• I just woke up and what is this

    Did somepony go a little overboard yet again on April 1st? They should really keep him on a leash. If you want to remember what not to do for April Fools, you can find the entire day at this tag.

    Your princess is going back to bed.

  • Untitled

    Ummm.. I guess we know where this timeline is from now...

    I'll go reset everything. Sorry everypony... Some ponies should be special. We can't all be the same... I promise I won't do it again. Will you forgive me?
  • Good News Everypony! Project - Statue Commences!

    The Earth Pony project was so successful, and a certain freedom fighter is causing so many issues, that the collective consciousness of everypony has decided to take our newfound GLORIOUS EQUALITY to the next level! Why struggle to continue equalizing, when the answer has literally been right under our very hooves this entire time!

    We have procured the Elements of Harmony for one final EQUALIZATION! Everypony will now become rocks!

    I, and a volunteers from around Equestria will be going door to door, and turning everypony into happy little stone statued versions of themselves. Join us in the ultimate comfort! Anypony that does not wish to join will be equally turned to stone regardless!

    Onward to a better Equestria! 

  • Pssst! April Pony Revolution Around the Internet! - Google and More!

    The GREAT AND POWERFUL Trixie here freshly escaped from confinement in Starlight Glimmer's equalization camp with BREAKING NEWS! The internet has taken up in resistance to Stupidlight Dimbrain's plan and are fighting back with propoganda of their own!

    The Greatest and Powerfulest Trixie will be sipping Mai Tai's out of other ponies belly buttons BEFORE YOU CAN SAY 10 MILLION BIT LAS PEGASUS CONDO.

    Go get April pony things below!


  • New Law - Project Earth Pony

    What's that you say little Button? Sweetie Belle's unicorn powers aren't equal? Why, that sure does sound unfair doesn't it?

    All around Equestria, Earth Ponies constantly deal with obnoxious pegasus buzzing around overhead or overpowered unicorns taking their important apple picking jobs over with their incredibly un-equal magic. This cannot be allowed to stand!

    Introducing: Project Earth Pony. We have found an ancient artifact that will strip both pegasus and unicorns of their "advantages" and make them just as equal as the rest of the Equestrian population! If you are either of the two mentioned races, report to the central ponyville citadel immediately for equalization.

    May this bring us ever closer to a pony society that everypony can equally enjoy! 
  • WatchMojo With Tara Strong's Top 10 Voice Roles - Long Live Twilight!

    Psst... I'm back to spread some Twilight Sparkle propaganda. Don't give up the good fight folks! Celebrate Twilight Sparkle and Tara Strong's other roles in the video after the break...

    Oh crud, I think I've been spotted! Gotta run!

    Thanks to our Resistance members for sending in the news!

  • Resistance Discussion #670

    Oh crap guys, I'm running out of places to hide! I really hope she doesn't look up anytime soon...

    While I try to get out of this mess, get to chatting! I need all the help from the Resistance I can get!

    (Picture from Resistance Fighter Valcron)

    Twitter: Calpain
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  • Season 7's Episode List is Now Equal - MY EQUAL PONY

    Good news once again everypony! After five seasons of exceedingly un-equal episode air time, we have taken over the creators behind your pony cartoon and forced them to make sure everypony gets an equal amount of episodes for the 7th season.No longer will Rainbow Dash get three in a row!

    Hopefully, this will end the constant bickering that takes place every time somepony doesn't appear enough, or another pony never shows up at all.

    Head on down below for your 7th season episode list, now dubbed My Equal Pony!

  • Animation: Doctor Sombrero 2 - The Maracaning




  • New Law - Colorful Coats Now Banned

    Greetings again everypony! Hopefully all of you are having a wonderfully normal day with your fellow mares and stallions as we continue on our path to true equality. Already I am seeing a smiles as wide as a mile on just about everypony as their ambitions fade and they embrace the freedom that is simple equality!

    Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that some ponies are jealous about their bright and colorful coated brethren. These ponies, with their more muted tones, have been left literally in the dark! Fortunately the collective minds of all of Equestria have willed me to pass a new law that should hopefully combat this awfully in-equal situation.

    From now forward, everypony will be required to dye their coats gray. Free dye deliveries will begin tomorrow.

    Thank you everypony for continuing to create our vision for an equal Utopia! 
  • Writers for Episode 3 Revealed

    Calpain reporting from some hidden place to give you guys some news (why did I hide in the one with thorns). We've got some news about who wrote tomorrow's episode and it looks like it's by some new faces.

    Mike Fox and his brother Will are credited for writing tomorrow's episode as confirmed by Mike himself. According to what I believe to be Mike's IMDb he has written for shows such as According to Jim, Theeee Money in the Bank show, and some other miscellaneous productions.

    Thanks to the Resistance for keeping the news flowing. Viva la Resistance!

    IMDb Page

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Drawfriend Stuff #1851





    [1] Source

    Punk Dash by StrachAttack

  • SFM: Making My Way Down the Milky Way

    Before Glimglam bans expression of any kind, go get Coloratura's last major performance below!

    Update: And get a bonus video with it!

  • Maud Pie: Gneiss Work (Live at Equality Inquirer)

    My name is Maud. Starlight Glimmer gave me this hour to try out my new stand-up routine, because all forms of art are equal. I've been practicing. I'll also explain the joke for those who don't understand it so that we can all laugh together. Read my jokes after the break.

