• Discussion: Create a Pony Super Hero Squad

    Discord has learned from his past mistakes,  and locked the Elements of Harmony away deep within an active volcano in the middle of the ocean surrounded by pie turrets and mind controlled dragons.  Equestria now finds itself once again without a fighting force because of this!

    Due to your years of management  at various fast food restaurants around Equestria, Celestia has requested your superior pony know-how to build the ultimate fighting force to combat Discord and his minions.  Every pony aside from Celestia herself (who will be mysteriously overseeing things and popping in when it's all handled at the end, as always) has volunteered to join.  

    So what is it going to be?  Have a template:

    1 Benevolent leader
    1 Comedy relief running from his troubled past
    1 Awkward love interest for the benevolent leader
    1 Obnoxious minion with a high pitched voice that drives everyone insane
    1 Mysterious masked mare that everyone trusts for no specific reason
    1 Showoff who competes with the leader for the awkward love interest

    Which ponies you choose and how you will politely force them into their specific role is up to you!  You are the best tactician ever. No one will question your supreme decision making abilities as you command this new super hero team from your comfortable computer chair.