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    The votes are in and you guys picked Rarity for tonight's header! I'm sure Cereal would be proud of you guys choosing the most fabulous of ponies.

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    Ponies Coming to Japan?

    An article over in Japan has popped up about recent developments in toys for young girls with ponies being mentioned as one of the toy lines. Does this mean a larger possible presence of ponies in the Land of the Rising Sun sometime soon? Well, take a look at the translation below from the original article and see for yourself.

    A joint business relationship between the companies Dreams Come True and Bushi Road was announced today January 17th, 2013 at Bushi Road headquarters.

    Keita Satou, president of Dreams Come True and Koumei Kidani, president of Bushi Road introduced their business plan.

    The philosophy behind this partnership is to broadly express the idea that “toys enrich life”.

    The details of the partnership were introduced as the following 3 points.

    1.      To develop toys aimed at young girls
    2.      Use Bushi Road contents in D.C.T.
    3.      Use D.C.T. contents according to Bushi Road.

    Although the joint press conference did not reveal the details, the new anime “Robo-car Poli” and the imported toy line “My Little Pony” was mentioned.

    During the Q and A at the conference,  President Kidani said regarding the development going forward, “Risks are high in the toy business. If things are left as they are, no one will bother to make anything. I’d like to change the mindset of those that are involved in the business. That is why we want to promote this partnership, and with that, the 'My Little Pony' toy line and our 'local hero card battle' (tentative).”

    Original Article

    Mimoco Interview at CES 2013 Briefly Mentions Ponies

    The pony USB drives from Mimoco that have been floating around were briefly mentioned in an interview at CES 2013. Check the video below at the 1:48 mark for the brief mention!

    MLP Pony Game Sales

    Looks like the Gameloft pony game has a new item up for sale in their shop! Apparently the toy shop is 100% off so you can now get it for free for a limited time! Better grab it while you still can!


    Interview of Replacer

    Copy Paste:

    Well hello, o you reader of the Equestria Daily.
    This time, we propose you an interview of Replacer. By hoping that you go to appreciate it.

    [Article] French: Here
    [Google Docs] English: Here

    Do not hesitate to visit to us over "Le Poney Blanc".
    Last Exit to Ponyville Call-In Question

    Copy Paste:

    "What is the weirdest thing you've seen in the fan produced work?"
    Call-ins will be accepted til Monday night at 6 PM EST.
    817 717 7202
    Racing Brony Interviewed With Pony Shirt On

    Copy Paste:

    My name's Luke Cooper and I'm a race car driver in the UK. I'm currently trying to promote myself as much as possible to gain support in an attempt to get sponsorship for my career. As a fan of My Little Pony I thought it'd be a great idea to try and gain support from the community.

    I had a plan to be interviewed during a race meeting wearing a MLP shirt. (Purchased from WeLoveFine) The shirt is called Horsepower and is related to cars! In the interview I thought I could throw in a quote, something like 'In 10 Seconds Flat'. I was interviewed for TV twice before the shirt arrived, but I wasn't too concerned because I had arranged an interviewed for TV a week later. However things fell apart on the day so unfortunately the interview didn't happen. Annoyingly that was the last race meeting of the season, but I was competing in a charity Karting event. I managed to arrange an Interview at the event, with a fairly well known (In the UK) Motorsport commentator, however the camera being used wasn't anywhere near the standard of the TV cameras. Even more annoyingly the camera didn't pick up all the sound of the interview... so I couldn't really do much with it.

    However I have put together a highlights video and included a small bit of the interview in the video. The shirt can be seen quite clearly, but nothing about MLP is mentioned. The interview is at 2.54. I hope you like it.

    Youtube Link


    Successful Meetups

    Orlando, Florida Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    A handful of bronies at FTU came in the boardroom, became boardroom bronies, and discussed serious pony stuff, nothing special, nothing too professional. The chairs were pretty good too.

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Perler Pinkie Pie
    Crystal Rainbow Dash

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