• 5 Reasons Equality is for the Good of Equestria

    Equestria’s core values are harmony and friendship. They are the basis on which ponies live their lives. Harmony is balance and balance is not here to shape but to keep things the same: keep things steady, on course- Equal. It is represented on the Equestrian flag: Two sisters who work in union, in tandem, as one, as Equals; to harden the straight course that guides the glorious nation of Equestria. Ponies do their parts and do their jobs and everything succeeds, because every cog of ponykind is the same: strong, resilient, Equal. Together, with the Equality we all share, we can do anything, and these are the reasons why...

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    5) No False Promises

    Specialization is frustration. A cutie mark is a mark of false hope. Fate is a cruel mistress and grants each pony a dream; a dream that each pony must wake from. With the gift of Equality, each pony is free from these false lies. No fickle fate can shape the true destiny of ponies who can take charge of their life and embrace the sameness of their fellow equines. With Equality, each pony knows what his neighbors, his comrades, his friends are gifted with. Each shall embrace the gift of Equality and shall never again doubt.

    4) All Are Winners

    Competitors always lose. With ponies trying to utilize a “special talent” they find themselves in a special sort of trouble. Their victory breeds discontent in other. Their victory disrupts the harmony by creating an competition in everything they do. Their achievements are stolen every time from all who deserve. Equality grants us a true win at everything strived for, for everypony is Equally the best at everything. No one is superior to any other pony and sameness allows for a victory every day.

    3) No Fear

    Dreams are nightmares. First, a cutie mark creates an expectation; an expectation that some ponies try their whole lives doubting they will can’t live up to and they eventually they all fail. Second, some ponies will put others down when they are unsure of a ponies talent. Together these unknowns, these doubt create fear, they create disharmony. True friendship, true Equality is unwavering when no fear can exist. When everypony can release their cursed mark and embrace Equality, then they release the grip fear has hold of them.

    2) Reliability in Everypony 

    United efficiency. Those that embrace sameness become the identical pieces of the reliable machine of Equestria. Each pony is gifted with the same abilities as everypony else. Each pony knows what they can do. Each pony know what their friends can do. Knowledge is power and it is Equality that grants us the knowledge that each pony is as strong as every other pony, each heart is strong, each piece is strong. The knowledge is that Equestria is strong.

    1) Friendship Upheld

    Friendship together. It is the guiding principle on which Equestria was based. Together, the ponies of Equestria are more than a team; together they share a sisterhood that runs deeper than the tunnels of diamond dogs, a friendship that is forged in the Equal treatment ponies show to each other, strengthened with the knowledge of, and the reliability of each pony’s Equal skill and ability, and honed by the realization of what ponies can and have accomplish together.

    Equality is truth. Equality is victory. Equality is fearless. Equality is strength. Equality is Friendship. Together we can make Equestria great again!