• Luna Ate Celestia's Cake Again!
  • Keep Calm and Flutter On - Discussion

    The long speculated and anticipated return of our favorite villain is finally here! In honor of his chaotic ways, The Hub has decided to air the episode backwards and upside down! Get ready for that one, fellas.


    Okay fine, not really.


    Xyro's note: aw come on, really? I mean, it's in the official episode synopsis and everything! Okay, fine, despoilered.
  • Nightly Roundup #558

    The votes are in and you guys picked Rarity for tonight's header! I'm sure Cereal would be proud of you guys choosing the most fabulous of ponies.

    Anyhow, time for the news! Vote for the next header in the comments.

  • Comic: Pinkie Pie Says

    Finally, a new episode! And with a new episode we have a new Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight comic for you guys. Enjoy! See you all tomorrow for the awesome episode that surely awaits us.
  • My Little Pony Coronation Concert Sweetpstakes

    Having trouble there Twilight?
    Geekscape posted up a video detailing an upcoming sweepstakes event happening during the episode on the 26th.  One person will win a trip for four to a special invitation only concert in Los Angeles some time in February to celebrate a "special episode".  What episode that is, they don't list!

    Anyway, head on down past the break for the commercial!

    Thanks to all you crazy ace reporters for the link!

    (You also need someone 6-12 years old! Use those siblings!)

  • Comic: Wait, What? / Super Pegasi Delivery Service / Obsessions

    If the rumors are indeed true, Rainbow is going to have to share the skies with another flier it seems like. At least she's still the best flier in all Equestria!

    Comics once again! Click for full.

  • Fighting is Magic Losing Big Time in EVO Charity Event!

    It looks like we have some serious competition over at the EVO 2013 donation drive.   A few days ago pony was dominating, but today both Skullgirls and Super Smash Brothers Melee have completely trounced it. 

    I'm going to start off with a bit of a clarification on the rules change that was edited into the previous post. For various reasons, Fighting is Magic was dropped from it's chances at top eight, and shifted over to the something else entirely. If it wins, there will be an exhibition tournament, with the top 8 players battling it out for a $1000 cashpot courtesy of EVO. It will already be highlighted in the Indie Game showcase, but this adds an extra layer.

    Now the bad news.  Super Smash Brothers Melee has already jumped up to a whopping $13,848.  That's a pretty massive gap!  It's up to you guys to give it a win!  The proceeds go right to breast cancer research, so heavy competition is a win for everyone!

    You can find the MLP Evo donation page here!

    And of course, keep an eye on Mane6 for updates. 
  • Story: Yes, Apple Bloom, there *is* a Santa Hooves

    [Slice of Life] "This is adorable and has many d'awwws to it. Personally, I prefer the scanned version... it adds a LOT to it."

    Lucky Dreams
    Description: "Dear Santa Hooves. My name is Apple Bloom, and I don't want presents for Hearth's Warming this year. I just want my cutie mark..."

    Yes, Apple Bloom, there *is* a Santa Hooves

    Additional Tags: Never too late for Christmas!
  • Convention Listings for the Year

    Bronies love meeting up, and these meetups eventually grow large enough to warrant a full blown convention.  This year we have a bucketload of them. Countries across the world are hosting events. 

    If you are looking for one in your area, but aren't sure where to turn, we will be keeping this convention section on the side bar in chronological order.

    If you are running a con, the required submission materials can be found Everyone else head past the break for a list of pony conventions happening in 2013!

    (Last Updated: September 25, 2013)

    Date: November 16-17
    Location:  Southern Ontario

    "CANterlot is Ontario's premier "My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic" fan-run convention, located in the fine city of Toronto where some of our beloved voice actors hail. CANterlot will be held on September  14-15 of 2013! Check us out at http://www.canterlotcon.com/ or on Twitter or Facebook  https://twitter.com/CANterlotCon https://www.facebook.com/CaNterlotCon And don't forget to support us by donating to our Indiegogo kickstarter and also get some awesome rewards!"

    Date: October 26-27
    Location: Paris, France

    Fillies and gentlecolts, we are pleased to announce that the very first French brony convention, the BronyDays, will take place in Paris at the end of October 2013, a few days before Halloween. For those of you who do not speak in fancy, fear not, for the convention will be entirely bilingual, in both french and english. The program? Games, cosplay and art contests, interviews, a party, and more including a few surprises... At that time of the year, expect a Nightmare Night theme as well as some related events and activites. Stay tuned for future announcements, and rendezvous in October !

    Date: October 31st - November 3rd 
    Location: Denver, Colorado

    Running of the leaves con is Colorado's first brony convention and its on October 31st-November 3rd.  We are at the Ramada plaza in Northglenn they offer free breakfast and amazing rooms for only $79-89.  We promise to be one for the photobooks. That being said, whether you are a brony or not, come join us for fun, dancing, partying, ponies, ninjas, samurais, pirates, and did I mention the fun? FUN!

    Date: November 8-10
    Location: Dallas, Texas

    Nightmare Nights Dallas is an unofficial My Little Pony fan convention in Addison, Texas. We are a family-friendly event, welcoming fans of all ages with a primary focus on “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic“. We welcome collectors, animation fans, and cosplayers of all generations, and hope to provide a fun & safe event for everyone and help raise money for St Jude Children’s Hospital to boot.
    Our guests include voice talent and show production staff, as well as celebrated members of the FiM fan community.
    Our venue is the wonderful Crowne Plaza Addison, located in north Dallas. Convenient from two airports with a wealth of dining options nearby, it is the place to go for North Texas fandom conventions.

