• Dragonshy Voiced by Professor Layton

    I...what? Have something to watch at 9:00 EQD time I guess! After the break of course.

  • Tumblr Spotlight: Ask Ruby Pinch / Pinkie Pie's Drunk Kitchen

    In our latest edition of the Tumblr Spotlight, we have two very contrasting blogs for you to look at tonight! The first has been a staple in the tumblr community for quite a long time and is the tumblr responsible for the cute Ruby Pinch 'Wat?' coin used as a macro in various parts of the fandom.  (Update: This meme actually originated from Skoon! Our bad!) Starring an incredibly cute Ruby Pinch, this tumblr is sure to put a smile on your face!

    Ask Ruby Pinch - Current Page - First Page

    Check out our other spotlight after the break!
  • Custom Compilation #88

    You know, we haven't had a header dedicated to our European bronies out there. You guys certainly rock with what you are doing across the pond! Keep up the good work and know us people in the States support you 100%

    Click after the break for some customs guys!

    Source 1
    My little Pony FIM Galacon 2012 Canni Figure
  • Vocal/Remix Music: War [Extended] / Discord (Lavender Harmony Remix) / Couldn't You Just Simply Die?

    We have a bit of Muse sounding music with a massive intro, followed by a crazy remix of Discord, and a super dark version of Art of the Dress. Check them out below!

    1.) Peak Freak - War [Extended]
    2.) Eurobeat Brony - Discord (Lavender Harmony Remix)
    3.) General Mumble - Couldn't You Just Simply Die?

  • Story: Another Wedding! Extra Sprinkles!


    Author: GreyCapstan
    Description: After the events of the Royal Wedding, Spike still isn't entirely sure what marriage is. Isn't it just when two ponies decide that they're going to live with each other for the rest of their lives? Well, there's certainly one pony whom he wouldn't mind spending the rest of his life with: Donut Joe and his toothsome toroidal treats.
    Another Wedding! Extra Sprinkles!

    Additional Tags: Spike, Snips, Snails, Donut Joe

  • Comic: Twily and Smarty Compulation / The Bass has Been Doubled / Hellfire / The Legend of Muffins

    So, who wants to start up a series of comics following the exploits of filly twilight and her imaginary smarty pants doll friend?  Cause this needs to happen, and pony webcomics are few and far between.

    Anyway, click for full! 

  • Sun and Moon: A Pony Strategy Game

    Sun and Moon is a game created by Dave Bryant with the intent of providing Equestria with its own analog to chess, xiangqi, and the litany of other abstracted ancient war games of our world. In it, two players take on the role of Celestia and Luna during the War of the Royal Pony Sisters, emulating the conflict that ultimately lead to the latter's banishment to the moon.

    The goal of the game is to position your pieces so that the opposing princess is unable to move without being captured, allowing you to claim victory and save the world or plunge it into eternal night, as your fancy strikes. Featuring simple rules and multiple unique piece types with widely varying abilities, Sun and Moon offers fast and engaging game play with suitable depth to reward players willing to take the time to analyze discover new strategies, while still being accessible to beginners.

    I've spent the last couple of days playing with it, and I'm impressed with the polish of the rules. Getting to determine your initial board placement for yourself each time gives the game more of a tabletop war games vibe (a la Warhammer or Chainmail, if you're familiar with either), and the movement rules offer plenty of chances to pull of some awesome gambits. My recommendation? Give it a try!

    The rules and board can be found here. Find a friend and play a game or two for yourself. Leave a comment! Better yet, get crafting and make your own fully realized game board! No matter what you try, I'm pretty sure you'll have a good time.
  • Pony Collection Contest - Entry Post!

    I definitely didn't expect this! 198 of you rounded up all of your crazy pony collections and sent them over.   This is probably the pinkest post we have ever had on EQD!  I'm going to challenge one of you to calculate how much pony merch is actually in here in dollars.  I bet one of you math prodigies could handle it!

    Winners will be chosen in a few days for the Fluttershy card promos.  Feel free to drop your recommendations in the comments below!

    The majority of what was sent was G4, though it looks like older generation might find some to enjoy down there.  I'm surprised at how many of you don't open your ponies! Do you want them to suffocate?   I wouldn't let mine suffocate.  

    Now go be blinded by pink after the break!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #577

    I played Zero for the entire game and never noticed the smiley face.   I suck I guess.

    Have some art while I go play Torchlight now!

    Source 1
    My Little Borderlands: Friendship is Badass
  • Story Updates September 26th (Morning)

    Cover by AireDaleDogz

    Story updates? Have a couple.  Or a bunch.  Actually, a bunch.

  • Shards of Equestria Officiallly Closed

    After a bit of a wait, the creator of Shards of Equestria has received the inevitable letter from Hasbro's legal to shut the card set down completely.   We may need to come up with our own MTG style game, though looking at the lawyer message it might need to revolve around OC ponies if you want complete safety. 

    The lawyer actually did a really great job at explaining every single aspect in detail.  If you have ever been curious on what exactly you can get away with in terms of parody and copyright in the pony world, its definitely worth a read.  Find that here, or in case the site shuts down, after the break.

  • Discussion: Create a Pony Super Hero Squad

    Discord has learned from his past mistakes,  and locked the Elements of Harmony away deep within an active volcano in the middle of the ocean surrounded by pie turrets and mind controlled dragons.  Equestria now finds itself once again without a fighting force because of this!

    Due to your years of management  at various fast food restaurants around Equestria, Celestia has requested your superior pony know-how to build the ultimate fighting force to combat Discord and his minions.  Every pony aside from Celestia herself (who will be mysteriously overseeing things and popping in when it's all handled at the end, as always) has volunteered to join.  

    So what is it going to be?  Have a template:

    1 Benevolent leader
    1 Comedy relief running from his troubled past
    1 Awkward love interest for the benevolent leader
    1 Obnoxious minion with a high pitched voice that drives everyone insane
    1 Mysterious masked mare that everyone trusts for no specific reason
    1 Showoff who competes with the leader for the awkward love interest

    Which ponies you choose and how you will politely force them into their specific role is up to you!  You are the best tactician ever. No one will question your supreme decision making abilities as you command this new super hero team from your comfortable computer chair. 

  • Welovefine - Asian Pop Phenomenons and Bananas Oh My!

    So, that shirt is totally a Gangnam style parody, and those are totally bananas.  Welovefine be crazy guys!  They also added a few more to their already massive stock of designs.  You can find all of those after the break, or in their recent MLP item section!

    And in other news,  the bonus poster included with orders that break $50 has been swapped over to a Vinyl Scratch (found after the break) instead of the Cinefamily one.    That was quick!
  • Nightly Roundup #450

    You guys asked for Rarity so have some Rarity for tonight's header! She sure can make any fashion look good can't see?

    News time you guys! Check it out after the break and leave a suggestion for tomorrow night's header!