• Discussion: How Long Do You Think You Will Be A Pony Fan? What Keeps You Going?

    Over the past few years, people have joined and left the fandom in swarms.  Some have been around since the beginning nonstop, while others take breaks and re-catch up when seasons happen.

    We have pony episodes and a movie already confirmed up to 2017 at the moment, but who knows where we will be that far into the future?  For whatever reason, at least when episodes are going on, it's pretty hard to get bored of the ponies themselves. I know so many people that just can't get enough of it.  Something about the characters really draws people in.

    So, good citizens of EQD and the pony fandom, how long do you think you will be chasing after cartoon equines? Is this going to be a life defining thing? Or do you think it will only last until something else snags you away?

    Hit those comments up!