is uncertain at this point, but if we survived the entire summer without new pony, I'm sure we can manage a month or two with only this so-far fabulous two-parter to hold us over.

    /knock on wood

    Thanks to Micheal for the heads up!
  • Trilight Demo Test

    Trilight has been completely revamped again! This time it looks like it's aiming for a more grimdark style atmosphere.  The creator is looking for people to test it out.

     Check out the devblog, or hit up the direct link to the game here.  Controls/performance suggestions can be found after the break.

  • Comic: Twilight Sparkle and Spike

    Confound this trope... so sad. 

    This is actually in video form, so check it out after the break!

  • How to Submit to Equestria Daily

    --Submit everything aside from Fanfiction to [email protected]!--

    We all see this address and will respond from it. If you want to reach an individual blog author:

    Note: Send only personal inquires and questions to these emails unless instructed otherwise. Submissions sent to them can get lost or are responded to much slower than if sent to [email protected]
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    Update: December 18 - Optional Include Twitter account with news submission for credit! 

        General Information

        • It is acceptable to submit your own work, don't be bashful! If we don't know about your awesome creation we can't post about it.
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        • Generally, it's best to avoid things that are over 2 Weeks Old, especially on Youtube. Chances are it has already been posted or reviewed over that age. 

        • Please read the rules before submitting!  They have been updated. Stories that do not follow them will be deleted.
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                Where do I send things?!

                Didn't you read the top of the post?

                --Submit everything aside from Fanfiction to [email protected]!--

              • MLP: Friendship is Magic - Ponies are ravers / Prince Charmless / The Hayngover Part II

                Wow, a Prince Blueblood PMV. Never thought I'd see the day.

                1.) MLP: Friendship is Magic - Ponies are ravers. (Extended/Reworked)
                2.) Prince Charmless
                3.) The Hayngover Part II

              • Story: Caramel's Light (Update Part 10!)


                Author: Squeak
                Description: Caramel can't seem to do anything right. When he finds he has a crush on a certain purple unicorn, this proves doubly true!
                Caramel's Light (Update Part 10!)

                Additional Tags: Caramel Grampa Jonagold Toffee Apple
              • High-Res Pony Icon Set

                Just in case covering your desktop with the desktop ponies and having your wallpapers continuously rotate through your folder of six and a half dozen awesome pony wallpapers wasn't enough pony on your computer, now you can convert every feasible icon your programs use into these high-quality pony icons, too.

                Speaking of which, at the rate pony is completely taking over the world, I wouldn't be surprised if Intel and AMD released hardware support for pony in the next few years. How cool would that be? You'd have direct chip-level acceleration of all pony games, applications, and episode playback. Let's take that one step further; how about a dedicated pony chip required on all logic boards? The show would be so ubiquitous by that point that it would just make good business sense to include such a thing.

                You can find spikeslashrarity's icon set here, on DeviantArt.
              • Comic: Discord vs Derpy

                Who wants to discordafy all of the fanon/side characters?  It must be done!

                Also some Liarjack.  This meme might be just the thing Applejack needs to finally take over the ponydom for once.  

                Source / Click for Full
              • Drawfriend Stuff #190

                Ponies wearing clothing edition!

                For those looking to bypass the new album viewer: right click and open the images in a new window.   Sadly it's a forced blogger feature, so for now It's default. 

                Source 1

              • Story: The Son of the Emperor (Update Chapter 6!)


                Author: NoMoreSanity
                Description: "We all know about stories where Humans enter Equestria. But what about a world where Equestria is in the Human world? It is the year 1820, and a series of events brings a young unicorn and a human prince together. Together, they will embark on a quest to change Europe, and the world, forever."
                The Son of the Emperor Part 1
                The Son of the Emperor Part 2
                The Son of the Emperor Part 3
                The Son of the Emperor Part 4
                The Son of the Emperor Part 5
                The Son of the Emperor Part 6 (New!)

                The Son of the Emperor (All Links)

                Additional Tags: AU, AH, France, Twilight, War
              • Comic: Twilight Vs Internet References / Coltvin and Hobbes

                Source / Click Image for Full
                For those that get the reference, you win 1/4th an internet. 

                And some Calvin and Hobbes below!

              • Story Updates September 19

                Remember that post yesterday? Well it was only about half, so have part two of the story update queue.  I don't know what season two did, but you guys are updating these things at the speed of light lately.

                I did actually dig around some of the stories that were updated yesterday with this method, and two of them actually maxed out their google docs, forcing it into view only mode, so I don't think any are missing out on viewers.

                Just a reminder: New fics, and final update (complete) Fics will not be found here. It's also not the entire update queue.

                Anyway, you can find all them all after the break. As always please comment on their respective story posts, and not here. 
              • Story: A Paper Past


                Author: Nullh
                Description: Princess Celestia relives the story of her birth.
                A Paper Past

                Additional Tags: History, Arthurian, Origin, Guardponies, Flashback
              • Disco Discord

                Just click the image.
              • Brony Show 19

                Have some copypaste!

                "Brony Show 19
                It's The 19th episode of The Brony Show, and the start of our commentary on Season 2! That's right, there will be spoiler warnings halfway through the show if you haven't seen Season 2 Episode 1 yet but we're going to get into it and comment on all the new hilarity! Along with that we have a great interview set up by our new Brony Inquisitor, D-Pad, who will be interviewing John Joseco who does some incredible pony art and even a comic called The Lounge. And if that wasn't enough, we even showcase our incredible "Brony Anime Block" with enough pony to make even the most equine fearing foot walker into a Bonafied Brotastic Beacon of Bustling Brony Belovedness. So come and check us out at http://thebronyshow.net or head right to our livestream at http://www.livestream.com/thebronyshow and just remember it starts live at 6PM PST - 9PM EST."
              • Story: A Bedtime Secret (Update Story 2 Complete!)

                [Shipping] Rarijack!

                Author: MalevolentSpoon
                Description: Applebloom wants to hear a bedtime story. But what will Applejack do when the story Applebloom wants is a personal secret between her and a long-time friend, one she hasn't told to anypony?
                A Bedtime Secret
                A Bedtime Secret Epilogue: The Morning After

                Additional Tags: Bedtime Story, Accident, Secret Note

                Story 2 after the break!
              • Nightly Roundup #102

                I've been watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, and have to admit... It's really awesome.  I almost want to make a blog for that one now... too bad it's over. 

                Anyway have some PONY NEWS on this PONY site after the break.

              • Season Two Available on Itunes

                Season Two is now available the same way Season one was on itunes.  You can buy each episode for 2.99, or an HD season pass for 49.99 (With SD being 10 bucks cheaper).  Amazingly enough, Twilight Sparkle has all of her hooves on the banner this time around! I'm so relieved. 

                Check out the store page here!

                Thanks to Brian for the heads up.
              • PMV: Cutie Mark Lariat / Party with Pinkie - Alex S. / My Little Avatar

                I honestly don't know what to say in this little blurb on PMV posts anymore.

                Ponies are....Pony?

                1.) Cutie Mark Lariat" ft. VOCALOID Sweet An
                2.) Party with Pinkie - Alex S.
                3.) My Little Avatar