• Newbie Artist Training Grounds IV - Day 3

    Poetry in motion! Condensing all of that potential, all of that energy and action into a single still shot is at once challenging and beautiful. And you, my lovely students, pulled it off with aplomb. There's so many entries tonight that I just absolutely adored, in so many wonderful styles and interpretations that it just blows my mind. Every year we do this, and every year I have to step back and just say, 'wow'. And now I'm going to make you say it, too. Tonight you rallied and met another prompt with incredible turnout, sending in 651 movers and shakers of money makers. Combing this total with yesterday's, that means our grand two day total is an astonishing 1360 ponies. In two days! I still remember when it took us a week. You're amazing, wonderful people.

    And now, prize time! As you can see above you, our prize for today comes from We Love Fine, who have kindly offered up one of their lovely messenger bags. I actually have one of these; they're really sharp looking and rugged enough for travel when carrying heavy things like an oversized gaming laptop.

    I'm also very happy to announce our Day 1 winner. Clocking in early at #36 with a lovely Applejack in the wind, our first winner is Creudence! Congratulations, we'll be in contact with you shortly! =D

    But for now, the show marches on. Winter fast approaches and for many of us (especially me), the air is chilly and the clouds are releasing white fluffy flakes on for us to admire. And since we're running the ATG during this time of year, why not get into the spirit? Let's learn a little bit about objects, environments, or clothing by doing this: Draw a pony in the snow/Draw a pony bundled up!

    As always, submit all entries here by December 4, 9 PM Mountain Standard Time (GMT -7). That's two hours behind Eastern time and an hour ahead of Pacific. If you're still confused, I've got a handy tool for you. Now, head below the break for a look at a gallery of ponies in action, ponies of action! Then get moving on your next prompt! I can't wait to see what you come up with now!

  • Story: Button's Stash


    Author: ABagOVicodin

    Description: There is a legend that Button's Stash is so Button Brash that you'll Button Crash in a Button Flash. Unfortunately, the legend got a little Button Rehashed about the Button Cache. Whoops.

    Button's Stash

    Additional Tags: Button's Stash is a Stache
  • Story Updates - December 3rd

    Cover by AireDaleDogz
    Story update time!Cross into parallel worlds or visit darker sides of Equestria! All below.

  • Nightly Discussion #189

    It would be pretty amazing to get a seapony episode next semester, wouldn't it? I wonder what sort of design they would go with?

    Heya guys! Ready for a chat?

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  • G.M. Berrow Reveals Lena Hall Episode Writer

    Looks like we're getting a slow trickle of season 5 info lately as G.M. Berrow has revealed that the episode with Lena Hall in it was written by Amy Keating Rogers with the song co-written between her and Daniel Ingram.

    Thanks to Nick for the heads up!

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  • Drawfriend Stuff #1368

    Twilight sparkle is BUCKIN MAGIC.  I have a feeling she is going to be even more awesome next season.

    Get some art below!

    [1] Source

  • Discussion: How Long Do You Think You Will Be A Pony Fan? What Keeps You Going?

    Over the past few years, people have joined and left the fandom in swarms.  Some have been around since the beginning nonstop, while others take breaks and re-catch up when seasons happen.

    We have pony episodes and a movie already confirmed up to 2017 at the moment, but who knows where we will be that far into the future?  For whatever reason, at least when episodes are going on, it's pretty hard to get bored of the ponies themselves. I know so many people that just can't get enough of it.  Something about the characters really draws people in.

    So, good citizens of EQD and the pony fandom, how long do you think you will be chasing after cartoon equines? Is this going to be a life defining thing? Or do you think it will only last until something else snags you away?

    Hit those comments up!
  • PixelShy Intro Video Released

    Looks like a game that has been under our radar for awhile has come up with a pretty well made intro sequence! Called Pixelshy it looks like a game where you have to help Fluttershy get back to Equestria after taking a plunge through a magic mirror. I'm not exactly sure about all the game mechanics yet, but it looks like there will be mini-games in the main game and it looks like there are stats for Fluttershy in the early alpha build.

    Anyhow, check out the clip after the break and visit the artist's gallery for examples of the mini-games as well as the super early alpha.

  • Humble Pony Bundle Deal Sweetens

    It's been a week since the Humble Pony Bundle was released and now the deal has been sweetened with some more comics added to the mix to for those of you have already purchased the bundle or were waiting to see what comics would be added before taking the plunge. Of the new comics added we have:

    My Little Pony Cover Gallery #1
    My Little Pony Art Gallery
    My Little pony Annual 2013 + 2014
    My Little Pony Animated Vol 3: The Return of Harmony

    Sounds like quite the deal! Remember, money raised goes to the Hasbro Children's Fund so why not chip in a few bucks?

