• Season 7's Episode List is Now Equal - MY EQUAL PONY

    Good news once again everypony! After five seasons of exceedingly un-equal episode air time, we have taken over the creators behind your pony cartoon and forced them to make sure everypony gets an equal amount of episodes for the 7th season.No longer will Rainbow Dash get three in a row!

    Hopefully, this will end the constant bickering that takes place every time somepony doesn't appear enough, or another pony never shows up at all.

    Head on down below for your 7th season episode list, now dubbed My Equal Pony!

    Glimmer note: All episodes have been greatly improved upon from their original script ideas. Hopefully this will help spur you all to embrace our new Equestria! 

    1 - Spike

    Spike struggles with the fact that he is not actually a pony and has powers that his equine friends could only ever dream of. After many nights of teachings from Starlight Glimmer, he learns that stifling his powers may benefit Equestria as a whole.

    2 - Twilight Sparkle

    When Twilight learns that her wings are cause for strife among her now equal populace, she takes Starlight Glimmer's advice and exiles herself to the moon.

    3 - Fluttershy

    Fluttershy's menagerie of animals is something many ponies are jealous of. After much deliberation, she decides that it would be better for everypony if she were to quit her job and instead join the potato growing league to help feed all equines, and animals, equally.

    4 - Rainbow Dash

    Now that the Wonderbolts have disbanded, Rainbow Dash resigns herself to her second major hobby - napping. Starlight Glimmer agrees that this is an acceptable use of one's time in an equal society as long as she helps with the farming every few hours.

    5 - Pinkie Pie

    Pinkie Pie returns to the rock farm to help mine building materials for her fellow pony. There, she meets Starlight Glimmer who is training Marble Pie to garner less attention, via anti-cuteness therapy.

    6 - Applejack

    Now that Applejack's farm is owned and managed by everypony, she pursues a new hobby in knitting with Rarity to help keep the citizens of Equestria warm for the winter.

    7 - Rarity

    With the lack of need for fashion, but a heavy need for work clothing, Rarity accepts a job as a shepard, converting Canterlot Boutique into a sheep spearing megafactory owned by all ponies.

    8 - Scootaloo

    Now that she is no longer pressured by society to succeed as a secondhand mare to Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo finds time to relax and assist in keeping Ponyville neat and tidy on the Community Garbage Pickup Team.

    9 - Apple Bloom

    By request of Starlight Glimmer, Apple Bloom disbands the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and replaces it with the Crusaders of Equality, that everypony is automatically invited to from birth regardless of what kind of flank they have.

    10 - Sweetie Belle

    Starlight casts a spell to remove Sweetie Belle's voice cracks due to complaints of unfair cuteness.

    11 - Celestia

    Celestia leaves Equestria and takes a long, much needed vacation now that the concept of princesses has ended. Equestria thrives under representative Glimmer's ideals.

    12 - Luna

    Having seen the equality of Equestria as an inevitability, Luna joins Starlight Glimmer for a tea party where they discuss the concept of the "nail that sticks out always gets hammered down!" Even on the moon.

    13 - Zecora

    Zecora ends her rhyming after realizing that it is clearly culturally elitist for her to emphasize the importance of her zebra traditions so much. She takes a job in the Canterlot Botique factory making clothing.

    14 - Trixie

    We don't speak of Trixie...

    15 -  Cheerilee

    Cheerilee helps design the new work curriculum for Ponyville, with many an excellent suggestion from Starlight Glimmer to optimize efficiency in subjects pony society is in need of.

    16 - Octavia / Vinyl Scratch

    After much debate about what type of anthem our new Equestrian nation should have, both Vinyl Scratch and Octavia decide on a country wide choir, so that everypony can be included.

    18 - Derpy Hooves

    Starlight Glimmer agrees - If one pony has derpy eyes, all ponies should have derpy eyes. Everypony in Equestria wears glasses that derp their eyes.

    19 - Sweet Velvet

    Original ponies and bat ponies are banned. Who wrote this? 

    20 - Lyra Heartstrings

    After being lied to all her life by her BEST FRIEND, Lyra joins Starlight Glimmer and becomes best friends with everypony, so that no pony can disappoint her.

    21 - Bonbon

    Bonbon's fighting abilities and candy crafting are deemed unequal. She is quickly switched to mane brushing duty for the next week instead.

    22 - Minuette

    Donuts are considered unequal, because some ponies cannot partake in sugary foods. Minuette is forced to enjoy healthy potatoes instead.

    23 - Spitfire

    Now that cloud homes are deemed unequal, Spitfire and the rest of the Wonderbolts spend the day arranging furniture to government specified locations in their new earth pony houses.

    24 - Starlight Glimmer

    An hour long special dedicated to explaining the benefits of Equality that all ponies are required to watch and take a quiz on afterward. Failures will be required to watch it until they equally memorize all of the concepts with everypony else.

    25 / 26 - Everypony

    Everypony gets 1 minute. Everypony can say whatever they wish in one minute as long as it is deemed acceptable by our new equal law.