    Date: February 1st - 2nd
    Location: Melbourne, Australia

    Get ready for PonyCon AU: Marebourne! Australia’s second pony convention and the followup to the extremely successful PonyCon AU. The 2014 convention will run over the first weekend of February, 2014. The PonyCon team also has a Pozible fundraiser (Australian Kickstarter) currently running, Which has acquired enough to fly Andrea Libman down to Australia, and we're currently gathering funds for Peter New. Once here, they'll participate panels and signings for the fans among other great events. So come visit us Down Under next year Feburary 1st and 2nd at the Arrow on Swanston, for the best Australia has to offer!

    Date: March 28-30th 2014
    Location: Lewisville, Texas

    BRONY-FEST March 28th- 30th in Lewisville, Texas, will be celebrating its second year running by taking DFW area pony fandom to all new limits! We are back at the Hilton Garden Inn & Lewisville Convention Center & rooms will only cost $69 a night with 2 free breakfasts per night, & parking is free. Our guests this year include the Wonderbolts Matt Hill & Kelly Matzger among others industry actors and fan guests like Neil 'drawponies' Double sized vendor room, platinum event with a limo ride to Dave & Busters with our guests, Dance presented by PONYVILLE LIVE! plus lots more! Find us out on Twitter and on Facebook for news, more guests as we add em, & updates on everything Brony-Fest!

    Date: Unspecified
    Location: Southeast Louisiana

    The Gulf Coast Circle of friends invites our fellow bronies to a fun filled weekend in illustrious SE Louisiana. Come celebrate our wonderful brony culture with fellow fans and talented artists and musicians.

    Trixie Break
    Conventions that haven't submitted

    All missing convention websites can be found here.

    Where is my con?!

    If you would like to submit a convention, please send a 700x250 banner to [email protected] with a short description (examples above), date, and location. 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #689

    I spent many a bathroom break on that one.  That's about as far as I go on portable games though.  Too bad EQD emails take up my bathroom breaks now... my poor DS hasn't had any attention in years.

    Have some non bathroom related art!

    [1] Source
    Dissidia MLP

  • Build a Sentry - Raise This Barn PArody

    Suddenly I want to reinstall Team Fortress 2.

    Time to build some sentries!

    And have a bit of parody after the break

  • Story Updates - January 18th

    Story updates!  Go read!

  • Keep Calm and Flutter On Getglue Sticker

    GetGlue has released their usual new episode sticker.  Head on over to this page, click check in, and grab it!  Warning: It is spoilery!

  • MLP #6 and Micro Series #3 Summaries and Covers

    Bleeding Cool has tossed up covers and summaries for both Issue #6 and the Rarity micro series that are expected to release way out there in the future.  For the sake of spoilers, head on down past the break for the usual information!

    Thanks to everyone for sending it in!

  • Custom Compilation #98

    I'm pretty sure Caramel has never been a header for the custom compilation before so let's fix that shall we! Here's to the Caramel fans out there!

    Custom ponies once again around the bend. Check them out after the break.

    Source 1
    Caramel Custom

  • Spotlight Music: Music With Different Parts / Until the Sun (Sim Gretina Remix) /In The Lair of The Crystal Heart

    Just in case Luna wasn't enough to heal you earlier, have some Redheart.  Shes actually trained in that whole medical thing unlike Luna who just wears it for fun. 

    We have a bit of So Great and Powerful style music, followed by Sim Gretina's version of Until the Sun, and finish with an orchestral instrumental track. Check them all out below!

    1.) Music With Different Parts (for SoGreatandPowerful)
    2.) Replacer &I feat. Feather ~ Until the Sun (Sim Gretina Remix)
    3.) In The Lair of The Crystal Heart

  • Story: The Sixth Age (Update Part 5!)

    [Adventure] [Sci-fi] "It's cyberpunk ponies in the future. If you don't like those things, then you probably won't like this story."

    Author: TacticalRainboom
    Description: Ivory spires that put to shame the mountain they're grafted to. Thousands of lives perched on a slab of iron bolted to the side of a cliff, with an artificial sun doin' its best to warm the shadows underneath.

    Then there's the cybertech changin' the face of ponykind, not to mention magic the likes of which the world ain't seen for centuries. This, all of this, is New Canterlot. A magical place, in the dangerous way. Everythin' you ever dreamed of, and everythin' you ever feared. For what it's worth, good luck out there. You're probably gonna need it.

    The Sixth Age (New Part 5!)

    Additional Tags: The Elements Have Risen Again
  • Marathons and Streams Today!

    You all look a little lightheaded after that month long break of no pony.  Let Luna nurse you back to health with a new episode tomorrow!

    And some streams.

    You can find all of today's events after the break!

  • Another Keep Calm and Flutter On Clip

    Yep another one! Reveal all the episode! find it below.

  • Updated Hub Commercial With Finale Event

    A long time ago in season beginning far far away, there was a commercial that dropped everything from The Great and Powerful Trixieville to teasers about Twilight Sparkle's destiny.  It has since been updated and modified slightly, but with a brand new title at the end hinting at the season finale.

    Sadly I'm not Xyro, so I used a camera.  You get the idea though!  There aren't any new scenes, just a title.

    Head on down past the break for piles of spoilers and speculation.

    And thanks to Micheal for pointing it out! 

  • Nightly Roundup #557

    I notice I don't put up enough Fluttershy for my Roundup headers, so lets change that shall we? Speaking of headers, let's play pick the header again! Suggest a character down in the comments and whichever one gets the most up votes will be the one I use for the header.

    Now, on to the news! Check it out after the break.