• Music of the Day #92

    Awww, Scrtach wants to play frisbee! Look at her tail wag!

    Have some music! We have 17 this time around!

  • Story: Purple Prose, or A Night at the Clopera


    Author: Bradel
    Description: Twilight Sparkle wakes up to an unexpected thought, and now she just wants it to go away. The idea is embarrassing enough: an erotic liaison between herself and Princess Luna. But Twilight's problem runs deeper. She can't ignore this idea, however much she tries. She decides to write it out as a story, to clear the thing from her mind. Now she needs to finish her story quickly – because if she falls asleep before it's done, the Princess of Dreams will get to see that idea for herself.
    Purple Prose, or A Night at the Clopera

    Additional Tags: Curse these natural equine urges!
  • Simple PMV Compilation #18

    Ponies n' video,  It's simple PMV time.   We have everything from Monty Python to specific pony stuff.  Check them out below!

  • Discussion: EQD Suggestion Gathering: Round 2!

    Way back around the time season 3 was about to start airing, I tossed a post up asking for suggestions for the site.  There were around 1000 comments, though a good amount of it was replies.  Some of the standouts that we have added include:
    • EQD apps - (iOS here, Android here! Thanks Gameleon!)
    • Better music organization (Which was a big part of getting EQDmusic going, it's still in beta with Hyper fixing/adding features/completely modifying the entire thing daily) 
    • Better meetup support (Hit the side bar for the map! Thank Calpain for that one!) 
    • Convention listing (also on the sidebar
    • Better EQD-based convention coverage (Unicon exploded, but we gave it a shot and it seemed to work well)
    • Opinion Pieces (We make Cereal and Phoe do these usually now) 
    • More Polls (I ran out of polls! Send some suggestions to submit!)
    • More quality control on comics (I admit, this fluctuates pretty hard still, but we are trying to batten down the hatches a bit.  Really good comics are just straight up rare.  Pulling off comedy via images and text is challenging.) 
    • Less Trixie (Replaced by Luna, all hail Princess Luna)
    And various other small touches you all probably have no idea exist.

    Onward to round two!  Aside from a forum (Still working through that one), what would you like to see EQD improve, or add, now?

  • Radio Plays and Animated Comics: Junk Town Pony Peddler, FoE: Sweet Nothings, Not so Faithful Student

    Lets try rolling with a comic style post for random media for once.  Always did like comic post templates.

    We have two Fallout Equestria pieces this time around, starting with another episode of Junk Town Pony Peddler and ending with a wastleland poem.

    And in the final slot, a bit of animated comic style Trixie nonsense, because Trixie is the best student.  Wouldn't you want Trixie as a student?

    Anyway, click the images to go check them out! 

    And have this thing too because... why not

  • Story: Class Sins


    Author: The Only Regidar
    Description: A Past Sins parody.
    Class Sins

    Additional Tags: The Only Regidar
  • Comic: Mare Do Well Adventures / Mommy's Kisses / A Change in Heart

    Comics! We have heroes, Fluttershy parents, Spike switching mares, and some Build-a-Bear.  Click for full!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #767

    Another epic length drawfriend! Starting with some Zrcora, who looks really awesome with a sword and whatever that armor is.  Seriously why have we not gotten a 3d pony rpg with ridiculous beltanzipper costumes yet? They look good in them! 

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source
    The Witch

  • Story Updates - April 7th

    Have some story updates! You look kinda bored.  

  • Brony Meetup Group Map

    Thanks to the amazing input from the community over the past few days I was able to get this together far faster than I had originally planned! So today I am proud to officially launch the Brony Meetup Group Map! The map is currently up to date and will be updated frequently to include new groups and any we have missed so make sure to keep checking back frequently. Hopefully this map will help all of you out there who have been looking to make some new friends.

