• Story: Hand Me Downs

    [Normal] The Story of Applebloom's bow, written by Elric and uploaded to Deviant Art.  It originated on /co/, and is therefore is considered "cool" unlike most DA fics! Written by "Elric"
    Description: Needs Description
     Hand Me Downs

  • Upcoming FiM Episodes! (13-16)

    Looks like our friends over at TV Guide (This stuff still exists?) released a few of the upcoming episodes as well as summaries for each.  There may be a few spoilers, you have been warned!

    Also an Anonymous brony on /co/ is posting episode summaries up to the very end of season 1, with all sorts of things that would excite any FiM fan.  I'm still waiting on the legitimacy of these, but for now, here are the next 4 CONFIRMED episodes.  I will add the others in another post if they are actually real.

    Episode 13: Fall Weather Friends
    Airs: January 28, 2011
    Synopsis: The ponies' competitive spirit takes over when they compete in the annual Running of the Leaves.
     (Backwards seasons in Ponyville?  They really are insane)

    Episode 14: Suited for Success
    Airs:  February 4, 2011
    Synopsis: Rarity becomes overwhelmed by details as she makes party dresses for her friends.
    (Incoming awesome Rarity OCD episode!)

    Episode 15: Feeling Pinkie Keen
    Airs: February 11, 2011
    Synopsis: Twilight Sparkle tries to understand Pinkie Pie's ability to predict the future.

    Episode 16: Sonic Rainboom
    Airs: February 18, 2011
    Synopsis: Rarity disrupts a race while enjoying her new wings (courtesy of Twilight's magic) and watching Rainbow Dash compete

    The rest are all unconfirmed and probably fake, but if they are true, we can expect to see what appears to be an awesome Luna/Celestia story arc in the future.*edit* the person posting the descriptions admitted to them being fake.  They sounded so amazing too... Sad rarity is sad.

  • Fluttershy Admits to the Existence of Pony Hell

    Such an innocent pony, who keeps so many secrets...
  • Pensivepony Asked to Remove all MLP Uploads

    If you head on over to Pensive's Youtube channel, you will be greeted by this gem in the comments section:

    "Hello can you please take down all your uploaded Episodes of Friendship is Magic due to you are infingering our copyrights fail to do so will be braking the law we hope you understand?

    Kind Regards


    Apparently Hub outsources their legal department.

    But what is really boggling is this Hub impostors Youtube channel, where your eyes are essentially dipped in acid from the horrible layout and unreadable text.  You can tell he/she/it really put some effort into this.  It's almost sad really...

    Feel free to laugh at him, but be sure not to "infinger" on his copyright. That would be "braking" the law!

    Hopefully Pensive doesn't take this seriously.
  • Spanish Subtitles for FiM Episodes

    Someone is going through the incredibly painstaking process of actually translating every episode into Spanish.  There was a day way back before ponies when I actually watched anime, and the QQ from translators was pretty much constant, so I know this must be a huge task. 

    You can find all of the episodes here in .srt format
    Subtitle Download

  • Story: Carrot Cake Storybook

    [Normal] An Anonymous Drawfriend on /co/ has uploaded probably the biggest pile of drawings at one time ever, in storybook form.  Check it out, and if you are the original artist/writer let me know if you want me to put your name here or something!

    Drawin by Elosande on Deviant Art

  • Shoe Brony and his Custom Pony Shoes

    Shoe Brony, who some of you may or may not have heard of, is uploading a few new shoes to his Zazzle account; the first time in a while due to some asshole reporting it and getting it locked. If you head on over there, you will find Spike, Dr. Whoof, and Gilda all ready to be ordered and shown off hipster style.

    Expect some background ponies next (Lyra, Bon Bon, and Carrot top) and Wonderbolts/Cheerilee in the near future.

    Here is a link to the entire Zazzle Pony Shoes Catelogue

    Each pair of shoes costs 65 bucks, plus shipping, but you can't really find custom pony shoes anywhere else so... hope you have money to burn on shoes!