• Nightly Roundup #823

    During the fall the weather sort of feels like this: one second its storming the next it isn't. Derpy must be placed on the weather team this time of year then, eh?

    News beyond the break! Catch it while you can!

  • Trixie Sounds and Portraits for Baldurs Gate 2

    I'm going to steal one of our off hour slots because I love Baldurs Gate 2.  How do you take the greatest game and make it the greatest and most powerful game?  I'll let you guess. 

    Anyway, I was super bored, and when that happens I spend dumb amounts of time clipping sounds from Magic Duel and Boast Busters for my various Infinity Engine game outings.  If you plan on giving the new Enhanced Edition of Baldurs Gate 2 a shot, or even the first one, these should fit right in.  I haven't tested them on oldschool copies of the games, but I'm pretty sure beamdog used the same system for sound files.

    Portraits are included, though only two.  These are super easy to edit if you want a different image for your new custom Trixie character.  Unfortunately, modeling in these games is pretty difficult, so there aren't any pony sprites yet (someone get on it yeah?)

    Anyway, you can get the files over here.  Installation instructions included. 

    And if you want to run an entire pony party (by importing custom characters instead of recruiting them in game), this still exists, though the sound clips are a bit limited, the portraits humanized, and it only covers season 1 lines.  It's easy to add more though. 

    Now go play some Baldur's Gate so we can get more oldschool CRPG games!

  • Fanfic Interview: The Diary of an Evil Pony

    I have no idea how Seth runs things around here while he's off gallivanting at conventions. Aren't we all glad he's in charge and I'm not? To make up for my negligence and assure the pre-readers working with the Royal Canterlot Library that I'm not a completely lost cause, we're going to post another one of these tomorrow as well.

    For those of you just joining us, the Royal Canterlot Library is a joint initiative between Equestria Daily pre-readers and other community authors to highlight meritorious pony fanfiction and provide insight into the circumstances surrounding the featured story's creation and its author. Today's offering is "The Diary of an Evil Pony" by TheBrianJ, someone who, I have belatedly realized, lives within 30 miles of my alma mater.

    Head over here to read the interview, or just dive past the break.

  • Comics: Secret #7 THE END / Seeds of Darkness 004-007 / Friendships

    Such multiparter, so comic, wo... nm. We have a bunch of multiparters completing, continuing, and doing whatever. Check their descriptions on Deviant Art for more pages/earlier pages!

  • Michelle Creber and Black Gryph0n Team up for Kickstarter Funded Tour

    Fandom, meet VA. We have seen Black Gryph0n and Michelle Creber team up for a variety of songs over the past few months, and now they plan on taking it on the road for the holidays. A couple of kickstarters have been created with Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Washington targeted as the locations they want to play at. Head on down below the break for all the relevant information!

  • Madefire Brings Motion to Pony Comics

    We made a post back in August about a company dedicated to animating comic books, and it should surprise no one that ponies figured into their plans. In the months since we saw their little preview, the Madefire team has steadily worked their way through the main series up to Issue 11 (as of press time), as well as the MLP Annual. You can check out previews of their work so far over on their deviantART page.

    We received a copy of the Annual edition to page through, which most of you will know as the issue that shows the circumstances behind how the human versions of Twilight's friends meet each other at Canterlot High School. For those of you who were unable to attend San Diego Comic-Con this past summer to snag the con-exclusive Issue #9, however, the Annual also includes the eight-page origin story of Sunset Shimmer herself when she used to be Princess Celestia's student.

    "Get to the point, Couch," you're probably saying. Well, here's the point: If flipping through twenty-two pages of static art and lettering is starting to wear on you, consider giving Madefire your business. Get some details about what they do after the break.

  • 60/66 Days of Pony - Apple Family Reunion

    One week away! After 9 months, we finally have some pony within reach.  I seriously can't wait.  Lets tear down Applejack's barn in celebration! Rejoice!

    Seriously though, I've lost count on the number of times that thing has been obliterated. They should just change Applejack's cutie mark to a wilted clover with the awful luck that seems to follow her everywhere. Poor pony. Luckily the Apple family is ridiculously huge, so rebuilding it was a snap, which leads me to the big part of the episode, the song. 

    While not as heavily remixed as the other s3 stuff thanks to it's more country feel, we still saw quite a bit of it. The usual flood of dubstep/trance/rock/orchestral piled in, but the best alteration had to be the Build a Sentry parody. Even TF2 blogs were picking up on that one.  I'm surprised it didn't spread further!

