• Clay Scratch/Derpy/Possible Clay Pony Competition

    I think I posted the Derpy before, but have a Scratch!

    More Pictures on the artists DA Page

    Would you all be open to a clay pony competition?  Might be fun.

  • Twitchy Tail Button

    I'm pretty sure this the new nonsense update thing (Similiar to pony Cereal)

    But I can't NOT post it!

    It's Pinkie Pie! And she is clearly the best pony.

    Link! My bad!
  • Pony Fabric: Now For Sale

    Picture kind of related.

    You guys remember when I asked you for opinions on some cutie mark fabric designs being printed- more specifically, which ones you wanted most? The artist listened and is now offering a select few for sale, with more on the way soon. The ones available right now are:

    1) Rarity
    2) Princess Luna (The artist notes this fabric is bigger than she expected and will likely be sized down in future iterations.)
    3) Zecora
    4) Celestia
    5) Rainbow Dash

    The creator would also like to point out that the cutie mark symbols can be staggered and less perfectly-placed by selecting the "half-drop" and "half-brick" options.
    -Looks like the options have been fixed! (6/5/11)
  • Flank Girl / Raining on Twilight's Head / When Hooves Collide

    Now this is the kind of PMV I can back 100%! It reminds me of that Panty Stocking AJ/Twilight one from a while back.

    That should be an example for everyone!

    1.) Flank Girl
    2.) Raindrops keep falling on Twilight's head
    3.) When Hooves Collide

  • Luna's Voice Actor Returns for Season Two, and Possible MLPxTransformers Animated Crossover?

    A few things can be dug out of Golden Russet's Twitter page right now. 

    First off, following various replies, it looks like the voice actor for Luna will be returning; even though she only has one line and a "gasp" in the second episode of season 1.

    That one line did fit her really well though! I'm glad for this.

    We can also conclude that Season 1's Voice Actor auditions started on June 1st.  Apparently there were a bunch, based on Golden Russet's tweet: "Tired from a full day of casting ponies. So much to choose from!"

    Hopefully this means we will see more new characters, and not replacements to current ones!  

    Also buried a bit deeper is some very...interesting newsIt looks like Goldenrusset is trying to get Powdered Sugar into the cast of MLP, by way of cookie bribes. 

    Thanks to HunterTSF for the heads up!
  • Poll Results: Best Side Pony

    Sure, vote for the two characters that have a whopping three lines of dialogue total between the both of them.

    I can't wait until Derpy and Luna come back during season two as the grown up equivalents of Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara, or Snips and Snails....  Wont THAT be hilarious!

    Inb4 Trixie won't appear at all in season two, there I saved you the trouble of typing it.

    Confound these bronies.... Trixie is sad now.  She doesn't even boast anymore. 

    Anyway next poll, also found at the same spot: Which episode turned you into a brony?
  • Twilight Sparkle Takes Over Library

    This is framed up at the Wayne County Public Library in Wooster, Ohio, making it the greatest library in all of the United States.

    I'm pretty sure this needs to happen elsewhere.  Every library needs a motivational Twilight Sparkle! Kids these days don't even bother with books anymore!

    Source: OtakuX

    Also another!
  • ~20 Seconds of Pinkie Pie Singing!

    Hub's new summer promo trailer has some Pinkie Pie in it! Of course, their other cartoon characters are included as well, but hey, new Pinkie content! Now go remix it! Transformers Prime is pretty awesome anyway!

    You can find it after the break!

    And thanks to Lindsay for the heads up.

    (Wru season two... I cant take the wait any longer!)

  • Chat Embed

    For MIRC/IRC clients

    /server irc.canternet.org

    If you have any questions considering functionality of the chats, ask any of the on-duty mods (the ones with funny symbols in front of their names)

    The channels short info:

    #EquestriaDaily - The main channel and the front of the Ponychats, a general room for talking
    everything pony... well, everything pony that is at least a little bit of PG as stated in the general

    NOTE: DO NOT POST SPOILERS IN THIS CHANNEL. Episode discussion is disallowed until approximately six hours after an episode airs, in order to allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy an episode. POSTING SPOILERS WILL RESULT IN A BAN. If you want to discuss spoiler content, see #EquestriaSpoilers.

    #EquestriaAfterDark - welcome to the dark side of ponydom. This channel disregards the PG
    rule from General Rules, so pretty much everything can be posted here. From Grimdark to the
    more "saucy" pony pictures and fiction. Only for mature audience!

