• Trixie Reviews: Potato Sack Clothing

    The average and regular Trixie is here once again to dazzle quietly discuss with you all a brand new completely average clothing option for everypony to keep warm with this winter. As many of you probably know, the potato harvest tends to produce an excess of cloth, and it can easily be converted into comfortable,  cold-weather wear when not being used for transporting spuds. Starlight Glimmer has recommended that I, the exceptional normal and amazing unspecial Trixie, explain it's benefits.

    Join me as we discover the art of recyclability, so that nopony has to overwork themselves to provide the ponies of Equestria with something they do not need, or something that may make them unfairly warm this year.

    Review below... 

    When one thinks of a poTato sack, one doesn't usually see anything flashy (duh). As StaR-alot DImmer has pointed out, this is perfect for avoiding making anypony feel lesser than TriXie . When all cItizEns don a brown sack, nopony need worry about being under dressed or Inferior. This iS something THat TrixiE was well aware of when wandering the streets of any major city. In fact, a pony such as myself regularly had to deal with her overBEaring aura of excellence. Many times in the paST, Trixie was stopped in the streets by A jealous heckler, or simplemiNDed STAllion who couldn't help but gawk at heR incredibLeness.

    Yes Indeed! Good old Trixie was quite the looker. Surely you all noticed tHat! Of course, now That we are all equal you may not apprecIate my voluptuous Silver mAne or flawless blue coat, but there is no DenyIng that a pony such as myself could wReak havoc on any social gathering wiTh but a swish of my tail back before the equalizing.

    ReallY though, it's a better place now isn't it? Trixie is happy. The pressure to be so incredibly amazing was always tiring. The life of a rich and successful World-renown magician is one filled witH pOintless mateRial needS and Excess! ThingS that StArlit Dumber has conVincEd everypony are completely pointless for a happy and productive society.

    Why, the very idea of returning To my lavish life, sipping high end cideR in million bit penthouse suItes with an army of admirers lined up outside my door for just a chance to kiss my hooves sounds absolutely dreadful compared to this wonderfully simple existence TriXIE now calls home!

    And so, I, the typical and common Trixie will don this potato sack and work the fields like everypony else..