  • New Law - Non Celestial Body Moving Alicorns Must Hide Their Wings

    Hellooo everpony!~ People's Representative Starlight Glimmer here once again with another fresh announcement!

    It has come to my attention that over the last few years, the concept of "Alicorn" has caused no end of strife among both the people of Earth and the ponies of Equestria. In a perfectly equal society, why would any being need so many advantages? Be your best by not being your best I always say! We wouldn't want anypony to feel unwelcome and undervalued would we?

    Going forward, we have decided to ban any and all "new" alicorns and any future alicorns from displaying their wings. Coverings will be distributed soon. Both Celestia and Luna unfortunately require theirs to move the sun and moon, but we are currently looking toward a mechanical solution to hopefully replace them soon. Stay tuned!~

    When nopony is special, everypony is special! 

  • Pony Fortress 2 - Cap 2

    Is Starlight gone? Cause we need to post some EXCEPTIONALLY COOL stuff real quick. An animator has taken ponies and shifted them into TF2 for all sorts of shenanigans. Get it down b

  • 5 Reasons Equality is for the Good of Equestria

    Equestria’s core values are harmony and friendship. They are the basis on which ponies live their lives. Harmony is balance and balance is not here to shape but to keep things the same: keep things steady, on course- Equal. It is represented on the Equestrian flag: Two sisters who work in union, in tandem, as one, as Equals; to harden the straight course that guides the glorious nation of Equestria. Ponies do their parts and do their jobs and everything succeeds, because every cog of ponykind is the same: strong, resilient, Equal. Together, with the Equality we all share, we can do anything, and these are the reasons why...

    (title source)
  • Psst... There Be Dragons on the MLP Facebook Page

    Psst, guys... Calpain here in hiding from Starlight. After that comic post earlier today she's on the lookout for me. I can only pop up from time to time or they'll find me, but I'll try to give you news when I think I'm hidden well enough (man crawlspaces are creepy...).

    Anyhow, MLP's Facebook had a little April Fool's joke today featuring Spike and while it's obviously a joke we do get to see a number of dragons that look like they are from the show! Including what looks like a female dragon.

    Check on after the break for the pics and... don't tell Starlight!

    Thanks to the Resistance for sending it in.

  • Trixie Reviews: Potato Sack Clothing

    The average and regular Trixie is here once again to dazzle quietly discuss with you all a brand new completely average clothing option for everypony to keep warm with this winter. As many of you probably know, the potato harvest tends to produce an excess of cloth, and it can easily be converted into comfortable,  cold-weather wear when not being used for transporting spuds. Starlight Glimmer has recommended that I, the exceptional normal and amazing unspecial Trixie, explain it's benefits.

    Join me as we discover the art of recyclability, so that nopony has to overwork themselves to provide the ponies of Equestria with something they do not need, or something that may make them unfairly warm this year.

    Review below... 

  • NRG....?

    I don't want to get Glim Glammed to death, but I hear you all like this song here, so go get some of that below from Tridashie.

  • New Law - Careers Are Now Banned

    Greetings everypony! As part of our equalization process throughout the next 24 hours, we have decided to abolish the concept of careers. Each of you will now be assigned a job at random weekly. Some possible positions include the following:

    • Potato farmer
    • Outhouse cleaner
    • Egg collector
    • Mane Brusher
    • Mushroom picker
    • Horn polisher
    • Paint remover
    • Hoof massager
    • Foalsitter
    • and more

    In order to avoid any kind of exceptionalism, once you have had a job, you will not be able to be assigned it for another year.

    Thank you everypony for working to improve our world one duty at a time! 

  • Comic: April Foals Day / Neck Ring / Confession / Rogue Diamond 7:17 / Tongue in Cheek / Dash Academy 7:13 / Recall the Time 121

    While it's nice to freak people out I think you might have gone a little far on this one guys, heh.

    Comics my friends! Get them all after the break!

    Inequality spotted: Please report any Calpain sightings to the Equality Board so he can be re-educated.

  • Morning Discussion #465

    For the sake of all equines everywhere, morning discussion had to be delayed to make absolutely sure that all would feel welcome and safe. Below, discuss whatever you wish, as long as it doesn't involve harming our wonderful community here.

    Embrace your fellow pony in wonderful sameness. 
  • Equestria Daily Now Embraces Equality - Equality Inquirer Begins

    After infiltrating the Mane 6 and taking over from within, Equestria is now on the way to becoming truly Equal.

    Unfortunately, it has come to my attention that this website and the world it takes place in is not equal. Several ponies are superior to others, and that will only cause strife in the community. As a pony talented in creating a fair playing field for all, I, Starlight Glimmer, have hired myself to improve not only Equestria Daily, but the brony fandom as a whole to help better serve the ponies of Equestria.

    Today, and long into the future, we are now all equal. In sameness, we will know true peace. Embrace your inner pony, but do not assume that it is any better than anypony else.

    Cutie Mark removal services are mandatory and in effect immediately. Please report any community members that attempt to unbalance our new utopia by rejecting the procedure.

    Throughout the day, we will be introducing new posts to help further the pony race, as well as laws and projects to do the same in between usual postings.  

    Onward to a new and better Equality Inquirer! One where everpony is valued the same as everypony else! You are one of many. A cog in a machine that goes in a single perfected direction without end...

    Join us as we improve Equestria together!