• Bonus Music #5

    Your every few daily dose of not quite spotlight but still alright music for you all to dive into! If you have no idea what this is, read up on the transition from Music of the Day to Bonus music here. Expect slightly higher quality than what we used to put in MOTD.

    Get it all below!

  • Story: Shadows and Watchers (Update Part 14!)

    [Crossover][Human][Adventure] DARK SOULS? I think I'm going to read this one.

    Author: Dagger of Winter

    An Abyss Watcher’s soul is torn from the whole, sent flying through reality upon the event of a Great Betrayal.

    Finding himself within an entirely new world, he discovers a new purpose under the guidance of the moon, charged with the protection of her subjects. It is something to hold onto, to resist the Undead Curse for at least a little while longer.
    However, a darkness rises again in the Frozen North, seeping into all that is good. The old king of Shadow, Sombra, will challenge the Watcher’s newfound connection with this world and its princesses.

    Shadows and Watchers (New Part 14!)

    Additional Tags: Dark Souls 3 Crossover

  • Nightly Discussion #846

    Even more Sunset Shimmer art is coming in! She really is a special little pony/human isn't she?

    Evening guys, ready for some chatting?

    New EqD Commenting Rules

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  • More Duo Cartoonist Teasery - First Flight

    I'm not too sure if this is a planned project on the way or just a solo song, but the team over at Duo Cartoonist has released a neat little anthem for Pegasus ponies.

    Head on down below the check it out!

  • Cosplay Compilation #70

    I always did love Nightmare Moon and Celestia cosplays. Between the two, I can't decide which is best. What do you all think?

    Get a bunch of cosplay below!

    [1] Source

    Nightmare Moon by LordKarpador

  • Drawfriend Stuff #2027

    Glimmy lookin all booksmarty up in the header image. I love it. Why is her name so corruptible I wonder? I can't help but type everything except Starlight Glimmer

    Go get loads of art below!

    [1] Source

    [Lumic4-Light] Starlight studying by Light262

  • Poll Results: Cancel a Drama Causing Fandom Event!

    I probably should have clarified this poll a bit better since I'm guessing a lot of people picked "other" for Derpy. It was mainly based around major world lore being changed as opposed to a background character being underped. I guess that was the idea though. If I could go back in time and fix possible mistakes I would!

    Next poll:

    (Short Poll) How Do You Want Us to Handle Editorials on EQD?

    Gauging interest in editorials. It's hard to tell how many people actually like them. They do well on views obviously, but if that's all I cared about I'd just be Buzzfeed.

    Go vote!

  • Livestream Sundays and Drawfriend

    Pretty slow day today for Livestreams. We might only have on streamer today, but I hope you guys enjoy nonetheless! Maybe next week will pick up.

    As always with this event, if you want to partake in the madness make sure to send an email to me at [email protected] with your name, the type of art you'll be doing, a gallery link (optional) a link to your livestream and a banner (also optional). Make sure that your stream follows our content guidelines as laid out under our submit tab and also make sure to that you can be ready to stream at our standard time of 5:30pm EST / 2:30pm PST on Sunday. Also, if you participated in this week's stream event please send me the art you made so I can include it in next week's Livestream Drawfriend.

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  • Feeeels - You Must Remember

    If you like Starlight, you are going to get some feels out of this.

    If you don't, you might gain some love of Starlight.

    Either way, we have a new animation from Agrol. Go get it below!

  • "Every Little Thing She Does": - Episode Followup!

    I'm going to try something a bit different with my followup this time. Usually when I end up doing one (that isn't Trixie focused), it's because whoever called it at the start of the season is unable to spend the insane amount of time it takes to do these due to real life popping it's ugly, pony hating head. This almost always means it's 1:00 AM when I find out, and I end up barrelling in half asleep blinded by Cheerilee cheerleading or something else completely ridiculous.

    I apologize for that. 

    As I sit here to write this at 2 AM, I'm going to go a slightly different direction. Mixed in with the usual inability to control my impulsive need to CELEBRATE whatever pony I'm into at the moment, I'm going to mix some serious bits in. I have a lot of opinions about Twilight and Starlight!

    Anyway, followup time. Get the usual reference call-outs, as well as some SERIOUS BUSINESS below.

  • 5 Days Remain on Spotlight Splash Event! No Share Required

    I have to admit, the sharing thing probably wasn't the best idea outside of our Facebook or Twitter pages. A lot of people sent angry emails about not being able to enter due to lack of wanting to post ponies on Facebook.

    I hear yah! So we are removing that rule. You no longer have to share this post anywhere.

    To be entered to win all the stuff up above, all you need to do is draw Spotlight Splash in any way you want, no skill required, and send an email titled SPOTLIGHT SPLASH to [email protected]

    Unfortunately we still can't ship outside the USA or Canada, but you are free to enter anyway! You can always choose a nearby charity or something for us to deliver to :)

    Get the extended rules below! Happy drawing.

  • Music: Reverbrony - Energized (feat. Vinyl Darkscratch) [Electronic Metal]

    Reverbrony brings one of his trademark instrumental metal tracks, filled with powerful guitars and thumping drums. However this track has a bit of a twist at the start. Initially a collaboration with electronic artist Vinyl Darkscratch, the initial prevalence of some electronic elements help to make this track a little more unique than some of Reverb's other works. Check it out below!

  • Watch English Version of Legend of Everfree Online Now On Youtube!

    Earlier today Legend of Everfree premiered over in Brazil and was streamed in the country's native language of Brazilian Portuguese by some dedicated fans. Unfortunately a lot of us here don't speak the language and seemed stuck having to either wait for the English release or piece the story together from visuals in the Brazilian version.

    Apparently though there is an option for other languages provided by the network that showed the movie, which included English and the English version was captured and uploaded to the net by yet another fan!

    Head on over here to watch it on Youtube!

    Thanks to DrakeClawfang for the heads up.

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Morning Discussion #628

    I don't know about you guys but since Autumn started a couple days ago it has sure felt like Autumn here in Michigan. Just so chilly during the days and nights now. Brrr!

    Morning everyone, ready for Sunday?

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