• Story Updates September 19

    Remember that post yesterday? Well it was only about half, so have part two of the story update queue.  I don't know what season two did, but you guys are updating these things at the speed of light lately.

    I did actually dig around some of the stories that were updated yesterday with this method, and two of them actually maxed out their google docs, forcing it into view only mode, so I don't think any are missing out on viewers.

    Just a reminder: New fics, and final update (complete) Fics will not be found here. It's also not the entire update queue.

    Anyway, you can find all them all after the break. As always please comment on their respective story posts, and not here. 

    This is actually the savage worlds campaign transcript for those following that.

    Four Ride Forth (Update 11+12+13)

    [Human in Equestria][Sci-Fi]
    Description: The Princesses find an alien creature barely clinging to life at the scene of a terrifying crash. Can the Combined Power of the Elements of Harmony save it, or more importantly, should they save it?
    ARTICLE 2  (Update Part 3!)

    Description: Many things flourish under the sun. While adapting to a new lifestyle, Gilda learns more about herself than she does the intricacies of being a city guard.
    Summer Days and Evening Flames (Update Part 7)

    [Normal][Light Shipping]
    Description: A Journalist is given a major scoop about a certain six ponies at the Grand Galloping Gala. But it seems that these ponies don't like the attention. Will he be able to get his story? Will he be able to go through writing it if he does? And what consequences await the aspiring writer's choice? Whatever the outcome, it is all Newsworthy.
    Newsworthy (Update Part 6)

    Description:Twilight Sparkle's horn begins to hurt one morning, and after an exhausting trip to the doctor she finds herself and her friends whisked away on an adventure whose success can decide the fate of Equestria. Contains OC Pony Villians.
    Growing Pains (Update Chapter 18)

    [Grimdark] [Normal]
    Description: When Twilight Sparkle and her friends awaken in the Everfree Forest following a spell cast by Twilight, they attempt to find their way home. However, what they stumble on to is more than they could have expected, or imagined, in their wildest Nightmares.
    A Future Worth Saving (Update Chapter 8)

    Description: An otherworldly figure steps into Equestria, and already things take a turn for the disturbing. The girls try to investigate a rash of disappearances and reappearances of foals, but soon discover something far more dark and terrifying in store. Something big. Something involving the return of a nightmare. Something that will change their world beyond recognition, turn it upside down beyond anypony's control. Except, perhaps, for the tall one in the dark suit.
    Peripeteia (Update Chapter 12+13)


    Description: The Doctor takes the mane cast on an adventure unlike any they've had before. Thrills! Chills! Timey-Wimey!
    Life Among the Distant Stars (Story 2)

    [Crossover] A TF2 Fic! It's about time!
    Description: After a mishap in a magic duel, the ponies are transported to the Team Fortress universe. They'll take the classes places while The Engineer tries to find a way to get them home.
    My Little Fortress, Teamwork Is Magic (Chapter 7)

    Description: Harry Dresden, Chicago's only professional wizard, is just looking for an escape from his latest set of enemies and happens to teleport into Equestria. Surely nothing could go wrong with that set-up.
    The Dresden Fillies: Strange Friends(New Part 2)

    Description: How did Celestia and Luna raise the Sun and Moon (respectively) before they used their magic to do so? What happens when said object decides to pay them a visit? And what happens to Equestria when it brings around 500 humans or so with it? And turns them ALL into ponies? And what happens when Pinkie gets an MP40?
    Uncharted Lands (Update Part 2)

    [Comedy][Normal] Hey! Finally someone wrote some other form of fanon for the dude with the hourglass!

    Author: CanvasWolfDoll
    Description: Sepia Tock is an artisan, friend, and citizen of Ponyville. He is not, however, Doctor Whoof.
    Sepia Tock: Adventures of the Ponyville Clockmaker(New Part 8)

    [Comedy] [Crossover]
    Description: More popular than the "Celestia's Homecare" omnibus, better selling than "Fifty-Three More Things to do When Trapped on the Moon", and more controversial than the infamous "Cupcakes", how does the story of this remarkable book differ in a universe full of... pony?
    So Long And Thanks For All The Ponies (Update Part 7)

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