    Please make sure to report dead groups to us! All these pins on the map don't mean anything if a lot of them are dead groups. Send in dead groups to [email protected]

    Submitting a Meetup Group:

    Remember, this map is for meetup groups or regional groups so please do not send in information regarding individual meetups to be included in this map as those are for the Roundups. Meetup groups or regional groups of all sizes are accepted so don't be shy about sending yours in! If you have a group you'd like added or would like a correction to be made to the map, please send an email to [email protected] with Meetup Group in the subject line and the email containing the name of your meetup group, relevant URLs, and the city/region/country your group is in.

    General Information:
    Please help us keep the map clean and in working order! If there are any dead links or if a group no longer exists, please let us know by sending an email to our submit box and we'll take care of the problem as soon as we can.

    To use the map, simply find your region and click any relevant markers near you to bring up information on that group. It's that easy!

    Important: Be sure to check your whole state or region instead of just looking for your city. Sometimes your state, country, or region will have a regional meetup group you can check which plans meetups all over the area (examples include the Germany mega meetup group, SoCal Bronies, and Ohio Bronies). So make sure to please check before becoming disheartened!

    Have fun with the map everyone and spread the word! The more people who know the more up to date the map will be. Check out the convenient embed after the break to get started.

  • Story: Rainbow Typhoon


    Author: Nonsanity
    Description: When a massive hurricane bears down on Manehatten, the ponies of Equestria discover that not all of life's obstacles can be overcome. Sometimes you just have to do your best to get by. When Rainbow Dash is granted the opportunity to be a Wonderbolt for a day, however, doing her best takes on a whole new meaning.
    Rainbow Typhoon

  • Insurance Company Releases Pony Commercial

    Up in western Washington, an insurance company going by the name of Vern Fonk released a new commercial. Apparently they decided to roll with a brony theme this time around. The uploader's description states that these guys are known for completely bizarre ads, and this one doesn't disappoint. It does paint the pony craze in a relatively negative light, but makes up for it in other ways.

    Head on down below to check it out!

    Thanks to Kein for the heads up!

  • Random Media: Ponies at the Park / Ponies Getting Vaccuumed Out of a Box / PMV: Fracture

    I'm rolling with two completely random ones this time around, because I honestly haven't a clue how to categorize either of them.  The first is another one of those "Ponies in real life" things, but really well done at that, and the second is a parody of the ponies sliding into the box, because it's ridiculous and you guys love ridiculous things.

    I think

    Actually, have a PMV too, that starts off really cool. I think I scheduled this one yesterday and completely forgot about it.  I'm going to start spoiling you all at this rate.

    Anyway, find them below.

  • Reviewing is Magic 4 - A Canterlot Wedding

    Usually we avoid episode review stuff, since you are all going to watch it anyway, but this is probably the most entertaining one I have seen yet.  I can't not post it! I'm breaking ALL THE RULES!

    Have some Canterlot Wedding review stuff, below the break.

  • My Little Pony Comic #6 Preview Now Available on iTunes

    iTunes has once again released preview images of the upcoming 6th My Little Pony comic.  You know the drill, head on down below the break to check them out for those that want to avoid spoilers!

    And expect to see it hit stores on the 18th of April.

  • Nightly Roundup #628

    So, tonight I decided to try out this Spec Ops: The Line game that came with Bioshock Infinite as a bundle.  I was expecting your usual Call of Duty war game, but was completely amazed when it slammed me from left field with an actual story.  If you all haven't played it yet and got it in your particular Bioshock bundles, I'd highly recommend giving it a shot! I literally didn't stop for the full 5 hours and 45 minutes it took to complete it.

    Yes I'm using that as an excuse for the late roundup. 

    Have some news!

  • Animation: Equestria Girls: Spike The Marvel Dog

    It's 3:51 AM, and Spike Dog decided to invade our inbox. I have no clue what is going on here, but it's probably a reference to something.  Find it below the break!

  • Ponies Invade SNL

    It's pretty negative, but we made it on TV Again.  Seems to happen a lot lately! Head on down below the break to check out Saturday Night Live's Brony news thing!