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  • Fallout Equestria Game Update: 3D Modeling

    Some time ago the Overmare Studios team showed off some of their 2D concepts for their Fallout Equestria game. Now they are proud to present some of their 3D modeling with a video showing off a speed model of their Bloatsprite and how it actually looks in the game!

    Check out the video after the break.

  • Top 50 Pony Music Countdown 2014 - Round 2!

    You guys participated so much in the Top 50 Pony Music Countdown for 2014 that you guys broke the voting system! In order to resolve some ties that came up, the staff at Ponyville Live are opening up voting for a second round!

    This year, in the month of November, the Top 50 Pony Music Countdown had a record-breaking 982 unique users, totaling almost 10,000 votes!

    In fact, there were so many votes that our normal tie-breaking methods were ineffective. So, without much ado, we have had to institute ROUND TWO of voting!

    Vote for the top 50 out of our top 100 finalists here!

    Voting closes December 15, 2014! Go now!

    Then, tune in December 31, 2014 from 2pm to 7pm EST (7pm-midnight GMT) as your host, the man they call Toast, counts them down on Ponyville Live!
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  • SFM: Pinked

    If you play League of Legends, you will probably recognize this one.  If you don't expect some weaponmaster Pinkamena.  Get it below!

  • Music of the Day #417

    It has come to my attention by one or two emails over the last few weeks that we under represent Trixie here on EQD. So have a wizardpony as a header image for the Music of the Day.

    For those wondering why it is taking place here in the AM period, we are moving it for the Artist Training Ground. It will return to it's usual night slot when that ends in 14 days!

    Now go get some music below.

  • Comic: A New World / Big Bang / Undersea Pearls / The Confession / Seeds of Darkness 70

    For being from one of the previous generations Minty sure managed to remain pretty popular. Maybe it's the sock obsession? At any rate, we've got a new comic series where Minty winds up in modern day Equestria.

    Comics guys! Click for full!

    Comic Updates:

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  • Giant Luna Plushie Arrives! Five Feet Five Inches of MOON

    What would you do for a gigantic Luna plushie? This one stands at a whopping five feet, five inches from hoof to horn, which is technically only two inches shorter than me.  That's kinda frightening.  Is this a record for largest pony plushie in the fandom? I think it just might be.

    You can check the artist out over here! Both Luna and Celestia (also created in the same size, though we've posted a giant one from this artist before) were commissions, so we unfortunately don't get to see what crazy price they would go for at auction.  I can only imagine how much someone paid for them though.  You bronies have some deep pockets.  Someone toss us a million some time, I could use a vacation.

  • PMV: Party x Party

    It seems like just the other day we posted a Racecarghost video.  Amazing.  You guys should go watch that one if you missed it, its pretty awesome.

    ANYWAY, Time for another one! Time for Party x Party! If you like anime style things, this one is probably right up your alley.  Get it below!

  • Annoying Orange: My Little Baloney Description/Links/Discussion

    Well, Friends Forever #12 has been delayed a week, so there will be no new MLP comic this week. 

    Wait! Don't go! There's still fun to be had in the land of comics! For the comic publisher Papercutz is here to save the day with a Parody MLP Comic!

    Don't believe me that it's a parody? Read the following description, and see if anything catches your eye. 

    Publisher: PAPERCUTZ
    (W/A/CA) Mike Kazaleh, Scott Shaw
    Will Marshmallow abandon the produce section to hang out with new friends in the cold cuts department? Friends such as Twilight Ham, Porkie Pie, Spamity, Applejerkie, Flutterball Turkey, Roastbeef Dash, or Princess Pastrami? Or will Marshmallow simply find out that friendship is tragic? More fresh-squeezed mayhem from Orange and the fruit bowl gang!

    Those names just bring up some hilarious MLP fan art possibilities. Especially Spamity for some reason, though I can't quite put my finger one it.

    Anyways, if you're looking for some good comic fun that isn't taking itself seriously at all, you can find the links to buy it below!

    Digital Download


    Find a Comic Shop Near You
    Comic Shop Locator
  • Princess Celestia Plushie Appears at Build a Bear in Thailand

    For all you plushie collectors over in Thailand,  Princess Celestia has apparently arrived over there a bit earlier than the rest of the world in stores.  This one was found at Central World in Bangkok. Happy hunting!

    Thanks to Falling Star for the heads up. 

    (Update: Thailand, not Taiwan. I have no idea how I got Taiwan..)
  • Early Morning Discussion #53

    Morning everyone! Hope you got something warm and tasty to wake you up. Maybe if you ask nicely Twilight will share with you.

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