• Trilight Demo Test

    Trilight has been completely revamped again! This time it looks like it's aiming for a more grimdark style atmosphere.  The creator is looking for people to test it out.

     Check out the devblog, or hit up the direct link to the game here.  Controls/performance suggestions can be found after the break.

    - Use the ARROW keys, WASD or ZQSD to move your pony.
    - Use the scrollwheel or the numeric keys (1,2 & 3) to switch between ponies.
    - R key will reset your pony the the nearest spawnpoint. (not
    available in fullscreen)
    - H key will show/hide the stats display in the upper right corner
    - ESCAPE will bring up the game menu.

    - As a unicorn you can draw a box in the game. Just click and drag
    your mouse over the game window. (best drawn from the upper left)
    Performance suggestions:
    - Best played on medium quality.
    - Intended for a resolution of 800x600,
    rescale your browser accordingly to increase performance.

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