• Pensivepony Asked to Remove all MLP Uploads

    If you head on over to Pensive's Youtube channel, you will be greeted by this gem in the comments section:

    "Hello can you please take down all your uploaded Episodes of Friendship is Magic due to you are infingering our copyrights fail to do so will be braking the law we hope you understand?

    Kind Regards


    Apparently Hub outsources their legal department.

    But what is really boggling is this Hub impostors Youtube channel, where your eyes are essentially dipped in acid from the horrible layout and unreadable text.  You can tell he/she/it really put some effort into this.  It's almost sad really...

    Feel free to laugh at him, but be sure not to "infinger" on his copyright. That would be "braking" the law!

    Hopefully Pensive doesn't take this seriously.

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