    #EquestriaDailyRP - Channel dedicated to roleplaying with ponies! So if you have an OC that
    you want to immerse with or want to see the Mane Cast in action, this is the place for you. Our
    staff will work hard on delivering a high quality experience for all of the willing players.

    #EquestrianGamers - Equestrian Gamers is, well, a channel for reading poet-- Wait, wrong
    script. Equestrian Gamers is a gaming channel for gamers talking about the games they enjoy, a
    place to find others who play your favorite games, as well as a place to just sit and chat. We are a
    mature channel, just don't bring anything really adult into it!

    #EquestriaSpoilers - Channel dedicated to discussions of new episode filled with spoilers! This
    room is usually busy right after and during a new episode airing, when too many too enthusiastic
    bronies must share their excitement to others as soon as it is technically possible. Because of the
    "no spoilers" policy in the other channels, this place was made.

    #EquestriaTheater - Channel dedicated to discussion of episodes as they air. Not to be confused with #EquestriaSpoilers, as this channel is kept free of future episode spoilers!

    #EquestriaDailyArt - A room dedicated to all of the ponies with a creative spark, be it drawing, painting, sculpture, customization, poetry or expressive dance (wild outdoor performance included!). Share your works here, await crits and comments and rejoice in some artsy brainstorming with others over here. Our mods will not be too harsh on the criticism, I swear.

    #EquestrianStudy - The channel for aspiring writers, this is the place to discuss characterization, plot, world building, and all of the other facets of story telling. If you need assistance, constructive criticism, or just somewhere to bounce ideas, consider checking us out.
  • Pony Bedspread

    I've been waiting for a source to pop up on this, but apparently there isn't one! It's custom made!

    Still pretty cool, I wouldn't mind a great and powerful smug ass Trixie bedspread. 
  • PMV: MLP x TF2 / Legend of the Wonderbolts / I've Got a Theory

    The TF2 thing is another "series" possibility. If a few more pop up I'll spin it off into it's own thread like Luna the Lonely Astronaut.

    Also another awesome movie trailer, and some Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical stuff.
    1.)My Little Fortress - Friendship is Sapping Sentries EP01: Spy steals Soldiers intelligence
    2.) Legend of the Wonderbolts
    3.) I've Got a Theory

  • PMV: Pinkie Floyd: The Wall / Pinkie Loituma / Be Nice to Twilight Sparkle

    Did I use this Pinkie yet?

    Whatever shes way too cute not to use 20 times.  She really is the best pony..

    1.) Pinkie Floyd: The Wall
    2.) Pinkie Loituma (Yes, 10 minutes of pinkie pie spinning a cupcake pan.
    3.) Be nice to Twilight Sparkle

  • New Fourteen Minute Daniel Ingram Interview!

    I think we will roll with Octavia this time.  That and I'm out of Scratch images.

    Daniel Ingram has released probably the best interview so far.  It's a full 14 minute feature explaining pretty much every aspect of the composing business from start to finish.  If you skipped any of the previous ones, this is definitely the one to check out!

    And as always, you can find his Twitter, Facebook, and Website below. 

    Daniel Ingram on Facebook
    Daniel Ingram on Twitter

    Daniel Ingram Music Main Website

    Embed of the video after the break!

  • Reworked Rainboom Physics

    I don't pretend to understand this stuff. My major is in computer science, not this physics magic. I don't even understand half of the math in the original diagram for Dash's Rainboom. I did only get a C in Calculus II, though. Either way, another physicist has taken another look at the magic math and given an alternate take on the scene.

    Click to make bigger, of course.
  • Pony Toothpaste

    I am not even kidding. This is real. I don't even know what to say, other than I'm going and buying one of these the first chance I get. I'm going to brush my teeth with Pinkie! Ha.

    One more picture after the break.

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 8

    I kind of cheated today; you'll see this image again in the actual gallery. I don't mean for it to look like I'm playing favorites (I'm not), I just really like the sketchy look for these posts, and I fail hard at image searches. Especially after a week of not sleeping due to this event. I think I might be too heavily invested in it for my own good. Oh well! My body can take the hit in the name of ponies. That pillow pile, though. So tempttzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    - an hour later - Wha huh? Oh. Right. Where was I? It's been another extremely enthusiastic day for responses. 199 sleepers and dreamers. Remember once again, submission guidelines and... um... stuff. Man those pillows look nice. Don't they? Wow those are nice pillows. Scoot over, Fluttershy.

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony with bedmane. All those sleepy ponies just woke up. Were they tossing and turning? Fighting off a bad hangover? Just escaped from the Grand Galloping Gala? I bet there's all sorts of interesting stories you could tell with a simple little theme like that...