    Anyway, get some Apples Apples Apples below the break. 

  • Story Updates - November 16th

    Updatin storys, hayoooo.

    Get them below.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #986 + Music!

    Fluttershy on a cloud.  Can't get more simple than that.

    We actually have something a little bit different in this one.   One of the fandom musicians, Sylphstorm, did a song based on images.  More information below on that too!

    [1] Source

  • Friends Forever Issue #2 - Discord and CMC

    Yesterday we saw the cover, and I completely missed the synopsis in the list, so have another update. Following the trend that this new series will be doing throughout, the two chosen for the second installment of the Friends Forever line will be Discord and the CMC as a group. Head on down below the break for the synopsis, page number, writer, and usual stuff, and thanks to HC and Masem for the friendly reminder!

  • MLP CCG Release Date Set, Loads of Information

    A new press release has been sent out by Enterplay detailing the release date and a bit more information on the upcoming MLP:CCG.  It looks like we can expect to pick it up on December 13th!

    The press release below the break details some of the major questions people have bugged Enterplay with in the last few months.  Topics include:

    • What do I need to play? 
    • How do I get my Mane pony?
    • How Many Cards in the first set?
    • How much will it cost?
    • Where can I buy it?
    • Will there be organized play tournaments?

    Anyway, get it all below!

  • Livestream Saturdays and Drawfriend

    Hey again everyone! Ready once again for another Saturday Livestreams post? We've got quite a few old faces returning today, with a few taking requests as usual. Cuddle up in a blanket, get a drink and jump right in for some more wonderful artwork!

    As always with this event, if you want to partake in the madness make sure to send an email to me at [email protected] with your name, the type of art you'll be doing, a gallery link (optional) a link to your livestream and a banner (also optional). Make sure that your stream follows our content guidelines as laid out under our submit tab and also make sure to that you can be ready to stream at our standard time of 4pm EST / 1pm PST on Saturday. Also, if you participated in this week's stream event please send me the art you made so I can include it in next week's Livestream Drawfriend.

  • PMV: Rainbow Dash IS AWESOME!!

    I think you guys are going to eventually convert me to dubstep with these pmv's.  It's slowly happening.

    We have another one of those custom graphic filled ones for everyone to chew on, starring Rainbow Dash again.  It does a bit with the other characters as well though.  Get it below!

  • Story: Guiding Light (Update Sequel)

    [Sad][Adventure] "This story differentiates itself from other 'bad things happen to Equestria' stories with its smart character work and realistic, powerful emotion. We need more stories like this." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: Archonix
    Description: Ditzy "Derpy" Doo, once a humble mail mare, was elevated to godhood in a last, desperate act by Celestia moments before she and the entire royal family disappeared. Now the newly crowned Princess De Raptura must contend with the machinations of a court completely alien to her, reconcile with her daughter, make peace with Twilight Sparkle and learn how to control the sun.

    And she's fairly sure she still has a package to deliver.
    Guiding Light
    To See the Light (New Sequel!) 

    Additional Tags: Derpy is a princess now.

  • Album Compilation - November 14th

    Seems like just yesterday I made one of these! I guess the albums are picking up lately. Have some titles and the musicians behind them:

    • Soft Spectrum II - Various Musicians
    • The Lucid Nightmares EP - MadhouseForEquines
    • Chords of Chaos II - Chords of Chaos
    • Nascence - Night Breeze

    And get all the information below the break.

  • Another Super Spoilery Season 4 Intro Promo - November 16th

    Twilight is technically our season 4 mascot pony in case you were wondering why most of these posts are headered with her.  Wings or without, she's cute, and not spoilery.  I'd use Trixie, but then I'd get angry emails.

    Anyway, another promo revealing boatloads has popped up on The Hub. It's the most spoilery one yet. Head on down below the break to check it out! Thanks to the boatloads of people that sent it in.

  • Season 4 Episode 6 Revealed - No Synopsis Yet

    We actually already saw this one from Comic Con, so it's not too newsy until the synopsis appears,  hopefully soon.  I'll get the usual info up below the break though, and refresh it for those that forgot.

  • Gaming for Good Livestream: Final Reminder

    That gaming marathon event is happening today, with 8 hours of charity goodness planned.  Head on down below the break for all the details on how you can join in!