• Annoying Orange: My Little Baloney Description/Links/Discussion

    Well, Friends Forever #12 has been delayed a week, so there will be no new MLP comic this week. 

    Wait! Don't go! There's still fun to be had in the land of comics! For the comic publisher Papercutz is here to save the day with a Parody MLP Comic!

    Don't believe me that it's a parody? Read the following description, and see if anything catches your eye. 

    Publisher: PAPERCUTZ
    (W/A/CA) Mike Kazaleh, Scott Shaw
    Will Marshmallow abandon the produce section to hang out with new friends in the cold cuts department? Friends such as Twilight Ham, Porkie Pie, Spamity, Applejerkie, Flutterball Turkey, Roastbeef Dash, or Princess Pastrami? Or will Marshmallow simply find out that friendship is tragic? More fresh-squeezed mayhem from Orange and the fruit bowl gang!

    Those names just bring up some hilarious MLP fan art possibilities. Especially Spamity for some reason, though I can't quite put my finger one it.

    Anyways, if you're looking for some good comic fun that isn't taking itself seriously at all, you can find the links to buy it below!

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