• Story: A Bedtime Secret (Update Story 2 Complete!)

    [Shipping] Rarijack!

    Author: MalevolentSpoon
    Description: Applebloom wants to hear a bedtime story. But what will Applejack do when the story Applebloom wants is a personal secret between her and a long-time friend, one she hasn't told to anypony?
    A Bedtime Secret
    A Bedtime Secret Epilogue: The Morning After

    Additional Tags: Bedtime Story, Accident, Secret Note

    Story 2 after the break!


    Author: MalevolentSpoon
    Description: Surprisingly, Applejack and Rarity have stayed together for six long months. Even more surprisingly, their relationship is as happy as ever. But a reoccuring nightmare reminds Applejack of one cruel fact: Rarity will eventually have to make the choice... Canterlot, or Applejack.

    But the truth is, Rarity made her choice long ago. After all, she'd give anything for anypony, but she would give everything for Applejack.
    A New Ambition (New!)

    Additional Tags: Rarity, Applejack, Shipping, Nightmare, Choice

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